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So I bought PS Move, Sports game, and 3 rail shooters on single Blu-ray.Time Crisis Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates.   
I made all purchases in Hong Kong and returned on board of my ship. 
It was very precise. 
But then I start noticing that controller detects every cargo movement. 
My vessel is Huge. It is 350 metres long and 42 metres wide container ship. And it takes about 100 tonnes ta change its draught by 1cm. 
I can say that Wiimote with WII Motion Plus did not consider the ship movement and slight rolling. 
Wii Fit sometimes could not calibrate and it was mostly me who could not stand still in Yoga pose. 
I wonder if someone tested PS Move on Train or Plane.

Posted by EVO

I dun geddit.

Posted by PeasForFees
@EVO: He works on a ship or owns one and the waves screw up his targeting.
Posted by EVO
@PeasForFees:  Oh, I see.
So Move is too precise.
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Yeah it is TOO precise. No problem for motions. But disaster for pointing like You have to do in Shooters. I meen at sea. When your entire room is in motion relatively to the planet.
But I think all owners have to be happy about Move's fidelity.

Posted by abdo

Wow, this is pretty interesting, the fact that you play the Move on a ship, and that it's affected by the ship's movement.

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Movement affects the Move. Brilliant!

Posted by Grillbar

@Petruccio said:

I wonder if someone tested PS Move on Train or Plane.

wait what you actually wanted people to test the move on a train or a plane i just thought that was funny as hell. not trying to troll here but seriously.

the move works fine you being on the ship is the problem a rare problem. i dont know if you have read back then how the tech in the controller works but thats your problem right there when at sea. the gyro thingy.

but its actually interesting observation.

again not trolling or being an asshole.

just saying cuz when i read what i wrote it kinda sounds like im trying to be that.

Posted by MikkaQ

That's actually kinda awesome that it does that. Too bad it's messing with your gaming.