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Edited by cnlmullen

If you haven't heard,The Polynomial, a bizarre seizure inducing acid trip of a first person combat flight simulator that just came out for 10 bucks on Steam.  Levels are essentially surreal explorable visualizers of songs you can import from your music library. Buy it.   
But you might find that the included music is bland and The Polynomial just doesn't feel right accompanied by Linkin Park.
In that case, check out these beautiful, spacey ambient albums, 100% cnlmullen guaranteed™ to improve your Polynomial experience*

Agaetis Byrjun


Sigur Rós was an ultra popular Icelandic "post-rock" band. The falsetto voice of the vocalist will lead you on strange journey across emotion and musical texture.   

If you play The Polynomial with Sigur Rós in a pitch black room, a good sound system and a big monitor you may swallow your tongue in ecstasy. 
The album in two words: Strange, beautiful

The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place


One of the definitive post-rock albums, by one of the definitive post-rock bands, Explosion's in the Sky. Expect expansive, immersive, melody heavy pieces that last over 10 minutes. Think shifting, mostly mellow, but some euphoric moods and a lot of electric guitar.
The album in two words: Sweeping melodies

 Noble Beast / Useless Creatures (Deluxe Edition)


The second disc included in Noble Beast, called Useless Creatures, is a collection of Andrew Bird's sonic experiments.  These pieces are rich, moody and expansive, not unlike the other albums listed above, but are less structured and less electronic.
Only the "Deluxe" version of Noble Beast includes Useless Creatures. 
In two words: Whirling strings
 * Side effects may include: violent convulsions, drooling, brief loss of consciousness, muscle spasms and/or short or long term memory loss.
Posted by beej
@cnlmullen:  I'd thought sigur ros would make a good transition into the polynomial, if I end up purchasing it I'll totally plug them in.
Posted by DoctorJohn

Awesome choices, all three here are great. May I also suggest "Loveless" by My Bloody Valentine, most any Sonic Youth Album ("Goo" or "Daydream Nation" seem like good choices) or the awesome Kid A by Radiohead. Really, just listen to your favorite albums with a lot of synth/sustain, smoke a bowl and you're golden.

Posted by Supernaut

Black Moth Super Rainbow's Dandelion Gum. Can't wait to try Loveless.

Posted by nintendoeats

It didn't handle Blue Monday well. That is the song by which I judge music-based-level-generation games.

Posted by Trezza

Creepily close choices to what I added to Polynomial...  Do Make Say Think + Wish You Were Here are pretty nice too

Posted by JJWeatherman

I don't have any of these albums, but maybe I could get a song or two from one of them and try it out. I've been going through my own music and a lot of it isn't particularly suited for this game.