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Posted by ColinVI

I'll wait for the Condom and Jesus Juice Pack-in

Posted by JimmyTheExploder

I wonder if molesting kids will be part of the experience?

Posted by SpacePenguin
@JimmyTheExploder: Probably DLC
Posted by TwoOneFive

yo the real thing is at the rock n roll hall of fame in a glass box and its always rotating

Posted by Andorski

I heard the collector's edition comes with a young boy.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Somehow I'm not surprised, doesn't make the whole story any better tho.

Posted by Theory

that is way too small for the hand of a person >= age of 10

Posted by YukoAsho
@Theory said:
" that is way too small for the hand of a person >= age of 10 "
Which makes it good for the Wii audience.
JKJK.  You're right, though, if that pic's to scale, that's not gonna be useful for people.
Posted by animathias
@Andorski said:
" I heard the collector's edition comes with a young boy. "
and a monkey.
Posted by Clamhammer

 unprotected !!!!!!!

Posted by Johnny5

Shit sickens me.

Posted by killaname

This is why they killed him.

Posted by RWA88

Awful! It doesnt even look good aha...

Edited by Piranesi

Glove or no glove YOU ARE STILL DANCING WITH A DEAD GUY ...  and, in the case of Thriller, dancing with a dead guy pretending to be a dead guy surrounded by other people pretending to be dead guys. 
I'm guessing the PS3 version comes with a piece of the flayed skin from Bubbles and the 360 one just has the sound of crying. 
Oh and how the hell are you going to dance to Earth Song?  Putting "Ghost" on the tracklisting wasn't the most tasteful idea as well.
That said, add in some more Jacksons classics (especially The Love you Save) and you have a sale.
Posted by Mrskidders

If I didn't think the Wii was a waste of time and money then I would definitely never consider buying this.

Posted by LordAndrew

Too bad it won't ship with a game worth playing.

Posted by Boiglenoight

The experience won't be complete without a Pepsi commercial bonus level in which the player dodge-dances between falling sparks.

Posted by mikeb901

please GOD KILL me now.

Posted by LooM

What a strange item to ship with a game lol

Posted by Oullie

I'm kind of creeped out by this. Maybe its the glove itself and the mixture of over saturating a dead guys name just get some easy money.