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Game Room will never die! Or else die really, really slowly. 
This video is so postmodern. It's a Game Room Quick Look that contains very little Game Room; just how Game Room is slowly fragmenting like the end of the Soviet Union.
Posted by JayCee

Please don't turn off your console.

Posted by AleeN634

Nice breakdown from Jeff. Jackal looks pretty cool too.

Posted by ch3burashka

Jeff now has about 5 shitty basketball games. As much as I love these, I beg you Jeff, quit now before things get too bad. 
I mean, you know, worse.

Posted by JJWeatherman

This is the greatest QL EVER!

Posted by karmaghost
@DukeTogo:  they did mention that a couple of times, at least Ryan did
Posted by Daiphyer

I have just seen the greatest Jackal player ever. My dream has come true.

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It's been too long since we've had one of these.
Also, Jeff is amazing.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Not liking the new Dashboard (have not updated my 360 yet).  
Jeff! Keep it going! Game Room!!!!!!!! 

Posted by alternate
@Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
" @Lemoncookie01 said:
" @jagenheim said:
" I wonder if there will be a bombcast today considering the building is evacuated. :) "
They recorded them on mondays. "
And what was yesterday? Monday. This was recorded yesterday. "
Game Room was recorded Monday before noon - they usually record the bombcast Monday afternoon/evening so they will record Today (Tuesday) morning instead and it might be up a little late depending on edit time*
*Source : Commuter stream : midday edition
Posted by BasketSnake

You ain't quick enough to look!

Posted by MjHealy

I love that Jeff is going insane throughout this quick look.
Also, the smell better not effect the Monday recording of the Bombcast.

Posted by IBurningStar

So is this just 30 minutes of loading screens or what?

Posted by Gelatinousgelboy

Frickin' Amazing Quicklook. 
Favorite quotes: 
Ryan "Oooh! New Xbox!" 

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New UI Quicklook! 

Posted by umdesch4

Once again, the giantbomb crew turning fail into win for our amusement.
 Keep up the great work gentlemen!

Posted by blaakmawf

I participated in a rose pile once... I'll never go back to Taiwan again.

Posted by ashbash

Best Quick Look ever?

Posted by Construc

Xbox live was horrible yesterday, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Posted by MachoFantastico

Not even bad sewage smell can stop the GAME ROOM QUICK LOOKS!

Posted by DSale

NOTHING stops the game room quick look!

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The gameroom is now self aware and no longer wants people to play it...  
EDIT: What the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 
15mins in, and still no games. 

Posted by radioactivez0r

Apparently I'm the only one who finds 18 minutes of preparation on video to be completely lazy. 

Posted by CyleMoore

Wow, every time I think of getting an Xbox I see something like this and it makes me never want to own one.

Posted by geirr

Thanks for risking permanent health damage to bring us these gems in gaming history!

Posted by Gorikka
@CyleMoore said:
" Wow, every time I think of getting an Xbox I see something like this and it makes me never want to own one. "
Except, you know, you no more have to use Game Room than you have to use PS Home or Internet Explorer.
Posted by RTSlord

nothing stops the game room quick look. NOTHING!
Posted by MadScientistCat

Best game room quick look ever.

Posted by Sarumarine

Jeff needs an intervention if he's risking life and limb (as well as Ryan and Drew) just to play some Game Room. You're reckless Jeff! Absolutely reckless!
Still, it's a good show and completely amazing. Jackal No.1 Player!

Posted by Woodwater

I downloaded and listened to this whole thing. I just thought you should know. :\

Posted by WinterSnowblind
@CyleMoore said:
" Wow, every time I think of getting an Xbox I see something like this and it makes me never want to own one. "
Why would I single game stop you from buying any system?  Like somebody else said, it'd be like not buying a PS3 because of the abortion that is Home.
If you're referring to the trouble they had just downloading the games, that was soley because of the new dashboard being released and the servers were being hammered by people trying to download it.  No different from the PSN having to go down for the entire day for maintenance or server updates, etc.  Typically XBL is a MUCH smoother experience than PSN.
Posted by lokilaufey

Has Jeff been binging on the post-Halloween candy? He seems REALLY hyper in this video xD

Posted by BenderUnit22

Nothing stops the endurance run!

Posted by christ0phe

Any one notice Jeff started at position 7001 on the Jackal leaderboards; within 30 seconds he was 1st

Posted by FadedOasis

I've been watching Ryan and Jeff try to play video games for 12 minutes now.

Posted by DharmaBum

NOTHING stops the Game Room QL!

Posted by Afroman269

I love how game room has become such a depressing death spiral.

Posted by ProfessorK

Are they gonna do a feature for Quicklook of the year? If so, I nominate this right here!

Posted by Sauson
@WinterSnowblind said:
Typically XBL is a MUCH smoother experience than PSN. "

opinion =/= fact.
Posted by JoelTGM


Posted by WinterSnowblind
@xSUFFOKATEx said:
" @WinterSnowblind said:
Typically XBL is a MUCH smoother experience than PSN. "

opinion =/= fact. "

Try downloading a dashboard update on the PSN.. it downloads slowly and then has to slowly install.  The 360 literally does this in seconds..  when it's not experiencing these problems.  There was no opinion stated in what I posted.
Posted by zef40

Why do game room quick looks excite me so? 
Its not natural for sure :/

Posted by Gonmog

I love jackal!!!

Posted by GoldSoundz

Jeff, you are an inspiration to all of us.

Posted by EOT

RE: XBL being slow....I thought it was just me. I moved my stuff from my 20Gb HDD to my 120Gb HDD and it took an absolute age for some things to download including a couple of title updates for games that wouldn't play unless that was applied. One of the DLC packs i had deleted due to lack of space on  the original HDD took over an hour to download. A 200Mb file on a 20Mb/S fibre optic connection.

Posted by Swabbleflange

Buying games that stink of shit in an office that stinks of shit!

Posted by RubberFactory

Jeff jumped from 7001st on the Jackal leaderboards to first in 10 seconds. That's impressive.

Posted by ZeekDaGeek
@CyleMoore said:
" Wow, every time I think of getting an Xbox I see something like this and it makes me never want to own one. "
Just because it pisses off the XBOX fanboys. Oh no someone doesn't like the system you like. Cry some more people.
Posted by DougQuaid

I love how over half of this Game Room Quick Look is not actually of Game Room.   NEVER SURRENDER, JEFF! NEVER!

Posted by IronScimitar

Stink Look.