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awesome! was hoping for a quicklook of this! can you use your own music?

Posted by Korolev

This looks awesome. Next step up from Geometry wars.

Posted by ESREVER

As others have said, not much of a game, but one helluva visual experience.

Posted by crusader8463

Balls have been tripped.

Posted by WhiteBrightKnight

Just downloaded the demo, looking forward to this QL
Posted by insane_shadowblade85

This needs to be a screen saver or made into some electronic moving painting thing. I'd stare at it for hours like I do with christmas lights.
Posted by LordCmdrStryker
@Cypher: Well this is what the settings look like:  
 No idea how it works.  Don't have any 3D stuff.
Posted by hustlerlt

It looks really awesome,but I wonder,how well does it work with music,that isn't included with the game?

Posted by IronScimitar

Is the music available for download?  Whats the song playing during the 5:00 mark?

Posted by IBurningStar

This acid is really good.

Posted by confideration

ok im buying this for my home theater PC

Posted by Sil3n7

This is HOT.

Posted by LiK

Wow, so pretty. I'll need to check it out. Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

Posted by Ronald

A visualizer game. Interesting concept.

Posted by Googly

Damn you Jeff Minter!

Posted by Nytrik

I might just buy this to fly around. 

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Looks even more trippy than Beat Hazard was which was also another awesome music shooter.

Posted by Cypher
Is one of them proper stereo 3D? Because if so, I CANNOT wait to run home and play this on my TV.
Posted by Bamsen

Man imagine playing this when you are high

Posted by JackSukeru

Getting out my headphones for this.

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windows media player: the game

Posted by drag

Just when you thought there were no more balls to trip.

Posted by frsty13

Now you post this...wish I'd seen it 12 hrs ago.  I'd still have my $10

Posted by fedorajay
@kalmis said:
" I am sure doom  would work fine with this "
I am so disappointed. I was excepting a DOOM mod that replaced the visuals & monsters with crazy visualizers. :(
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We need more Dave quick looks. I miss then. :(
As for this game though, trippy shit!

Posted by kalmis

I am sure doom  would work fine with this

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Not really a fan of how they tried to turn it into a space shooter, but jesus christ, this game is beautiful to watch. I am a huge nerd for pretty, shiny lights.
Now I just wait for the ability to make the walls of my room turn into this...

Posted by DorothyVader


Posted by LordCmdrStryker

It also has several different 3D modes.  I'm gonna have to get some red/cyan glasses.

Posted by kollay

That's far out, brah.

Posted by RIDEBIRD


Posted by Vitor

Love this game so far, but couldn't help notice that Jeff didn't touch upon a few key points if you want to get the most of the 'game' part of this product. 
Gameplay tips: 

  • Always be rushing into the blue ghosts - doing so increases your speed and the only way to survive insane mode is to be fast enough so the red robots can't hit you. Your speed will decrease over time though so you need to stay stocked up on blue ghost juice.
  • Also, the slow moving red ghosts with light shooting out of them are currently eating (!) a blue ghost, if you kill it in time, you can save the ghost and you'll be guaranteed a power-up.  
  • The large static circular nebulas are hiding zones - if you get surrounded, wait it out in there until the red's move on and you can find some blue ghosts to get your speed on.
  • The giant red sun is essentially a reflective barrier ala geometry wars - shots bounce off and do more damage to anything they hit but are super inaccurate. 
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Goddamn this game is beautiful. I want to buy it just so I can look at it, and encourage the developers to keep making flashing colors. But I can't afford it right now.. it's so cheap, but my money is needed elsewhere...
If it goes on sale, I WILL buy it. Soon, The Polynomial! Soon!
Also, totally called the Jeff Minter discussion before it happened. I wonder what he thinks about this game!
[edit] AHA! Or not! There's a demo! And an hour or so of that was more than enough to satisfy me. From what I can tell, the music only affects a single thing; the "animator" thing that you can set. It makes the "arena" behave in different ways visually. Like blink in rhythm with the music, or... move slightly up and down in rhythm with the music... No gameplay from what I could tell, and basically no intensity feedback either. Shame. [/edit]

Posted by HandsomeDead

I'd like to see it with a real, recognisable song so I can see how the music actually effects what's going on.

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

this quick look should have come with a seizure warning

Posted by GunnBjorn

Benoît B. Mandelbrot (1924 – 2010). Thank you for the Fractals, my friend. Sleep well.
Posted by SirDancealot

Trippy as fuuuuuck

Posted by Winternet

24 hours screensaver

Posted by Azango
@Goopynose: Amplitude/Frequency were not shooters. Fun games though.
Posted by Besetment

I dunno. I don't see what the music has to do with anything. It's less of a "music shooter" and more of a shooter with a trippy electro soundtrack and no sound effects.

Posted by Goopynose

Please stop combining pretty shooters with good music. I need another FreQuency or Amplitude! Preferably, FREQUENCY!

Posted by FritzDude

Looks like something i would have for my screensaver.

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Looks interesting as an audio visual experience.  Looks boring as a game.

Posted by CookieMonster

Am tripping balls, brah.

Posted by Tesla


Posted by eezo
@Dantekiller said:
" nice im geting this game    WOW i need to get high to this lol "
Posted by Jonnyflash80

I think my eyes just orgasmed.

Posted by MayorFeedback

Almost bought this the other day. DEFINITELY buying it now.

Posted by Meteora

Visually impressive. I love artistic, creative and trippy games. They're so gorgeous to look at. 
Though I'm not feeling the gameplay mechanics. Maybe I'll get it when its more cheaper.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I'll repeat what i said on the bombcast page:
The Polynomial is one of the most beautiful games or things i have ever seen.