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Posted by Nytrik

My favorite piece of video game music, in concert. Here's an OCRemix of the Ye Olde classic "Aquatic Ambiance" from the SNES's Donkey Kong Country. Adaptive a jazzy smooth tone, it takes a really nice modern turn on a tune that is forever my gem. 

 And for comparison, the original in all it's glory, here:  
 I have a weird time grasping that my favorite piece of video game music, and an extremely highly regarded piece of video game music, only has about 60,000 views. It's just a little astonishing for me. I think I'm going to keep doing these music posts, just for the love of video game music I have. Why not start with my favorite?     
If any of you have any piece of video game music that you adore share it. Trust me, it'l be fun.    
Posted by weegieanawrench

I'm going with two pieces from Megaman Xtreme 2 for the Gameboy Colour: 
The Flame Mammoth level:   

 And the Intro level theme:   
Love the music and the game!
Posted by Blair

I agree with Aquatic Ambiance, that song is magical. 

   Lizard Dance from Chrono Cross is one of my most adored songs from any game.  It plays early in this enormous and brilliant masterpiece.  It really resonates in my mind and is just filled with nostalgia.
 What an amazing game.  I can remember being eight years old, sick at home playing through Zora's Domain and just loving life.
Posted by Tordah

Donkey Kong Country had an awesome soundtrack.
A more recent game that had a fantastic soundtrack is Shatter. Seriously, sometimes I boot up the game and play for awhile just because the music is so damn good.


Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

Hooray for Donkey Kong Country!
Love the music so much <3

Posted by Nytrik
@Blair: @Tordah:  Both really great examples of VGM.  
I had totally forgotten about Shatter.  
@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" Hooray for Donkey Kong Country! Love the music so much <3 "
And exactly! I'm really excited for the new one coming to Wii. I really want to see if the music holds up. I don't know who the composer/producer is though.  
Also, Let us not forget Super Meat Boy's astonishing break-through with DannyB and his fantastic work. 
Posted by big_jon

Very nice.
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Great remix!
All the DKC games have great music.  One of my favorite VG songs off all time comes from DKC 2.

Posted by EVO

Thread is off to a good start with Aquatic Ambiance and Shatter. 
This track off the Machinarium soundtrack is one of my favourites. Very Boards of Canadaish. 

Posted by EVO

And now for something completely different...

Such a lazy, sunny afternoon song. I used to love just wandering around the forest in Psychonauts listening to it.
Posted by Icicle7x3

  Top 3 favorites:


Posted by ReyGitano
My two favorite pieces of Donkey Kong Country music have been posted now thanks to you two. There's nothing left for me to contribute.
Posted by Falcoeagle53

Anything from Majora's Mask and the Mother games but heres some personal favorites 

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Kinda pushing the childhood aspect of the thread but it was still whilst I was growing up: 


Nintendo knows how to make beautiful music, and this just resonates with me so much. I was always a Zelda kid, and Wind Waker was arguably one of the first to break the formula, and just being able to explore this massive ocean with this beautiful piece playing in the background was magical. Sure, after a few hours of treasure hunting it dragged but... :P
Also sorry to be that guy but:
No matter what, the endurance run was an epic thing, everything just weaved together perfectly, and the fact that I love listening to the soundtrack for purely nostalgia purposes, and because its fantastic music, is testament to it.

Posted by big_jon

I love Donkey Kong country so much.

Posted by HistoryInRust
@big_jon said:

I love Donkey Kong country so much.

Me too. It's my favorite SNES game by a fairly wide margin. 
Posted by big_jon
Posted by TeflonBilly

I would leave my Secret Of Mana on my SNES on the title screen for so long just to hear the Angel's Fear theme.

Here's a gorgeous orchestral version of it.