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UPDATE: IMCALLING.IT IS NOW IN OPEN BETA! Just register your user account on the website immediately, no more asking to be added to the list! :D
After months of predominantly not working on this project, and around, oh, I'd say eighty hours of actual development time, I present to you people, at long last, the mostly-functional bee-ta for i'm calling it: the giant bomb metagame metagame. It can be found at its brand-new, kind-of-expensive-for-what-I'm-getting-at-the-price-I'm-paying URL, http://imcalling.it. Wanna try it for yourself? Keep on reading to find out how.

Hmm, this color scheme looks familiar...
In the likely event that you missed my previous threads, i'm calling it is a fun little website that I've been working on in my spare time, mostly to re-teach myself core web development concepts. The site allows you to register your Giant Bomb account, converting your previously-kinda-useless quest XP into points that you can use to place bets on how well you think any given game is going to be reviewed by the Giant Bomb staff. 
I've done my best to make the betting system fun and interesting. You can pick a predicted star rating for each of the Giant Bomb reviewers, to fit a probable score to each person's personality and gaming tastes. You get bonuses depending on how far in advance you make the bets; placing a bet a year before the game is reviewed will net you a massive 5x multiplier, and so forth.

I already regret this bet :'(
You're competing for the top spot on global leaderboards, but, coming soon, you will also to see how you fare against only the people you follow on Giant Bomb in the new "local leaderboard" feature. 
i'm calling it is by no means finished; it is still very beta, very much a work-in-progress. Hence the semi-closed beta-ness. I'm adding features and changing stuff all the time.

So you want to get in on this sleazy underground wheelin'-and-dealin' action?

It's simple! Just head on over to the website and register your Giant Bomb account! It's that easy!

Getting stuck on this screen for like five minutes is perfectly normal. Please don't close that tab! Just wait it out! It's worth it, I promise! 
As a beta tester, it's your job to poke around and try and find bugs and stuff. If you find anything, either PM me or just post about it here. Feel free to also make suggestions for things I should change or add. I also suggest placing bets on game that are being released in the very near future, just so you can get a sense of how the website works. As of right now, there is no way for you to be notified (by e-mail or Twitter or whatnot) when a review goes up for a game you've placed a bet on, so be sure to bookmark the website and check back when the review is posted! 

 Come on and join, I'm super lonely over here, all by myself
So yeah, hope you guys have at least some degree of fun with this! :D
Posted by Jeffsekai

dude thats awesome

Posted by BraveToaster
  kind-of-expensive-for-what-I'm-getting-at-the-price-I'm-paying URL 
I don't know why this made me laugh so much. 
Posted by Djeffers03

Woah that's CRAZY!

Posted by CoheedFavorHouse

im not so sure if i'll be good at it, but i'm interested

Posted by Brendan

I would call myself a betting man.  In fact, I would call myself a Giantbomb betting man!  Count me in.
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@Brendan: Consider yourself counted in! You're on the list now, go ahead and register! :D 
@CoheedFavorHouse: you're added too
Posted by xMP44x

Man, that's pretty insane! I cannot imagine making that myself, so hats off!

Edited by ZeroCast
This is bloody brilliant work Mr. Adam. Not only dose this encourage people to participate more into the quest system but it actually utilizes those XP points for having fun betting! Love it! 
Would love to be on the list of testers and again, big thumbs up, those changing GB memes on the top left are awesome :D.
Posted by MattyFTM

Awesome stuff. I'm just waiting for it to recognize that I've put the text on my About Me page.

Moderator Online
Posted by takua108
@ZeroCast: Thanks! You're on the list now, enjoy :D  
@MattyFTM: I have honestly no idea why it takes so long to realize that you've updated your page. I don't know if it's my hosting company caching HTTP requests or PHP doing something funky or what, but yeah, it's really irritating.
Posted by ThaMilkMan

I wanna be on the beta testers list... : )

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Since I'm impatient, and your webpage invited me to press the next button again after I had waited a while, I pressed the next button again, and got this error message:

 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /homepages/32/d101533991/htdocs/ici/config.php on line 63

I went back and did the process again, and everything worked fine, and it seems I'm the first person to register. Awesome. EDIT: and now that I've imported my points I'm top of the leaderboard. *dances*
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Posted by takua108
@MattyFTM: That PHP error was me manually entering people into the beta testers' list and forgetting a comma :P 
@ThaMilkMan: Done! Enjoy :D
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Edit- reading completion fail on my part.  Want in i do?

Posted by ShadowVirus

Wow, this is awesome. Could I get in on this bee-ta tester list?

Posted by LordAndrew

I would like to join your underground betting parlor. My money's on horse 6.

Posted by takua108
Done and done and done!
Posted by Tylea002

I'd love to try out this awesome sounding feature!

Posted by ShockD

Nice find!

Posted by mosespippy

Hey, could I get access to this bee-ta?

Posted by takua108
@Tylea002:  @mosespippy: Done and done!
Posted by ShadowVirus
@takua108: Thanks, registering now.
Posted by jozzy

I'd like to get in on this as well, sounds like fun.
Posted by mfpantst

uh- getting this when I try to go the the website all of the sudden:
 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /homepages/32/d101533991/htdocs/ici/config.php on line 69
Also- I dicked around enough to see that one thing that would be nice is if I pull a user up, I could see their bets.  Actually- not sure if that's how it works in vegas, but at the least it would be cool if you have some way to show betting trends (unless you have that already, in which case good job)

Posted by LordAndrew

I killed your site.


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /homepages/32/d101533991/htdocs/ici/config.php on line 69
Posted by mracoon

I signed up but then the site went down.
I get this message: 

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /homepages/32/d101533991/htdocs/ici/config.php on line 69

Posted by mfpantst

So is that a triple kill?

Edited by MattyFTM

If anyone killed it, I think it was me. I was the one placing bets at the time.
EDIT: in other news, my brief reign at the top of the leaderboard captured for eternity:

Briefly, I was the toppest of the top men!!!
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Posted by mfpantst
@MattyFTM: Whats the hot read right now?  Got calls and odds?  The moderator tag tells me you have inside knowledge :)
Posted by LordAndrew
@mfpantst: Always bet on Duke. Always.
Posted by YetiAntics

Yes! Sign me up!

Edited by MattyFTM
@mfpantst:  Even if I did have inside knowledge, what reason would I have to give it to you? I would use that inside knowledge to propel me to the top of the leaderboard myself!!!!!
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Posted by mosespippy

 Tried going to the website from my history and got this error.   Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /homepages/32/d101533991/htdocs/ici/config.php on line 69

Posted by mfpantst
@MattyFTM: You could start a 'review-betting-tips' blog and charge ici to read it.
Posted by LordAndrew
@MattyFTM: Your cheque for 50,381 currencies is in the mail. Got any hot tips now?
Posted by ShadowVirus

Yeah, I'm also getting said error message.

Posted by Tylea002

I too am getting this error message!

Posted by LordAndrew

It seems El Tako is offline. Hopefully he's working on fixing that parse error on line 69 of config.php.

Posted by Turbo_Toaster

XD I love it

Posted by adri4n

sign me up!

Posted by mfpantst

Hopefully he's no scared to death by the unexpected 

Posted by Kieran_ES

This looks great, congrats! 
I'd love to try the beta.

Posted by TheMasterDS

I'll try it. I'm gonna put points on Portal 2 5/5.

Posted by mfpantst
@TheMasterDS:  How about half life 2 episode 3 5/5.
Posted by CitizenKane

Awesome work!  I'll check it out now!

Edited by MattyFTM
@mfpantst said:

" @TheMasterDS:  How about half life 2 episode 3 5/5. "

Have fun waiting for an eternity before your bet pays out.
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Posted by arab_prince

Can I be a part of this as well? This seems like an interesting idea.

Posted by TheMasterDS
@mfpantst: Well, it has to come out first, and who knows if that'll ever happen.
Posted by mfpantst
@MattyFTM:@TheMasterDS: Can we also have betting on release delays?