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Posted by CitizenKane

Looks like there is an error while trying to get to the site.
Damn you, PHP!

Posted by adri4n

we broke it lol!

Posted by LordAndrew
@CitizenKane: I think he used too many "PLEASE"s in the code. PHP's pretty sensitive about politeness. Or maybe I'm thinking of INTERCAL. Whichever. :P
Posted by TheMasterDS
@mfpantst: Yeah, but you can't bet points there. You have to gamble using the prospect of shaving a fat "RD" into yourself.
Posted by mfpantst
@TheMasterDS: Then the functionality should be set up to bet on if games will be delayed or not based on isi.  That would be a neat branch out from just betting on review scores.
Posted by Dylabaloo

I want in!

Posted by MachoFantastico

That is.... insane.

Posted by tumes
@takua108: I'd love to get in on this action.
Posted by mosespippy

It just occurred to me that the top 4 or 5 places on the leaderboard will be whiskey staff if they don't get blacklisted.

Posted by eldiax

I wanna be a beeta tester!

Posted by KaosAngel

I came here expecting a non-broken link, way to disappoint me. 
Edited by takua108

So I went to take a nap and passed out with my text editor on my laptop open on line 69... 
Not even kidding.
Now to go through three pages and add everyone who wanted adding. :O

Posted by takua108

@pantyshotmpq @adri4n @endsarcasm @themasterds @arab_prince @dylabaloo @tumes @eldiax @kaosangel you're all now added, and the bug is fixed. Sorry about that, everyone! :(

Posted by jelekeloy

Awesome dude, let me in!

Posted by takua108
@jelekeloy: Done! Hopefully everyone didn't forget about this in the few hours I was asleep, leaving the site with an error, haha :I
Posted by DanielJW

Awesome. I would love to be a part of this! :D

Edited by takua108
@DanielJW: Done! 
  Man, look at all these guys who signed up but never even imported their points. :( 
Posted by ShadowVirus

Why am I on their twice, oh God what did I do? I didn't even finish the registration process D:

Posted by takua108
@ShadowVirus:  You're on each leaderboard just once. And yeah, you can finish registration now, it works, I promise :)
Posted by ShadowVirus
@takua108: Ohhhhh I see, I thought they were both the same leaderboard, alright thanks :)
Posted by weegieanawrench

Very interested, I would love to test out this bee-ta!

Posted by mracoon

I went straight to the top of the leaderboard without making a single bet.

Posted by takua108
@weegieanawrench: Added! 
@mracoon: Well, that's why there's two leaderboards: one for "who has the most points" (you have the most imported quest XP of anyone yet, and you've barely spent any) and one for "most points gained from playing this game," which will just have everyone in the negatives for now until these games start getting released.
Posted by DAFTPUNK

This is great hopefully i get a chance to be in the beta!

Posted by Lumley

Man, this looks awesome, I sure as hell wouldn't mind being part of it :D

Edited by takua108
@DAFTPUNK:  @Lumley: Done and done! Enjoy!
Posted by arab_prince
@mracoon said:
" I went straight to the top of the leaderboard without making a single bet. "
Show off :( whatever, 1st is the worst.
Posted by luchadeer797

sounds awesome, can i get in on this?

Posted by jelekeloy

Cool site, but the reviewer pictures weren't showing up for me on the two pages I checked (AC:B and CoD:BO).  Running Firefox 3.6 (I think(.

Posted by takua108
@twstdsniper: You're in! 
@jelekeloy: Did you try setting a star rating? Right now, nothing shows up until you select a star. It's kind of counter-intuitive, I know; I'll probably make like 3 stars the default or something in the future.
Posted by CrimsonClown

Sign me up! :)

Posted by LordAndrew
@mracoon: Make a bunch of bets. I dare you. It doesnt' matter if you're right or not. ;)
Posted by weegieanawrench
@takua108: Thank you, all signed up, just need to transfer points! This is really cool man!
Posted by TurboMan

I want in, this looks awesome!

Posted by takua108
@CrimsonClown: @TurboMan: You're both in now!
Posted by YoctoYotta

I'd love to participate. I got XP burning a hole in my pocket.

Edited by CrimsonClown
@takua108: It's saying I'm not on the Super Awesome Ultra Top Secret ici Beta Testers List when I try to register. :( 
Edit: Nevermind, working now. :)
Posted by ShaunassNZ

LOL nice, i'm in.

Posted by FongGhoul

This. Is. Awesome. I want in on the bee-ta!
Posted by Th3_James

Sign me up. Register won't work for me.

Posted by DanielJW
@takua108: If you lose a bet do you lose XP? What happens if you run out of XP?
Posted by takua108
@YoctoYotta: @ShaunassNZ: @FongGhoul: @Th3_James: You're all in the beta testers' list now! You can go ahead and register when you're ready. 
@CrimsonClown: Sorry, I put your username in incorrectly. It's fixed now :)
Posted by Urmean

Let's test this beater, if you know what I mean.

Edited by takua108
@Urmean: Alright, you're in :)
@DanielJW said:

" @takua108: If you lose a bet do you lose XP? What happens if you run out of XP? "

If you lose a bet, you don't get the points back that you bet (you get a 25% refund if you're just one star off, and a 10% refund if you're two stars off), so yeah, there's a net loss of points. Note that I'm saying points, not XP; the points you earn in ici won't go back to Giant Bomb, they just stay here.
Posted by FongGhoul
Then if I earn more XP after I've signed up, does that get added to imcalling.it?
Posted by takua108
@FongGhoul: Not automatically; you just have to click that "XP -> points" button again, and it'll gather up any XP that you've gained since you last clicked it :)
Posted by Vonocourt

Can I bee-ta  with you guys.

Posted by Etan

I'd like to participate in this.

Posted by takua108
@Vonocourt: @Etan: You're both in gogogo
Posted by MjHealy

Excellent use of the API. Betwwen this and the Venn Diagram, there has been some great use of the API.
Sign me up, man.