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Posted by nicolenomicon

So they heard about Poker Night and decided to cash in?

Posted by natetodamax

I would be interested in this way more than 1 vs. 100. 

Posted by myzticaznfool

no thanks, i got my full tilt

Posted by Strychnine

I'm in.  I just love playing poker (especially if I don't have to throw down any extra cash)!
Posted by tobygw

How about they cut the crap and just give me back my 1 vs 100.

Posted by Sevan

the first rule of the poker beta is: you do not talk about the poker beta. 
the second rule of the poker beta is: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE POKER BETA! 
Third rule: anyone yells stop, goes limp, passes out... we collect data. 
lol. seriously, that email was intense. im really worried now that if i get in, Sony ninjas will sneak into my room when i go to the kitchen and take pictures or something... and then Microsoft will sue the hell out of me for leaving it running.

Posted by WaylonJennings

This plus poker face equals BEST NIGHT EVAR.

Posted by Sparklykiss

Drunken online trivia with friends > Drunken online poker with friends. Just sayin'.
But, hey, this sure beats the hell out of creepy chat-roulette UNO, so... I'd be for it.

Posted by Baconator

I'll give this a shot but it's not making up for the cancellation of 1 vs. 100 which I miss a lot.

Posted by louiedog

I'm so bummed that I missed 1 vs 100. I had a roommate who had an Xbox 360 so I got games and played them on that. He moved out a couple of weeks before it began and I didn't get myself a 360 until right after it ended.

Posted by durden77

I miss my 1 vs. 100.
Shits gay

Posted by djames216

My first reaction to all this is thinking it strange to pull a quiz show in favour of online poker.  I would think that quiz games have a more universal and broader appeal than playing poker.  Plus there are already umpteen competive online poker sites out there, but how many online quiz shows are there?

Posted by Mr_JPeps

live price is right is fading fast =[

Posted by WilliamRLBaker
@durden77 said:
" I miss my 1 vs. 100.  Shits gay "
Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Hmm, maybe Poker Night at the Inventory will teach me something about Poker and I can try this.

Posted by first2die

Australians couldn't even access 1vs100 so I'm not too excited by this.

Posted by sheeeeeeep

I was a little bummed over losing 1 vs 100.  Replacing it with a poker game cheers me right up.

Edited by Andorski

Ehh... don't care unless it's real money (or in this case, space bucks).  When was the last time poker was fun when there wasn't anything on the line?

Posted by icytower38

Why couldn't we have both?
In all honestly I'd rather have 1 vs 100 over a poker game, I enjoyed playing that game with family & friends on a regular basis. The same family & friends will not be joining me for poker I can guarantee.

Posted by cookiearmyleader

if theres microsoft points involved that would be cool

Posted by Zereta

If you let me play it from Singapore, hell yea.

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