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Posted by Steve_Ramirez

Jeff's first reactions to the initial news regarding game developer Bizarre Creations. 

NOTE: This footage was shot while the story was developing, which means the most current information regarding "Bizarre Creations" may not reflect in this video.     
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Posted by Afroman269

His reaction=my reaction. Thanks for putting this up Lemon.

Posted by Deadlypixels

They'll be missed

Edited by Blair

What a bunch of shit.  Someone better will buy them.  Things always get better in Activision's absence.
EDIT:  Thanks for these, Lemon.

Edited by Claude

Damn, it's loading slow as fuck, must be a rush. I'll watch it later. Shit, I bet it's cool.
Before I have watched.
  "90-day consultation, statutory redundancy"
that's three months people.

Posted by Rockanomics

The Club was in fact a bad game, but it was a cool idea.

Posted by GlenTennis

Yeah my brother was sent to county for statutory redundancy.

Posted by HistoryInRust

I agree. I was very upset by this news. Been a pretty avid Bizarre fan for a while now. Early PGR days. Can't believe this happened. 

Posted by RobotHamster

Yea it really does suck to see any company go down, but hopefully they can recover quick.

Posted by Popogeejo

Real shame to see these guys get screwed over so quickly. Blur would have probably done better were it not for the crappy ad campaign. They may have had a bumpy history for quality games but when they hit they hit hard. Geo Wars still seems to be THE twin stick shooter to beat.
Maybe Jeff is right though. Maybe these guys can turn it around and reform somewhere else. Liverpool is the city of opportunity.

Posted by Jasta

And so Activision slides a little further down the chain of humanity. 

Posted by nick_verissimo

Those dudes make quality games, so I really don't see them being out of work for too long. Nonetheless, that's a really terrible thing to happen regardless.

Posted by Clouise

Thank god he didn't knock that coke bottle open! Put the lid back on! Haha

Posted by Claude

Saw it. A lot of speculation now happens. But when it happened, it was on. Activision owns the IPs, so there's good talent to be had. So sad.

Posted by Yummylee

Crazy hand flapping up in theya.

Posted by Winternet

Love the way the video opens with Vinny.

Posted by Red12b

how do you fucking shut them down...assholes... 

Love that straight sharp reaction,  
most good things are, haha 
It's a sad day if it turns out they're going out, will have to wait and see.
Posted by EnchantedEcho


Posted by crusader8463

Is it just me, or does Jeff look like he is going bald?

Posted by DeathbyYeti

I was looking through an old magazine and it had an article saying Bungie/Bizarre leave Microsoft. Followed by a stock line about how they think it would be the best interest to sign with Activision. I also stumbled upon the Bioware/Pandemic story. Close everything

Posted by endaround

Anyone know UK labour laws?  Meaning does Activision have to have a 90 day review before closing and mass layoffs?  Which would mean the 90 days is just a formality.

Posted by Meltbrain
@Afroman269 said:
" His reaction=my reaction. Thanks for putting this up Lemon. "
Yep. Same here.
Edited by Aetheldod

And people still support Actimilktion ... I know this sound childish but if you keep feeding a monster bigger it will become .... and cmon COD games are not all that great anymore Modern Warfare was but now is just the WW2 games redundancy all over again
Oh and thx Lemon I really like this insider vids of Whiskey Media ... which brings me to a request can you do a vid tour of the Whiskey Media Complex , it would be kinda nice but if you cant no worries?

Posted by PerryVandell

Yeah... My reaction was pretty much the same as Jeff's when I heard the news. The fact the video game companies are businesses and that many decisions publishers make are based upon what will please the investors really sucks sometimes.

Posted by Oni

Seems like Bizarre was pretty stoked about making Blur themselves, but Blood Stone was definitely something Activision told them to do. 2 middling games, sales-wise, and then to sell such a great developer? Boo.

Posted by Aetheldod
@Oni said:
" Seems like Bizarre was pretty stoked about making Blur themselves, but Blood Stone was definitely something Activision told them to do. 2 middling games, sales-wise, and then to sell such a great developer? Boo. "
Exactly , I hardly doubt that Bizarre had any saying about the Bond game .... we tend to think that when a studio is bought they maintain their freedom but I dont  think so , ans since they are clearly owned and not in a partnership Actimilktion can make them do /do with them whatever they see fit which is a very sad state of affairs in the videogame industry ... which worries me a bit in the case of Bioware/EA partnership .... Because EA finances are crap and Bioware seems to do great with their games , so I dunno how that works and would be very sad to see Bioware die because of EA's lousy administration
Posted by Sweep

I wonder how well Blood Stone sold. I would have thought that as a James Bond movie licensed game it would have done ok. Those games must make money, right? Surely that's the only reason they are still being made?

Posted by swamplord666

My best wish would be to see Blizzard leave activision and see COD popularity go down. those are the two major things that make money for activision. the rest is not amazing 

Posted by Xeiphyer

This is why I love Jeff, he keeps it real.
Also, I hear that Carbon Neutral Games is going to pick them up.

Posted by jorbear
Posted by buzz_clik
@Rockanomics said:
" The Club was in fact a bad game, but it was a cool idea. "
It was a guilty pleasure for me. I understood how it wasn't so crash hot, but I still enjoyed it enough and played a fair bit of it.
Posted by Bloodgraiv3
Naw, its not just you. 
Posted by jakob187

The Club wasn't a bad game.  It was a shallow game that was only fun if you made it fun.  I quite enjoyed that game, but it definitely wasn't $60 worth of game.  Had they been allowed to actually WORK on it rather than piece it together and then have Sega say "hey we're gonna release that now even if you still have shit you want to do with it", it would've been $60 worth of game.  We've seen what they can do with online when it comes to something like Blur, so it's obviously that they can actually DO online. 
As for Blood Stone, hey - I figure that's a project representative of how much they cared about making a Bond game in comparison to their passion for racing and dual analog shooters.

Posted by Gamer_152

Once again I think Jeff was right on the ball with this one. I agree with everything that man said.

Posted by Monk

It was a mistake to leave Microsoft in the first place. PGR series was great for that Arcade feel.