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Posted by MeatSim

The excitement of game room never stops!

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seriously fuck game room... could've been so awesome 
edit: also nobody sends text messages anymore? all I do on my phone is send text messages

Posted by Rox360

I have to say, I really love these videos, because I feel very thoroughly educated on gaming in the era before I was born, far deeper than any "here are the best two games from the 70's, then Doom happened" kind of summary could manage. However, the fact that this is still Microsoft trying to get people to PAY for this junk, and remembering all the long-broken promises, is.. just... fuck Game Room.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

every time they crashed in street racer it sounded like the music from The Thing

Posted by JoelTGM
@Unknown_Pleasures said:
" Brad doesn't know shit. "
about what
Posted by yates

I feel like the only reason they still release these game packs is to taunt Jeff.

Posted by stinky

worst part about atari pac man, some pellets took two bites to eat!

Posted by Pudge

And the Endurance Run RAGES ON

Posted by jozzy

Who is this mysterious BurgerTrench? Is he the other crazy man buying all new Gameroom releases? Or could he be the one and only person left working on Gameroom. Hmm...

Posted by BasketSnake


Posted by Necronauts

figures I only see this right before I have to leave for class!

Posted by Rodiard

A good portion of those Jungler sales had to have been to Giant Bomb members.

Posted by Kajaah117
Current tally! 
148 games = $444.00
Posted by DoctorWelch

How the hell is text messaging not current technology? I am pretty sure everyone everywhere texts still. Now, if you want to tell me AIM is fucking dead, I will listen because it's true, but not text messaging.

Posted by HandsomeDead

Jeff started off 11th on the leaderboard for the submarine game with zero. That is fucking unreal.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I would watch some MECC action. Word Munchers, Super Munchers, Number Munchers, The Oregon Trail. Even I know what the hell those are, as a child of the 90s and 00s.

Posted by Nux

3 games huh,way to go Game Room.
Posted by albedos_shadow

The day Game Room ends is the day I weep for the loss of the best videos on the site.

Posted by Blkthorne

The games for 10-20 will be Breakout and Double Dunk for the Atari 2600 and the Konami arcade game Jackal.

Posted by MjHealy

...this is getting more sad week after week.

Posted by FritzDude

It's Game Room all over again!... Oh wait.

Posted by Einherjan

Jeff needs to finish singing that Golden Earring song, dammit!

Posted by fox01313

Still surprised that the konami game pack01 that showed up for game room this week wasn't really there in what you can get. Probably something that wasn't supposed to launch til next week.

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" @Unknown_Pleasures said:

" Brad doesn't know shit. "
about what "
Rugby League and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, to name just two subjects.
Posted by JakeTaylor

Bitches don't know about my what.

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@Rodiard: I know my purchase of Jungler was because of  GB.  Haven't touched Game Room since.
Posted by Natalia

 We need a Ski QL. 8]

Posted by Pop

holy shit, I played space racer as a little kid 0.0. That's so freaky, I didn't even remember this game but now when I saw it I remember playing it. Thanks Jeff.

Posted by Romination
@Curufinwe said:

" @Unknown_Pleasures said:

" Brad doesn't know shit. "
about what "
Rugby League and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, to name just two subjects. "
I don't think he knows what Schroedinger's Cat is doing either.
Posted by JohnZimmerman

I'm kinda sorry that Jeff and the boys have to suffer through game room ever week.  it's usually quite funny though.  i guess they suffer so we don't have to.  its too bad that they completely botched game room. it could have been so much more, it can still be.....   well one can dream.

Posted by Melvargh
@pepperzz said:
" There actually was an Afterburner for Sega Master System... fond memories. "
Aw yeah. I played the hell out of Afterburner on the SMS.
Posted by MrHammeh

I would be real interested to see what the guys that run game room think about these quick looks.  Nothing they can do really except shake their heads and agree I suppose.  So sad. 

Posted by danimal_furry

Jeff gives a great example of his gaming history knowledge in this Game Room QL. And Brad plays the knowing inquisitor quite well again. Geez, Jeff has a lot of useless gaming knowledge in his gigantic head.

Posted by thedude1

Ahh game room. How you failed us all

Posted by scarace360

Man game room still isnt dead.

Posted by TepidShark

It makes me happy that people know what Number Munchers is. Different era but anybody remember the Treasure series (Mathstorm, Mountain, Cove, Galaxy)?

Posted by YukoAsho

Down from 4
Which was down from 5
Which was down from 7
So, when do we get to the one-game-a-week threshold?

Posted by tydigame

"Like a museum full of broken things."  I love it.

Posted by zityz

Just like to point out that Space Harrier was the SHIT. I remember having Space Harrier 2 I believe for the Genesis and even though I sucked at it, it was still awesome. 
I would love to see a new one come out since everyones on this whole reboot yer franchise kick as of late.

Posted by empfeix
@danimal_furry said:
" Jeff gives a great example of his gaming history knowledge in this Game Room QL. And Brad plays the knowing inquisitor quite well again. Geez, Jeff has a lot of useless gaming knowledge in his gigantic head. "
One of the reasons I love these videos!  I love love listening to history of some of this stuff, even if most of them are not classics.  At 27 I was just too young to remember this era of games.
Posted by bulldog300

this quick look almost makes me want to watch all the other game rooms again to watch the slow progression of the gang from cautious optimism to undeniable pessimism.

Posted by Jayzz

brads timing on "this game is awesome" *boom* was actually awesome as well.

Posted by MagikGimp

Brad doesn't know his 16 and 32 bit Atari computers, and he calls himself a games expert! =P

Posted by BBQBram

Ugh, why do I still watch these? It's depressing.

Posted by soupbones

Krome Studios shut it's doors for good on Monday. Hope we still see some stuff trickle out for GR :(

One thing that gives me a bit of hope is the fact that Capcom was showing some interest in releasing some GR games. They had a small list of 2011 releases at this years NYCC -

Posted by Piranesi

Norm and Will were also talking about the old games they use to play in their school computer labs - perhaps a QL nostagia edition of some of the old educational titles? For most people this was their first taste of gaming, simple programming and PCs.
Posted by MachoFantastico

The studio behind Game Room as apparently closed down so the future does not look good for Game Room.  
I still get a kick out of these videos though. 

Posted by Hansolol

The ship in Radar Crash looks like Raiden's skull.

Posted by jillsandwich

Epic timing in Radar Lock Brad.

Posted by Mattalorian

"Game Room is like a museum of broken things."