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Posted by Katchino_G

I got into the beta I was one of the lucky ones that downloaded the PS plus exclusive theme and got in just cant wait till it comes out.

Posted by brandoncooper17

Looks better than killzone 2.

Posted by MagikGimp

Astounding graphics, I am not worthy.

Posted by VisariLoyalist


Edited by Ghostiet

Yes, more Killzone multiplayer. I'm in.

Also, hearing them complement the game's graphics and sound makes the fact that they forgot about Killzone 2 in last year's Best Graphics GOTY category even more awkward.

Posted by Sanity_Crash

that last kill was amazing lmao!
Posted by Pop

damn that shotty was awesome, I think it's going to be pretty good.

Posted by nail1080
@zef40: Yes I am aware that all the quotes in the COD4 loading screen are taken from various historical sources.
Posted by TheGremp
Posted by zef40
'friendly fire isn't' has been around for many many years, I believe it makes an appearance in half-life  blue-shift, but wouldn't be surprised if its been used in much earlier games also. I dont even think its a term specific to gaming, most likely something to of come out of the army, many decades ago. its just a copy of something thats been done before.
Posted by nail1080
"Friendly fire isn't", is from the call of duty series. It comes up in the loading screen after you die in COD4 as one of the quotes.
Posted by krystians

Wow the eye gouge was horrible looking. 

Posted by BigBoss1911

Still not sure about this game.

Posted by Ben99

omg moving a soldier  in KZ2 was like moving a heavy pile of crap . Plus i want some flash light whenever I kill someone in the multiplayer with the score I got for  that .   the list of the top players by the end of each match. That's why I hated BC2 and KZ2 ...

Posted by TheHBK

I would be so amped up for this game if the story and controls didnt suck so much.  Though I havent played it, I imagine that the controls will be similar to Killzone 2.

Posted by lokilaufey

  Oh my god Ryan played less than stellar whilst trying to play and have a conversation for a video at the same time. My god. Why does is matter anyway? Just sit back and enjoy the video and don't get pissy about whomever is playing not being pros.
On another note, this video was amazing. Going after Sterling was hilarious...I wonder if stuff like that happens to him a lot having his tag as his name. You'd think a lot of people would try and grief him. That ending was AMAZING.    Jeff has some mad assassination' skillz.

Posted by tourgen

fantastic quick look.  The water does indeed look amazing.  The whole game looks fantastic and pretty fun.  Maybe I'll get my own PS3 some day.  The good games are starting to pile up for it finally.

Posted by Nicholas
@VisariLoyalist said:
" ryan sucks "
You, "sir", suck.
Posted by natetodamax
@F_14_D_TOMCAT said:
" At 1:45 Ryan whispers " I can't ...???.... this menu."  I did not quite hear all that he whispered, what was it. "
"I can't do anything with these menus"
Posted by VisariLoyalist

ryan sucks

Posted by ThePickle

Graphics are still incredible. 

Posted by WobblyBob

Graphics are amazing but looks kind of meh.

Posted by illmatic19

Killzone 2 but with smoother movement and snappier aiming? I'm in.

Posted by None

That's what I call a grand finale! And MAN, that shotgun seems like a sweet-ass weapon.

Posted by dprabon

Hah Amazing!!! 

Posted by 137

omg you walked by the whole fucking team and killed the target, I am loling so hard right now.

Posted by Farley_Lives

Video says beta, while there is there ever present "ALPHA CODE" at the top trough the entire video. HAH HA

Posted by CynicalRodent
Oh come on, he performed a 1-hit assassination on an immobile enemy. Anyone could have done that. Having said that I still enjoyed this QL but I have to agree with KingPossum. Ryan should probably pay a bit more attention to his radar. 
Anyway, great looking game. Can't wait. : )
Posted by dark_maggot

This game looks fun, a lot more fluid than KZ2.
Loved that sneakiness at the end.

Posted by jmrwacko
@Dinoracha said:
" Oh wow. Another FPS that has a class that allows you to go invisible, therefore removing all skill from gameplay. Excuse me while I applaud slowly and sarcastically. "
Someone seems butthurt from their last match of TF2...
Edited by jmrwacko

Looks really nice. Love the class based gameplay. Too bad I'm never buying a PS3. Port to PC? <3
Wow infiltrator looks overpowered.

Posted by SBYM

Damn, this is one fine looking game, aside from that whole eye gouging thing. What an ending, and hooray for random Jim Sterling sighting.

Posted by Strife777

Man that final kill was just so great. I can't believe he actually passed by the entire enemy team, haha!

Posted by buzz_clik

You know it's a good Quick Look when a random mention of friggin' Groo the Wanderer pops up.

Posted by Kazrk

cool just cool

Posted by xXwindoverXx

That ending was AMAZING!

Posted by Daveyo520

Such  a pretty game.

Posted by KillaMaStA

its a miracle that the infiltrator actually worked,thats not how it goes in KZ, you shoot that guy in the face until he changes class!
Everyone must have been tripping balls over getting to play KZ3 and didint notice.

Posted by F_14_D_TOMCAT

At 1:45 Ryan whispers " I can't ...???.... this menu."  
I did not quite hear all that he whispered, what was it.
Posted by teh_destroyer

What they really need to put up is the quick look Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare :)

Posted by brocool

That ending was perfect, love it when you capture these moments on camera. makes me wish I could do the same.

Posted by MasterSwanny

Worth watching the whole thing for that final kill, haha. Awesome

Posted by Burn1n9m4n
@KingPossum said:
" Jeff should have been playing and you can see a shift when Ryan hands over the controller in what you would normally experience if you were paying some attention. Ryan seems to never care much for what the hell he's doing when it comes to FPS games and it tends to lead to terrible videos, espcially in multiplayer games. (ex: watch the Battlefield Bad Company video on justin.tv) "
Uh, dude do you not remember Ryan gouging that fools eyes out? Because I seem to remember something like that happening....
Posted by Maxtone
@Capum15 said:
"Oh my god, that ending kill was the best ever. "

The BEST part in the video.
Posted by Adziboy
@WhatTheDang said:
" Jim Sterling's username is "Jim_Sterling"? What a tool.  "
Great, so the assumption that Giantbomb was different to other sites and not everyone is an ignorant ass hole on the internet is now proved wrong by your comment.
Posted by MrBubbles

roflmao i love how he ran past everyone and killed the target with no one even noticing

Posted by AuthenticM

Awesome ending! :)

Posted by squidracerX

i don't care about the 3D crap, but this game looks even better than Killzone 2! Im skeptical about jetpacks though hahaha. But any game that still gives you the option of bots in multiplayer gets a round of applause from me, i loved them in Killzone 2.

Posted by Capum15

Oh my god, that ending kill was the best ever.

Posted by lolak47

the end assassination was AWESOME!!