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Posted by Shakezula84

That's right people. Fallout New Vegas comes out next week and I can't wait. I'm still debating which faction I'll ally with. However in Fallout 2 I always helped the New California Republic (or Vault City, but they are not a faction in NV, and I assume based on one of the endings of Fallout 2 is probably a part of the NCR now).

It bothers me storywise to hear that the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel have been at war since Fallout 2 simply because the BoS feels the NCR shouldn't have such advanced tech (the NCR was founded by Vault 15 using a G.E.C.K). If I run into any BoS in NV, I'm gonna kill them whether I'm siding with the NCR or not.

I wonder if you can become a NCR Ranger in this one.....