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Posted by EvilNiGHTS

In fairness that last shot of the two guys together is pretty cool. You know, the guy with the checked shirt and the one with the horizontal stripes. Anyone get the impression they're pretty desperate to show ethnic diversity in this ad?

Posted by EvilNiGHTS

I once held hands with a girl and jumped in the air a few times. Thinking about it now it's kind of embarrassing.

Posted by Jonnyflash80

Fuck you Sega. You are ass raping poor Sonic into the ground.

Posted by lordgodalming


Posted by Tennmuerti

Kinect would be great for porn games.
Would sell well too.

Posted by Spiritof

Not nearly as homoerotic as the MMA or Time Crisis 'Move' games.
I'm disappointed.

Posted by onarum
@Eijikun said:
" Ahahahahahaaaaaaa.........to what demographic is this supposed to appeal? "
mentally challenged people I guess.
Posted by SiN13

The one guy looks like Dexter with longer hair and it is creeping me out.

Posted by Eijikun
@squidracerX:  I wanna see them touching each other, smiling, and singing the Sonic Adventure theme song or the song from the cartoon!
Posted by Eijikun

Ahahahahahaaaaaaa.........to what demographic is this supposed to appeal?

Posted by selbie
@Ignor said:
Posted by Hooded

Is that the same chick thats in the IGN's video review??

Posted by Korolev

I don't think Sonic Free Riders will be a good game, but I also don't think an ad should be held as an indicator of quality. A bad ad and a bad game are two different things. 
But yeah, the ad's stupid, and the game will probably be rubbish. Come on, it's a Sonic Game, and it's not in 2D. What are the chances that it will be good? Realistically, not zero, but not far from it either.

Posted by UsbCable

Vinny and Lemon QL........

Posted by Ignor

Posted by Underachiever007
@sparks50 said:
" GOTY "
Posted by kalmis

Oh dear that was bit much

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Tails: "Can you teach me to love again, Sonic? We could free ride across a sea of stars."

Posted by RedRocketWestie

Why you would ever show adults playing this game is beyond me.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Comes with free gay sex!

Posted by m2cks

It's simple. Sega wants us to get girlfriends. What assholes.

Posted by Carlos1408
@AgentMOO: But dude this game will blatantly get you laid lol :P
Posted by iSylence

I really want to try this but only really because I'm very curious about how well the Kinect actually feels to use. I still don't know whether I'll be getting one or not, dunno if there's enough space where I have my 360 or not...

Posted by MaddProdigy

Sonic is so dead. Kinect has some weak launch titles. And that guy is SO stoked it's ridiculous. Altogether, pretty weak commercial.

Posted by NekuCTR

YOU      ARE      THE      CONTROLLER!!!!!!

Posted by AgentMOO

Really? the next generation of game controls involves you holding hands with your buddies?

Posted by Lilyvalley

How is this awesome to ANYONE!? Fuck Sega, get it together. Sonic is over.

Edited by BionicMonster

No Sonic fanboy I have ever met has had a girlfriend or probably never will. Most of them don't even like playing with others.

Posted by squidracerX
@Arc209 said:
" Yeah that hand holding coop just looks ridiculous... "
by ridiculous you mean super sexy right?
@jorbear said:
" Kinky. "
that's what we are talking about!
Posted by squidracerX
@giffen said:
" I'd love to see a quick look with Ryan and Matt Rorie! "
I wanna see them touching each other, smiling. "We need more coins Matt Rorie!". Yeah this will be great, me and my buddies can hold hands to make Sonic and Tails hold hands, i can't wait! VIDEOGAMES! And my downstairs neighbors will love if i jump as high as they do in the beginning of the video, all my shit will be falling over upstairs... Wait actually I'd love it if I could jump that high in the first place! FAT PEOPLE! VIDEOGAMES! THE FUTURE!
Posted by Jimi

Quick Look EX with that TOTALLY STOKED guy! 
Make it happen TOP MEN.

Posted by Construc

So do I have to play this in a completely empty white room for it to work. I would think so.

Posted by JazzMaverick


Posted by giffen

I'd love to see a quick look with Ryan and Matt Rorie!

Posted by Acornactivist
@Gilbert64:   http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-sonic-free-riders/17-3025/
Posted by Wuddel

Pfft, as long as it does not ship with a cutie.

Posted by Arc209

Yeah that hand holding coop just looks ridiculous...

Posted by flammverit

I'm a geek, I don't have a girl to touch that way (or any way). Thanks sega, you stupid geek haters.

Posted by csl316

i despise motion gaming, but i do hope these awful ads keep coming

Posted by umdesch4
@ohthejawsoflife:   Thanks! (not that it's one of the titles I'll be buying right away or anything, but still good to know)
The way this is going, I might just wait until Child of Eden comes out to make up my mind on getting Kinect. My house will be dominated by Black Ops for the foreseeable future anyway...
Posted by kn00tcn

there's something surreal about everyone's clothing, it's like 80s+90s+present all at once

Posted by ohthejawsoflife
@umdesch4:  i know in future shop  has it i work there and i just saw it today
Posted by joachimo
@Gilbert64 said:
Posted by MeatSim

Token black guy, girl with bright pastel shirt, dude with a flannel shirt, their hitting for the cycle.

Posted by MisterMouse

man that two player coop could be very awkward...

Posted by RE_Player1

The one good thing about Kinect.... stupid commercials of actors pretending to play games. Sony has them for Move but Kevin Butler kind of saves them for me. 

Posted by jorbear


Posted by mrsmiley

i'm getting tired of commercials for motion-controlled games that don't actually show people playing the game. cutting from a guy flailing about to a gameplay video doesn't count.

Posted by scarycrayons
@Gilbert64 said:
There already is a QL, silly!
Posted by AhmadMetallic

those facial expressions ARE DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!

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