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Posted by chromo89

so this is "Math art?" i had no idea numbers could be so awesome looking.

Posted by Darg

This is like what I imagined when I read Neuromancer.

Posted by Romination

man, this game looks like good stress relief

Posted by JJOR64

That would be a great game on the 3DS.

Posted by mikeeegeee

Wow, I need to play this in 3D and on acid.

Posted by Baggykins

Good I held my tongue, otherwise I would've been dead

Posted by Milkman
@BlazeHedgehog said:
" Anyone else getting a bit tired of "It's like a visualizer... that you play like a videogame"? The gameplay never seems substantial enough for me and the novelty of "Your music is a videogame!" wears thin extremely quickly. "
Agreed. There's really nothing interesting about this. Everything that plays music already has a visualizer. What's the point of attaching a shitty game onto it? 
Posted by Demonstride

*Tries to pick up remnants of his brain that just exploded*

Posted by George_Hukas

My god.. its beautiful

Posted by radioactivez0r

Having never done any recreational drugs, I honestly don't understand the appeal of this "game".

Posted by artofwar420

This is your monitor on drugs. I put this in my Steam wishlist.

Posted by CaptRoFL


Posted by fox01313

Cthulhu is the game controller :)

Posted by GnsDemon

Thanks bombers...gonna buy this joint now.

Posted by HeadNodShy

Man, is there like an auto travel to this so I can this as a screen saver of sorts?

Posted by mnzy

I just woke up on the floor covered in my own vomit. The last thing I remember was clicking on "play".

Posted by ViciousAnchovy

This is where Rainbow Road is made.

Edited by bybeach

Reminds me of an old, pretty crude by these standards, program called Galaxies. I luved Galaxies, flying through them with those comets near the core  emitting phosphorescent blue-white visuals such that Jeff/Ryan saw towards the end of that QL. The galaxies themselves, which you were visiting, presumably in a faster than light craft, didn't necc. adhere to known  galactic shapes. Besides spiral and elliptical, they could form other mathematical shapes, say anything based on curved geometry. 
the colors! And that was 10-15 years ago... 
I might pick this up, though not really as a game. I do wish it had something of a more coherent theme such as galaxies had, gave it pretext.
Posted by BeachThunder

Oh shi-

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Anyone else getting a bit tired of "It's like a visualizer... that you play like a videogame"? The gameplay never seems substantial enough for me and the novelty of "Your music is a videogame!" wears thin extremely quickly.

Posted by Hamst3r

Awesome. :D

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

I wish more visualizers looked this good. Space Giraffe and the like often look so terrible.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

 Not sure how long it'll entertain me when I actually get to "play" this game but damn this looks awesome. Just so pleasant and at the same time exciting to just look at!

Posted by DukeTogo

After playing the demo I liked everything but the speed, your movement is too slow.

Posted by shiro11

This has to be the first time I ever wanted to play a game in 3D

Posted by onarum

this is awesome, unfortunately it runs like crap on my notebook.... thank god i tried the demo before buying.

Posted by MackGyver

That is one of the most beautiful looking games ever! I feel I'm in a trance.

Posted by MisterMouse
@DOUBLESHOCK: Thank you for letting me know! might have to think about getting this then...
Posted by JoelTGM
@pyromaster222 said:
" awesome! was hoping for a quicklook of this! can you use your own music? "
Posted by teh_destroyer

Always a pleasure tripping out with duder's.


if only this kind of thing was around when I took Acid - Kids Don't Do Drugs - all I had was a Mega Drive and PInk Floyd :D

Posted by Jedted

I feel like i need to lie down after that, this game is better than drugs. 

Posted by BasketSnake

I ordered a new acer laptop. F this game, I'm going to blow up multiple nukes in Garrys. You better believe it!

Posted by Sporkbane

If I were in harry potter land, my patronus would look like this.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

hmmm I wonder what it would be like if The Polynomial meets Venetian Snares...

Edited by MarkWahlberg

Wonder what the Shatter soundtrack would be like in this. Although I'm still not sure how the music affects the visuals..

Posted by Damian

So it's like a version of Flower that Vinny won't feel so heart-clenchingly cynical about?

Posted by barberforce

The radar looks identical to the one in Xwing :D

Posted by Evilsbane

That was trippy

Posted by ch3burashka

I think this shit just kicked in.

Posted by TwoOneFive

holy shit, its like i just dropped some acid and ate a fist full of shrooms. 

Posted by DoctorWelch

Wait, what does the music have to do with anything. It doesnt seem like the music has any actual effect on anything in the game. It's more just like, pick a funky level thing, and then shoot guys while music plays. Seems like it would be cool for about 5 minutes but because putting a different song in there basically means nothing, there doesnt seem to be anything that would make me want to play this game more than once or twice.

Posted by Rmack


Posted by umdesch4

The comment in the QL that best sums it up:
"Oh, and there's a video game happening over here somewhere."
I can't wait to mess with this myself!

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

Aww, I was looking forward to seeing rap music being utilized.

Posted by SomethingClever

I watched that at 1.33 speed (through VLC) and I swear I had at least 2 seizures.  Then I busted it down to .5 speed and things got even trippier.  Thanks Giant Bomb for blowing my mind.

Posted by Mumrik

Jeeeeeez.... that's trippy.
Also looked like it was hell to compress on the video.

Posted by BenderUnit22

I'd glad I saw this and it looks cool, but I'm not sure it's something I'd want to "play".

Edited by RagingLion

A few thoughts:

  • This looks really cool - I love being bombarded by all kinds of crazy visuals.
  • This would be awesome at a party where you have a big screen in the main room and anyone can sit done and have a play with it if they want - especially if you can set up music playlists with this and preferably if the different visual styles rotate automatically.
  • I think I'd still like to see the visuals more strikingly tied to the music than what they seemd to be here so that it really 'feels' like you're flying through the music.
  • I cracked up at Ryan's Jeff Minter comment
  • Demo says someone?  On it.
Posted by jonnyboy

Nosebleed time.