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@zegolf: Ya, i mean, if that works for you, then go for it.  Frankly, they could even put in a mode that is "start at Lvl 30" and let you choose everything right then and there for people who are more interested in the stories than the RPG mechanics (which I guess IS in the game if you are on a PC, what with console commands and such).  Personally, I find i have little motivation to complete, say, side fetch quests when I get nothing for it (whether that be XP or caps). 
Actually, I think I might use the Lucky Old Sun and infinite caps glitch so that I can burn through the legion campaign and get the achievements, since I have no real interest in being a rapist/slaver/murderer.  
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This is like when I was playing Deus Ex a few years ago and encountered a bug wherein I could keep talking to a guy and "complete a quest" every time, getting me infinite XP. It was kind of a game-ruiner, in a way :(

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@Tennmuerti said:
" There is enough quests to get you to lvl 30 without any exploits. Plus you are not gaining much because enemies do scale to a certain degree, and while you are gaining levels and perks you aren't gaining the gear to go along with it. "
Yep. That's pretty much how I looked at it right there. Yet the GB staff have gone to say that if the option is there (FO3 Achievement unlocks via command prompt) then by all means it's an option.
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@dusker: See, that's where I almost have to disagree with you.  To me, the least interesting part of the Fallout experience is the leveling.  Yes, the perks and a really great feature, but to me the Fallout experience is more about character development, exploration and story-telling.  They could have dropped me into Fallout 3, fresh out of the vault, at level 30, and I still would have enjoyed it just as much and played it just as much.
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This glitch combined with the infinite caps glitch on vendors definitely completely breaks the game.  I mean, if you can't keep yourself from using these glitches, you should wait for a patch before you play more, because the game is not much fun when you are fully leveled and have inifnite caps.

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The Vault 11 glitch is 10 times better and you could find it fairly early on in the game. If this game is going to crash on me and do quest ending bugs, I'm going to use the exploits with no remorse

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The problem with using this exploit is that there is WAY more content in the game than there is room to level up.  I noticed this in Fallout 3 as well, and this game appears to be even bigger.  Once I hit level 30, my urge to go explore the wasteland really starts to wane, so if I were to do something like this, I'd probably tire of the game a lot earlier than I would otherwise.

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@The_Drizzle: Because they're really angry that you got into that closed-off area and that they've been trapped in there the whole time.  They're probably hungry.
I don't know, in all honesty, but that's not a glitch.  They're supposed to attack you.  It's the same reason why the other one is booby-trapped.
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Why is it when i try to reset the mainframes for this quest the NCR guard dogs attack me? I'm neutral with the NCR this makes zero sense

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@zegolf:  The only time you should feel bad about cheating is when you are doing it in multiplayer. Even if you opened the console up and started adding levels that way, you're not bothering anyone. Although I find that if I cheat, the value of the game drops really fast. I'll get bored and stop playing or I'll feel like I'm cheating myself and go back to playing normal.
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@zegolf I'm not going to read about the exploit, and I'm already at level 28 anyhow, but I sort of agree with you . . . the side stories and mission structures are the best part about Fallout, though I do still find satisfaction in gaining levels. That said, Obsidian  removed XP scaling at different difficulty levels, so there's no penalty for blowing through the game on Very Easy, which is pretty much one step removed from what you're doing.
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@Raymayne: Yeah, more good points.  I guess leveling really just isn't the most important part, or really an important part at all, of this iteration of the Fallout series.
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@Raymayne said:
" Had I known about that glitch when I did that quest, I would've done it." 
Me too, me too..
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Had I known about that glitch when I did that quest, I would've done it. I wouldn't really fret too much if I were you though, levelling is just a small part of building your Fallout character. Really, thanks to the enemy scaling and you not having lots of uber equipment, the only benefits are the perks and the fact that, if you've levelled up Science/Lockpick/Speech/etc, you will have access to dialogue options and items that you would otherwise have had to either miss out on or come back to later. Really it just opens up a lot more of the game to you early on and will probably make it a more enjoyable experience all round, I've spent most of my level-ups on improving Speech and Lockpick and the like so I don't miss out on any great dialogue options or items, so that's something you won't have to worry about. The quests and story will be just as enjoyable.

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@Tennmuerti: And I guess that's why I didn't have a huge problem with what I did.  To me, the level gaining is the least enjoyable thing about the game. Loot, fighting, companions, storyline, exploration; there's so much more to the Fallout universe than the generic RPG element that is leveling.
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There is enough quests to get you to lvl 30 without any exploits.
Plus you are not gaining much because enemies do scale to a certain degree, and while you are gaining levels and perks you aren't gaining the gear to go along with it.

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There exists a glitch in the latest iteration of the Fallout series, Fallout: New Vegas that seems to really break the game.  If you haven't yet heard about it, you should probably stop reading, because I'm going to go into some spoiler territory.
For those wondering what glitch I'm talking about, I'm referring to the glitch where,

The problem?  The option never goes away, and you can continue to select it and gain the benefits of completing the quest.
Here's where my dilemma comes into play.  I cannot, try as I might, only select this response one time and move on.  I told myself, going into the final part of the quest, that I would only select it once, and not exploit it, but I then proceeded to boost myself to level 20, save my game, and call it a night.  I know I shouldn't be compelled to pick this response, and use this exploit, but I just continued steamrolling through levels and giving myself this shot in the arm.
I don't know if leveling status isn't a huge importance to me in the Fallout universe, or if I'm just a big cheater, but I don't feel as those this game-breaking glitch (which, in all reality, really is) is really that big of a game breaker.  I'm going to have no problem with continuing throughout the rest of the game knowing that I leveled my character up way earlier than he should have, and that I've gained perks that I shouldn't have gained before I've even stepped foot into New Vegas proper.  
I guess, to me, the storyline and exploration are more important in the series than actually gaining XP and leveling up my character.  Truth be told, as I was gaining level after level, I still put a lot of thought into the kind of character that I wanted to be, and still allotted my points accordingly.  However, I'm not going to regret my decision to do so this early in the game, and I still kept a save around, pre-exploit, in the event that I do have a bit of remorse and want to go back and play it legit.
Thoughts?  Does anyone else ever do this? Am I just weak-willed?