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Posted by JoelTGM

Oh crap!  I just bet 1701 points on Black Ops because I thought it was based on wiki points because I wasn't paying attention.  I could have bet a whole lot more!

Posted by mracoon

Just set some 5-star bets on Diablo III and Mass Efect 3. Hope the reward for betting really early is significant.

Posted by OmegaPirate

I finally remembered about this and got myself signed up - went ahead and converted my xp and became the 5th 'top man' 
Now time to bet on something :D

Posted by takua108
@Winternet said:
" @takua108: If that's so, then you should make it so if someone only bets in one guy, one review then it gets a bonus or something. I mean, for what you're saying we're only betting on the score of the game and not on the one who reviews it + the score. If that's right, why put the reviewers? There's no sense. If we're betting only on the score it gets way more easy. C'mon, realistically, black ops will be a 4-star, Dance Central a 5-star, AC: Brotherhood a 4-star. There's a 90% chance of all these scores I said will become true. "
The intent behind allowing users to guess a score for each reviewer was to allow for users to factor in the various tastes of the Giant Bomb reviewers. I mean, I've only been with the site for a little over a year, but each reviewer has slightly different preferences when it comes to various kinds of games, and some may be willing to put up with more bullshit than others when it comes to various things. The intent wasn't to add another layer of variable to the bet, but to allow for users to guess review scores without having to worry about who's going to be reviewing the game. While the reviewer/game matchups are typically fairly obvious a week or two in advance to those listening to the Bombcast, they're pretty impossible to guess months, or years in advance, with a few exceptions (such as Brad reviewing the next Starcraft game, etc.). 
Also, holy shit, 104 registered users! Awesome stuff!
Posted by Animasta

man, Portal 2 is really an easy bet; no way that's not getting a 5.

Posted by mosespippy

Woot! Just took first place in points gained and net winnings. Still another 2 weeks till my next 3 bets go through, so I'm sure someone will pass me though.

Posted by Tactical_Kill

So the Force Unleashed 2 review is up. How long does it take for the site to register that? Cause I bet 3 stars all around and I want my money.

Posted by takua108
@Tactical_Kill: Did you press the "Check Bets" button? As of right now, you have to, but, like I told MattyFTM above, I'm looking into making this easier.
Posted by Tactical_Kill
@takua108 said:
" @Tactical_Kill: Did you press the "Check Bets" button? As of right now, you have to, but, like I told MattyFTM above, I'm looking into making this easier. "
Oh ok. That got it to work. Watching me get those 5,000 points was oddly satisfying. 
 Also. Yay! I'm 3rd on the leader board for most points gained.
Posted by BOOM

Dude, I love your site. I finally get to see all the review photos of the guys that I've never seen. For some reason, it seems I haven't seen most of the 2 star review pics. Also,  I love the photobombing easter egg.

Edited by mfpantst
@takua108:  Not sure if this is a bug or not, but in my imcalling.it profile page it says I have 1500 in winnings (from the James Bond game) but up at the top it says I have 0.  I think maybe I'm seeing an issue?  Also I went to a place bet page (for batman) and the dropdowns for ratings are all blank.
I'm thinking this is a design decision?  You can only use ici from quests to make bets and your winnings count as score?
Also I've noticed (I'm on a computer with a better screen) that when I move my mouse over some of the boxes that change shading (like the 3 big ones in the middle) the black background on the whole site gets a little lighter.  Don't know if you've noticed this, I'm on a screen right now with a really high gamma setting so it may have just gone unnoticed.
Posted by takua108
@mfpantst: I haven't looked at the database yet, but the "how much you won" is just how many points you obtained by getting bets correctly. You can spend those points on more bets (or lose them by betting incorrectly...), but that number at the bottom of your profile page there is just the points you earned from your bets. The fat number at the top (and the number next to your name in the upper-right corner) are how many points you actually have. Did you spend all of your points on bets?
Edited by mfpantst
@takua108: The answer to your question is yes and no.  I've followed the 'strategy' of once I import my XP from GB to bet it all on a series of games.  I just went in tonight because I knew that a bet 'matured'.  It said I got 1500 from the bet but that didn't go into my number at the top, so I can't use it to bet.  But it shows that as my winnings.  Not sure if maybe I goofed something up but since that bet 'matured' I haven't placed another bet.
edit: Oh so I didn't outright win the bet, I was off by a star, but I was reading the payout like i still got a portion of my bet back or something?
Edited by takua108
@mfpantst: Ah, found the problem. I was dumb and calculated the new leaderboard incorrectly. You didn't get the bet right (you bet 2/5 for everyone, while the game was reviewed 3/5), but my code was dumb and didn't recognize that and so claimed that you had won $1,500 when you really won 375 points (for being one star off). Did you get and then spend those points? 
EDIT: I'm really tired, so I just disabled the new leaderboard and the mention of "points gained" from the user profile pages for now. I'll get back to fixing those... tomorrow, if all goes well.
Posted by takua108

Alright, I did find the bug where you would always lose 100% of your bet if you weren't exactly accurate and have now fixed it. mfpantst, I'm going to give you 350 points manually. If anyone else is in this boat, PM me or post here and I'll dole out points as needed.

Posted by mfpantst
@takua108: cool thanks for tracking this down.
Posted by L1GHTN1N

*sigh* just signed up. Are you trying to take all my time away form me? Now not only do I have to spend hours making bets, but also hours doing quests to get money to make bets, hours analyzing reviewers' review tenancies, hours analyzing gameplay and previews, for what? More useless points.
Yes I realize I might have a slight gambling problem...

Posted by 19nazzy
@L1GHTN1N said:
" *sigh* just signed up. Are you trying to take all my time away form me? Now not only do I have to spend hours making bets, but also hours doing quests to get money to make bets, hours analyzing reviewers' review tenancies, hours analyzing gameplay and previews, for what? More useless points.  Yes I realize I might have a slight gambling problem... "
Same here, I'm just glad I won't be losing money this way.
Edited by Winternet
@takua108: I bet a 4-star in the Force Unleashed. That means I get some points for being 1-star off? 
Edit: And I still don't get the net winnings. Isn't that supposed to be the poins you won from betting? I have won 125 points or something, but it doesn't show in the leaderboard.
Posted by mosespippy
@Winternet: net winnings are winnings - bets. If you have other bets going right now then you are probably still in the negatives.
Posted by Winternet
@mosespippy: Oh ok. That makes sense.
Posted by takua108

 Alright, after a ton of work on and off in between classes, I managed to, I'm fairly certain, fix everything so far:

  • Winnings are now calculated correctly
  • Winnings leaderboard is back up
  • Everyone who should've gotten points back but didn't earlier should now have the correct amount of points
  • Future bets should work correctly
  • Bunch of tiny fixes and tweaks
Posted by mosespippy

New Error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /homepages/32/d101533991/htdocs/ici/process.php on line 274

Posted by takua108
@mosespippy: Sorry about that; it's fixed now. I really ought to stop taking naps in the middle of adding new features :P
Posted by damnboyadvance

Dude, awesome. Great to have members like this in the community. Great work!

Posted by takua108
@damnboyadvance: Thanks :D 
I was bored tonight, so I did a bunch of stuff: 
  • more statistics
  • more profile info
  • better URLs (no more http://imcalling.it/?do=profile&user=takua108; now we have proper-style http://imcalling.it/profile/takua108 links)
  • interactive star rating thing, as seen in Giant Bomb user reviews, the old version of YouTube, etc. (no more ugly drop-down menus)
  • a bunch of potential cheating has now been prevented (users could see that a game was reviewed,  notice that they got the bet wrong, and refund the bet, getting 90% of their investment back instead of 1-25%. fixed by forcing users to check all bets before getting refunds)
  • bunch of interface enhancements and bug fixes
  • I started working on the "most accurate" leaderboard, but did not finish it. that's probably next on the list.
And some interesting observations: 
  • 155 users (!)
  • 402 bets placed (!!)
  • 36 bets "completed"
  • 26 bets cancelled (?)
  • most bet-on game: Call of Duty: Black Ops at 81 bets (that's 52% of all users!)
  • biggest bet of all time: TomF5 bet  ¤69,146 on Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is all of his points. I hope he knows what he's doing... :)
Posted by LordAndrew
Joined this website before takua108 thought to record sign-up dates.
Damn right I did!

Created this website before he thought to record sign-up dates.

You've got a custom message for yourself? Nice. :)
Edited by Not_Rage

Maybe it's just me, but I can't select the the star ratings on Firefox.The page refreshes when I click on a star.  It worked in Chrome though.

Posted by takua108
@Not_Rage: Alright, I fixed the Firefox issue... it turns out to have been an error on my part that Chrome just accepts, apparently. :\
Edited by Bollard

Your website has probably the best signup process I've ever been through: witty and educational. Love it. 
One bug though, when you view the "Hot" list, if you click any of the links on the game's names, instead of taking you to the betting page (which I assumed it would) it takes you to [blank]'s profile. Interestingly enough [blank] is apparently a Whiskey Media subscriber.

Posted by JoelTGM
@takua108: hey how about a "most points lost" leaderboard?
Posted by takua108
@Chavtheworld: Thanks for the bug report! It's fixed now. And I'm glad you liked the signup process and weren't put off too much by the frustrating wait period :P  
@DOUBLESHOCK: A fine idea! I'm working on how to do this, and it might require some database retooling because of how I've set things up. 
Just a quick reminder that today is (presumably) your last chance to bet on Black Ops! I personally have no idea as to how well the game is going to review, but 89 users seem to think that they do! 
(I'm just hoping even half of these people will come back tomorrow and click "check bets.")
Posted by mfpantst
@takua108: I thinks you has an issue with firefox or your dynamic lists.  when I go there now to look for games to bet on all the dynamic lists of games (hot games, my going bets) don't have any text in the hyperlinks for the games.
Posted by takua108
@mfpantst said:
" @takua108: I thinks you has an issue with firefox or your dynamic lists.  when I go there now to look for games to bet on all the dynamic lists of games (hot games, my going bets) don't have any text in the hyperlinks for the games. "
Nope, it's not Firefox, it's Giant Bomb. It's having trouble at the moment, it seems; the API isn't returning any data. I put a message at the top to tell users that for now, as there's not much else I can do :(
Posted by mracoon

So can I not get my winnings until this problem is fixed? I placed a correct bet on GoldenEye but I haven't been given any points yet.

Edited by takua108
@mracoon: That's right, you can't get the payout for the bet until the API goes back up, because I use the API to get the review scores and such. However, I just checked the database, and your bet is fine, it hasn't been screwed up by the API being down, so that's good. 
Is Giant Bomb being slow for anyone else? I'm at a college that limits your Internet usage to 200kbps and often is slower than that, but it seems like Giant Bomb specifically is having trouble. If this is the case, then I'm assuming that the API being down is related. 
EDIT: Okay, I almost had a heart attack after my host started giving me 500 errors for no reason, but they're gone now, and the API seems to be working again.
Posted by mfpantst
@takua108: Ahh I see.  I saw the banner sometime after I posted my comment and before I saw your reply so then I felt silly.  Makes sense with the new quest...
Posted by JacDG

This is brilliant, nicely done sir!! Can't wait to get going, sadly I don't have a burrito to microwave while I wait for the thing to acknowledge that I've updated my profile :(

Posted by Babylonian

So not only is this the coolest thing ever, I just found the easter egg and it put a pretty huge grin on my face. You're the man.

Posted by cooljammer00

So I keep hearing the words "gamble" and "hard earned XP" in the same sentence.  Will we actually lose GB XP if we mess up?

Posted by takua108
@Babylonian: :D 
@cooljammer00: Nope, everyone's just saying that sort of tongue-in-cheek. Your ici points are 100% separate from your Giant Bomb XP.
Posted by Jayross

Sweet! I love the humor of the site.

Posted by gakon
@takua108: I just signed up for your sweet web zone, and there are two things I appreciate about it: first, you found a fairly painless way to validate people's Giant Bomb identities.  Second, you're up-front with your users about the potential danger of password reuse, which is very commendable.
Posted by takua108
@gakon5: I've been getting this a lot (about warning users about password reuse), and I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who, having made user databases, thinks to myself "y'know, this semi-shady website I just signed up for could be very easily keeping my password in cleartext." And I'm glad you liked the validation thing, although I mostly stole the idea from Garry Newman.
Also, look what I found at the bottom of the "hot games" list:
Somebody's incredibly optimistic 
Posted by LordAndrew
@takua108: I hope that Kinect Adventures bet was for three stars!
Yeah, and there's no way Episode Three is ever coming out. I kind of want them to cancel it just to spite whoever made that bet. :P
Posted by monster9999

Anyone know why its not bringing over my xp? Says i have 0

Posted by sixghost

So what was that 69k bet on for Black Ops?
Also, have you considered implemented some kind of odds system? It would seem to follow that a bet on Blackops getting a 1-3 should return more than betting a 4 or 5. Maybe you could code something that would distribute points based on how many others bet the same score as you?

Posted by ch13696
@monster9999 said:
" Anyone know why its not bringing over my xp? Says i have 0 "
Yeah, the same thing is happening with me. Maybe the API needs to update? I don't know much about it.
Posted by rjayb89

Haha, oh man.  I bet 80k points on Cataclysm getting 5 stars.

Posted by takua108
@monster9999: @ch13696: Click the "XP -> Points" button to import your XP now, and then do it whenever you gain more XP to import it, too. 
@sixghost: I'm looking into adding an odds system in the future, especially seeing as how a billion people are going to get a trillion XP each what with the release of Black Ops in a few hours. Oh well! 
@rjayb89: And now you're the new high bidder on the whole site! Hope that works out for you :)