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Posted by Littlechipmunk

So, recently: Sims 3: World Adventures (PC), Civ 5 (demo (PC)), Evil Genius (PC), My Sims (Wii), Pharaoh (really old (PC)), Driven to Destruction (PS2). 
Sims 3: 
Have always and will always love Sims games. I made my first male character the other day! I've had the game for about .. however long it is since it was released. On the Laptop; great graphics (for a laptop), so I've got even more into it now that you can see your house properly. I do find that I spend so so so so long making the characters that by the time your going to play your sick of it so I always seem to make one then come back to the game in a few day's then make the house.. and by the time I've done that be bored and wait a few days to play it again. 
Once i have the character ready though I play on it for a month or so and get close to maxing them out etc. then get bored come back a year later and move on to the new add on game like world adventures and do all the new bits. 
I've got a character with high skills, and with many many rewards (like collection helper, body modifier etc. etc.) I also completed two career's .. maybe three "meh" I then went to China(in game) for a while and did a load of stuff there to get the "blah blah axe of thingy" . I then went back leaving all the stuff like a tent and the silly axe and realised there's nothing you can do without it, I'd already mastered the fighting skill and got a lover etc.. So I went back to the house, that's when i did a load of careers (with a long gap between playing it again) and now I've got an amazing house and I can't be bothered to go back to china because i'll obviously forget the dried food, axe of thingy, tent, ornate tent etc.. and I don't have the saves on this laptop so i can't and will start again... I may also transfer the data too and go to France instead. 
I will buy Sims 3: Ambitions soon.. after Super Mario Bros. Wii. 
Civ 5: 
Love the demo need to buy the game when I get some money. I think it's cool to get a demo that has so many of the main bits in it, normally they leave a hell of alot out. I've played most of the Civ games my favorite being Civ ii: Test of Time, so many happy memories of begging my brother to play on the multi player (single screen mode) and being the mermen. Of course half the time he refused. I then lost the old copy, and, ages after a set of civ games had been bought, by my brother, realised it came in a set. Of course I played it for a while and then realised that without the paper copy of the science tree it became silly and confusing and i realised how bad i must of been when I last played it and therefore the reason my brother didn't want to play it with me. Of course it was only complex in the sci fi mode, but this just happened to be the one version I wanted to play. I mean who wouldn't want to be in the race of Mermen.. THEY LIVE UNDERWATER! 
This of course has no relation to wanting to buy the new game, they don't even have sci fi mode, but it did make me love the concept of Civ games and other civilisation controlling games.. or city building / base building like Command and Conqueror, Settlers, Sim City, Anno 1704, Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander and many many more. 
Evil Genius 
Everybody should play this game.. who wouldn't want to become an evil genius?! 
I never seem to get past the first level, the saved game's seem to delete themselves, and when you leave the menu open too long it reverts to your last save point. Anywho i love the game and this time I'm determined to get to the next level and a new island .. with exploding palm trees.. that's all I want .. is that too much to ask for? Exploding palm trees? 
My Sims: 
Good fun game, i like designing so its good for me, it's sometimes tricky to place some of the blocks though when making furniture, it becomes easier when you know 'c' is the "slide under mode". Its fun to explore all the areas, and its a game you can come back to at any point since you last played and continue your game as there isn't a plot as such, just the idea of making an amazing town. 
GG. If you've read above you'll see I love games where you have to make civilisations, towns, villages etc. so I love this. I'm not fussed about the destroy the PC part so this game is good as it take's a while to get to that stage. However its nice to occasionally wipe out the PC :). I haven't got that far yet, only played it today as i had the disk at uni but i didn't realise you could install it without the 2nd (this being an ad on) (i thought there were two disks then a disk for the ad on) (we bought the main game and ad on in a set so the disk was labelled disk 1 not Pharaoh, then the 2nd as Pharaoh: queen of the Nile.) I really enjoy this game it may be old but its still a GG. 
Driven to Destruction
Better than normal race games as you can be the bus in multi player mode and destroy everyone you see if you begin to loose. It's a great multi player game and the story mode looks good when I've watched it (though I haven't tried it) as there are mini challenges and there arn't that many loading scenes as you race people to the next even then straight away start the race. In multiplayer mode you can get unlockable feats (like TURBO BOOST!) which may make you crash but you can replay it and see the effects of another mode (AI Vengence; where if you hit into a PC at a speed you bounce into the air and spin around for a while). Overall good game for a laugh and for competitive people especially in the Demolition Derby event. 
I don't think I've ever even written this much in a school essay before!