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Posted by HandsomeDead

Maybe it's because he's the only thing that isn't utter dogshit in Terminator Salvation, or because of his involvement in Avatar or the fact he seems like a cool guy and is also the only Australian who can speak in his natural brogue and not make me want to throw up but I really like ol' Sam so don't turn this into a hate thread, please. I'm more concerned with if anyone knows when he was brought onto the Black Ops project. I remember a long while ago, Activision announced that Ed Harris and Gary Oldman were involved then a few weeks ago, I saw this this article from Kotaku which Brad Nicholson probably copy and pasted because I don't read Kotaku announcing the exact same thing, Ed Harris and Gary Oldman but no Sam Worthington. 
Doing a bit of internet flatfooting, I found this article from Yahoo! which features this awkward paragraph: 

In a recent demonstration of the game to The Associated Press, Mason sounded distinctly like "Avatar" actor Sam Worthington. Anthony declined to say if it was Worthington's voice. Another person with knowledge of the game, who spoke on condition of anonymity because that person wasn't authorized to release the information, said it was Worthington.  

Considering he's been in two successful (if not particularly good) action films as well as the lead in the highest grossing film of all time and is still being lead on to be the next big leading man in Hollywood, why was this information kept under wraps? It's not exactly Bill Murray in Zombieland.  It wasn't until the Quick Look that I even knew he was involved in the game and, OK, maybe I haven't been following every tiny snippet of news but it makes me wonder if he wasn't drafted in last minute to read the lines. On the Mel Gibson scale, his accent is very much in original Lethal Weapon territory and it makes me wonder if this was an end game pull by Activision to get a name actor as the leading man without realising a huge part of his success is his everyman good looks and commanding screen presence, not his nobody-really-speaks-like-this voice, and once he was done spitting game on the mic, someone realised this and kept it out of the press. I don't know. It all seems like a confusing attempt to beat Infinity Ward at their own game and coming out with something that isn't quite it.
Posted by MooseyMcMan

The whole game is about being secretive. I didn't even know the main character was being voiced until I started reading reviews. I have a feeling that they just wanted to be sneaky about it. 

Posted by Claude

 Competing tandems always gain ground even within the same livelihood.

Posted by TheGreatGuero

I have no idea, and I have no problem with the guy. But hey, man, why you gotta hate on my girl Helena Bonham Carter? Even as a bald cancer patient in Terminator Salvation, she was still a babe. Still... yeah, I really hated that movie.
Anyway, I'm not sure why they kept so quiet about it, but I came into this thread thinking you were going to be naming other guys that should have gotten the role instead. In light of that misunderstanding, and again, no disrespect to Sam Worthington (I haven't even played Black Ops yet), I was going to nominate Mel Gibson instead. Well, because I freaking love Mel. Kobe, you came in as a close second, man!
Oh, and remind me to see Zombieland. Just one more reason why I should watch it... As if Woody Harrelson wearing a cowboy hat killing zombies wasn't enough...

Posted by HandsomeDead
@MooseyMcMan: But I know plenty of things about the game, I know that Ed Harris and Gary Oldman are in it so it makes no sense to not reveal that the game has a big star in it. Were they playing to being secret, they probably would have run teasers like 'Who is Alex Mason?' or something. This is Activision, remember.
Posted by InfamousBIG

Dude, his voice acting really brings the game down; it's kind of my biggest problem with the singleplayer.  If he sounded consistently Australian, I could kind of deal with it, but he fucking switches accents every 2 seconds, it's really distracting.