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Posted by BradNicholson
Microsoft Game Studios let 1 Vs. 100 fadeaway , but it appears as if the publisher is still intent on making games with the same Primetime structure. Kotaku has obtained a supposed e-mail from Microsoft that calls for beta testers for a title named Texas Heat, a regularly scheduled live poker game that will ask players to "play, win, and compete, against thousands of players around the world." Texas Heat will feature a bankroll to keep track of winnings, and will somehow incorporate unique tells in addition to our custom avatar items and gear. Much like 1 vs. 100 before it, it will also shower winners with prizes as they compete online.

Interestingly, it appears as if Texas Heat is just one scheduled show under an umbrella called "Full House Poker." However, it's also the only game for Full House Poker mentioned in this alleged email.  
Sadly, information about Texas Heat and Full House Poker stops at "live" show. Microsoft doesn't even make it clear that Texas Heat will feature the often-televised and much more popular variant of standard poker, Texas Hold 'Em, though its inclusion is implied by the name alone.  

With 1 Vs. 100 gone, I'd prefer The Weakest Link Live, but a poker game will do nicely too. Assuming that Texas Heat will be very similar to the first (and so far only) Primetime title, would you be willing to participate? Or are the ads, the odd transitions, and the structure too much for you?
Posted by Kyreo

Dude I love Poker.  This is perfect.... at least I hope it will be.

Posted by RiotBananas

More rumours.

Posted by mustachioeugene

Perfect host; Chris Cashman. His last name has CASH in it! The title practically writes itself

Posted by Edin899

Why did my comments get deleted? Wtf

Posted by Sin4profit

curious...do you bet achievement points? i doubt it but that'd be sweet...AND terrible at the same time!

Posted by MikkaQ

Yeah, but now I can play video game poker with Max, and the Heavy from TF2, it kinda makes this less exciting than it could be. 

Posted by zombie2011

fucking yes if this is true. 

Posted by rentfn

I like the poker arcade game that is on live so i'll be pumped for this.

Posted by JohnDudebro

I dunno, I have a feeling this is totally true. 
Call it a hunch, but I'm nearly positive these emails did in fact go out. 
A "hunch".

Posted by goodwood

Damn you other beta testers why cant you keep secrets!

Posted by ShaunM

No Chris Cashman, no interest.

Posted by Sogeman

If this once again isn't available  in my country, I'm going to shout.

Posted by Alphazero

Poker's pretty 2005. We're all about Deerhunter style roulette now. When someone loses you get showered with... well... let's just say not prizes.

Posted by scarace360

Does canada get it first again. Come on we need something.

Posted by fazzle

I would play this way too much, assuming there would be games on when I'm not working.

Posted by spiceninja

So it's Poker Night at the Inventory but with Full House characters? Sign me up!

Posted by MrHammeh

Would be interested if there were actually nice prizes, otherwise I will stick with my Pokerstars on the PC.  =)

Posted by DiscoDuck8k

Poker, seriously? I'd much rather have the trivia.

Posted by Azteck
@Sin4profit: I'd never play then!
Posted by oopprraahh
@DiscoDuck8k said:
" Poker, seriously? I'd much rather have the trivia. "
Posted by Azteck

Oh wait, I just realized I'd never play it anyway because it'll probably NEVER BE AVAILABLE IN EUROPE LIKE USUAL.

Posted by Ignor

Will it have Kinect support?

Posted by elwillow

I don't mind the ads. For stuff to be free it a necessary evil.

Posted by Magicallystoopid

This is actually a cool idea, just Chris Cashman to host it and I'll gladly do it.

Posted by tsigo

People still care about poker?

Posted by TJSmash

Why is Giant Bomb posting pics with Kotaku watermarks?

Posted by mekon
@TJSmash said:
" Why is Giant Bomb posting pics with Kotaku watermarks? "
Credit where it's due?
Posted by patrick
@tsigo said:
" People still care about poker? "
what is this i don't even
Posted by Jack_Daniels

Could be fun if done right. A poker tournament takes more then an hour though when you have lots of players. One round of poker takes about an hour. Also this will only be fun if its no limit. 

Posted by timmysprinkles
@DiscoDuck8k said:
" Poker, seriously? I'd much rather have the trivia. "
Posted by Killroycantkill

I think the real question is; does it come with a pre order bonus hat for my Heavy in TF2?
Posted by Det1
@Killroycantkill said:
" I think the real question is; does it come with a pre order bonus hat for my Heavy in TF2? "
No, but you can earn avatar hats and achievements.
Posted by marrec

Fuck this, I want 1 vs. 100. I can't play Poker against my Wife while we're sitting on the same couch like we could with 1 vs. 100. 

Posted by Skald

Wow, can't play internet poker anywhere else.

Edited by subyman

No more beta solicitations to kotaku anymore lol.  Aren't you supposed to keep this stuff quiet when you receive it?  Actually, I got the email as well and here is a bolded line in it: 

   This beta program is highly confidential . Please do not discuss the game or the beta program with anyone.

Posted by bwmcmaste
@Det1 said:
" @Killroycantkill said:
" I think the real question is; does it come with a pre order bonus hat for my Heavy in TF2? "
No, but you can earn avatar hats and achievements. "
...And it comes with a Daft Punk CD.
Posted by zudthespud

I love how game journalism now involves writing about what other websites are writing. 
Fair play Brad for the easy gig, I just think it's a waste of bandwidth.

Posted by Dinoracha

I'm rather disappointed that 1 Vs 100 is gone; however, I'll give them props for bringing a new event up, not just scrapping these prime time things as a whole.
Well played, sirs.

Posted by confideration

thanks but no

Posted by Hector

I hope this is true.

Posted by Meteora

I thought Microsoft completely gave up on Primetime.

Posted by Nekroskop

Screw Microsoft! I'd rather have a decent pokergame with a twist. 

Posted by LordAndrew
@TJSmash said:
" Why is Giant Bomb posting pics with Kotaku watermarks? "
Where else are they supposed to get an image for something that does not officially exist? That's where the image came from.
Posted by Sil3n7

These live shows are really interesting and are really a great product of this "online all the time" environment we now live in

Posted by Garfield360UK

I am glad to see Microsoft possibly are considering a prime time return if this rumour turns out to be true. However I am sadened by it being a poker game, "The Weakest Link" or "Deal or No Deal" or "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"  would have been more accepted as a game for all to play really.
Posted by NikoBellic

I got a request to be part of the beta for this.  Email from Microsoft that I had to answer a questionnaire and they would be back in touch with me...d

Posted by carlthenimrod

I love to play Texas Hold 'Em so sign me up. I just hope I can win stuff or something.

Posted by Piranesi

Well, you could ask but I don't think Bob's available ... 
Posted by gakon

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