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Posted by Dominoes

Once again, this game came out in 2009 and I am catching up. 
Only played about 30 minutes last night and completed the first two stages and the first two challenge levels. The art-style WayForward decided to go with is beautiful and really works with the tone of the game. Love the way the game looks as it plays.
Game-play wise I have not experienced a whole lot and have been playing what appears to be the early "tutorial stages", but I really like the pace so far; it seems to be a nice and slow game. I am glad that the focus seems to be more on puzzle solving as opposed to defeating enemies as in Super Mario (not that I don't like that, but it is a nice  change). I am playing with the classic controller and have gotten used to the controls, but to my knowledge the Wii remote's famous motion or pointer controls do not seem to have any use. I am disappointed not that it is not using the Wii remotes main functionality, but that at least the pointing could have been used to point and throw beans. Despite that though the game controls well and I am having a lot of fun so far.
I'll likely post a review once I am done, but will be alternating between this and Final Fantasy XIII. We'll see which I finish first.

Posted by sopachuco13

I just watched the Quick Look on this game. I really want to buy this game. I really like the mix of platforming and puzzle solving. It has reminded me a little of Limbo on XBLA. I'd like to know what you think about it when you are finished. 

Posted by Dominoes
@sopachuco13: Well, I'm not done, but I am a bit over halfway and I have found it to be very enjoyable so far. Definitely worth playing. The charm is irresistible, but I'm not sure you'll want to drop full price for it. I'd spend $40 CDN on it though. Not sure what the price for it is now, but play it.