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Edited by MindChamber

PS1 Hot pursuit had me glued to the screen for hours. 
I  downloaded the demo and was pleasantly surprised.  The last NFS games had too much weight to them, and were very sluggish and unfun to play. I'm also not a complete fan of Burnout, which was a bit over the top at times. This hits a nice balance for me.  
Also that leaderboard  feature is some dangerously addicting stuff.  My only gripe (unless I missed it) would be not having the option of  watching a replay the first place player to see how they done it.

Posted by BetaMax

loved the demo, i havent played nfs in 10 years. 

Posted by stealthdf2

Demo is good but just way to easy and that leads to it being boring after playing each event twice. looking forward to the full game!

Edited by OldBeane

Just got my grubby hands on the demo and let me just say, if you don't have a friend that plays to go on your Autolog, go get someone, it makes the game so much more addictive. Directly challening friends for best times is an awesome idea, its not revolutionary, but takes it to another level.
Overall I'm loving the demo, can't put the controller down. But yeah I do agree with a couple of people saying the spike strips are a bit weird... if my tyres are blown in a cop chase chances are I should be done for :P
Now to try beat 3:33 on the race, so close !

Posted by MeatSim

Where is the mode where you tell people your a cop because you have to tell them if your a cop.