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Posted by jayjonesjunior

in space no one can hear your music    

Posted by Swordfish9

This game is trippy.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

I want to try this game listening to Sphongle.

Posted by DeadMonkeys

The Polynomial: Inside Molyneux's Balls

Posted by LiquidPrince
@G0rd0nFr33m4n said:

" Lame. "

Says the guy named G0rd0nFr33m4n. No offense. 
Posted by LordAndrew

Unless you remove your tongue, you wouldn't actually be able to swallow it.
This game doesn't look like something that will run on my computer. I'd probably forget that it's supposed to be a game anyway and just stare at it until I pass out.

Posted by Pulseless

im going to get baked and play this

Posted by selbie

It certainly looks purdy. I'll give it a try

Posted by Xabu

"If it's too loud, you're too old"
Preach on!

Posted by McGhee

I'd prefer this as more of just a visualizer. Like instead of being in a contained arena, you had no HUD or reticle and could just fly fast and smoothly through infinite space full of crazy shit that just went on as far as you could see.
Posted by clydebink
@thamster:  Yeah, this really looks like it would benefit from 3d 
"  very cool concept. This would be pretty amazing if it worked with nvidia 3d vision." 

Posted by dopeman

i'll play this stoned.

Posted by benspyda

I put on a pair of dodgy cardboard 3d glasses and played the demo. Certainly an interesting experience.

Posted by Bladefire

Buying this right now. 

Posted by Pop

I think that's what happens when you go through a worm hole.

Posted by jelekeloy

Instant headache.

Posted by GaZZuM

I could easily look at this game all day

Posted by I_smell


Posted by policenaut

lovin' it. pop some X and rave into a coma.
Posted by slyely

My God, this game should of came out in my late high school early college days when I ate acid. lol 
I can't see enjoying this for any sustained amount of time now though. :(  Entertaining visually though.

Posted by Dizzyhippos

I tried the demo for this game and thought my video card was blowing up when that vsync effect kicked in

Posted by Capum15

Wow. While I'll really only get it during a Steam sale, it looks pretty neat.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n


Posted by Chrisjp

this quick look gave me a headache
Posted by Advertisement

I think Nazi Robots would  most likely be in Mel Gibson's mind

Posted by eloj
@R4ZOR: You can add any music to it, like they said, it takes ogg vorbis and mp3s.
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very cool concept. This would be pretty amazing if it worked with nvidia 3d vision.

Posted by TayIor

Well, not really. But it looks pretty entertaining.

Posted by Kyle
@BlazeHedgehog said:
" Anyone else getting a bit tired of "It's like a visualizer... that you play like a videogame"? The gameplay never seems substantial enough for me and the novelty of "Your music is a videogame!" wears thin extremely quickly. "
I would agree for everything except Audiosurf. I think that's the one game that is not only fun, but is also noticeably effected by the music.
Posted by eulogize_my_baked_goods

"My God, it's full of stars"

Posted by Aureoloss

looks like something i would buy and only play for 10 minutes right after it downloads

Posted by Diamond

I think I want to buy this on the first Steam sale.

Posted by Darksnughero

I'd like to learn more about the type of people and studio that create a game so different from the majority. 

Posted by Zaapp1

I wonder if the whole color-blind thing made this a different experience for Jeff.

Posted by iKANNIBAL

The video made me feel like a crackhead, i loved it.

Posted by Xander51

Videos like this make me glad I signed up for a membership for HD. Interesting looking game! Loved the last few minutes of freaking out.

Posted by Daftasabat

I could poly woddle doodle all the day :)

Posted by R4ZOR

would be really cool if u could add any song to this game but look really good!

Posted by Dinoracha

Holy balls.

Posted by nintendoeats

I want to see what Blue Monday looks like through this...and then never play it again. I don't think that experience is worth 10 bucks.

Posted by Googly


Posted by ThePhenomenal1

i should go smoke some black diamond before playing this game 

Posted by AhmadMetallic

so this is the first-person version of Beat Hazard ?

Posted by Bigbombomb

Teach me how to factor The Polynomial.

Posted by kerse

this game looks awesome

Posted by Tryptophan

Evil incarnate
Game looks awesome

Posted by Xymox

Demo available on steam.  
I dunno. If it's trying to be some kind of hybrid visualizer/game it's not really doing much for either part. The visualization seems, at times, to not really do much at all, while the game part is very very basic. Like, it's pretty, but it's not really doing much to follow the music. 

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Posted by shinluis

that's some trippy ass shooting

Posted by Pakorn

I took a toke every time Jeff went "Uoooh....."