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Posted by Afroman269

If I can't cut fools with it then no deal.

Posted by Galiant
@FuzzYLemoN: Probably not. That'd be too good to be true.
Posted by Jeffk38uk

I bet you all Europe will get is a cloth of the jupiter station and a A4 poster or wherever DS2 is set in.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

If it tilts from vertical to horizontal and has the blue laser sights, we may have a winner here.

Posted by BeachThunder

Oh shi- now I think I want one too...
...actually I don't think I do...

Posted by RE_Player1

Wait it's only a replica? I want a real gun or no deal. 

Posted by El_Jonson

Give it to me.

Posted by pickassoreborn

Can I hold up a bank with that?

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Well that's just fine.

Posted by smitty86

need this now

Posted by BradNicholson

When I was a kid I had this awesome plastic machine gun that made popping sounds when I pulled the trigger. As a cultured adult, my toy tastes have become much more refined. Now, I'd rather own silent replicas of space miner paraphernalia, particularly high-energy mineral cutters and space shovels. I don't have either yet, but it looks like I'll be able to get my hands on the former, which is properly called the Plasma Cutter by Dead Space fans, soon enough. A replica of the gun will likely be included in Dead Space 2's collector's edition, though EA has yet to officially unveil the bundle.

According to this Examiner report (via Joystiq), a picture of Dead Space 2's special edition appeared on Amazon briefly before being taken down by the wizards who put it up before EA announced it. From the looks of the picture, the edition will include a free bit of DLC, some sort of art card thing, a soundtrack, a copy of the game, and the aforementioned replica Plasma Cutter. 

As Joystiq notes, publisher EA said it would put out a collector's edition for the game earlier this year and left it up to fans to decide what will be in it. Not surprisingly, a life-size Plasma Cutter was included in that list.