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Posted by Shadowsquire
@FuzzYLemoN said:
"If it tilts from vertical to horizontal and has the blue laser sights, we may have a winner here. "

Hell, if it doesn't I'll make it so it does!
Posted by EgoCheck616
@HomemadeZiggurat: Heh, yea, I got the joke. I'm just saying from what I've heard of Dead Space 2 the music is really fitting. There is a bit of it in the multiplayer beta as well as some of the trailers they've released.
Posted by Hardiharr

Well, this is unbelievably awesome.

Posted by disposablepal

i want to go to there!
Posted by MonkeyKing1969

I'd rather have an action figure, because a weird gun-thing is okay for a few days, but after awhile I'd crave something that I coulf stand-up on a desk.  A statue, bust or action figure I think would have been more appropriate.  That's just me, because I have a whole draw brimming full of plastic guns. 

Posted by Sammo21
@BradNicholson: This is a day 1 purchase for me.  Hopefully BestBuy.com hurries up and gets a listing for this so I can waste the money.
Posted by Kaineda77

Wait, it has a copy of the game?
Posted by Bezerker85

Assuming that plasma cutter doesnt end up being a POS like the Batarang, I will definitely pick this up.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Wait, so if I'm in Australia I can't get it?

Posted by MrPilkington

I hate how special and collector's edition these days, come with awesome shit that makes me buy it. Damn companies taking my money XD
Posted by ViciousMarmoset

Does this still come with the copy of Dead Space Extraction?