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How many times do you think Brad came during this Quick Look?

Posted by darkjester74

Brad's reactions to the ghost eating were....a little creepy.  =\

Posted by Hawk456

Been waiting for this one - downloading now!
Posted by soralapio

Yeah I bought the game solely based on this quick look and hours later I haven't regretted it one bit. My favourite downloadable game of the year.

Posted by RVonE

Posted by GoombaAssassin

This quicklook was amazing, high volume menu music, excited Brad and eating ghost sound..Awesome!

Posted by Baconator

Brad's ghost-gasm was something else!

Posted by MachoFantastico

Wasn't sure about getting this, but the demo was fun. Not to mention INSANE!

Posted by Kimozabi

I love how Brad almost dies every time they eat a ghost train.

Posted by Dethfish

Well this looks like the best game ever. I loved Pac Man CE but this game makes it look fucking boring in comparison.

Posted by Thompson820

I hate Pac-Man, I want this.
When this hits the PS Network it will be a day-one perch.

Posted by DiscoDuck8k

Glad I'm not the only one who heard random Vinny, otherwise I might be spooked.
I've never played a lot of Pac-Man, but this game changes everything. Those ghosts...

Posted by RedFive


Posted by ItalianStallion

Awesome menu music.

Posted by ikabubu

I have seen the light.
YUP, it all makes sense now. I need this game, and didn't even realize it.

Posted by Winternet

Is GiantBomb preparing to do all QLs live?

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Really cool game, takes the old CE and cranks it up to 11
was that Brad on the first Ghost Train Chain?  lol, cracked me up WOO!

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Every time Ryan or Jeff ate a whole chain of ghosts I would get all giddy with excitement. 

Posted by Mattalorian

 The word that keeps on coming to mind is orgasmic.

Posted by Bummey
@thebigJ_A said:
Why are they so excited? It's just pac-man. 
Ok, yeah, historically significant, sure. Maybe it's even kind of fun. But what on Earth would make you so happy about another pac-man remake? "
Were your eyes closed while watching this?
Posted by HerbieBug

yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesYEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!! UUUNH!

Posted by Echo

Sounds like Brad was on the absolute verge of losing his shit.

Posted by Morden2261

I almost swallowed my tongue BUT DIDN'T EVEN CARE!!!

Posted by squidracerX

Looks really fun, best quality Pac Man, but I just don't like Pac Man :(
Makes me want to like Pac Man though....
Might buy it and force myself to like it :)

Posted by YoThatLimp
@wisdumcube said:
" Good luck, have pacman. "
Posted by LiK


Posted by hi_im_rob

This is fucking incredible.  Going to buy this tomorrow.

Posted by Xpgamer7


Posted by Ronald

I'm waiting for Number Munchers DX.

Posted by RaidenMitsuru
@IronScimitar said:
" namco...please give Ridge Racer the DX treatment. "
I have no idea what you mean by this, but a Neon Ridge Racer game sounds pretty awesome.
Posted by Magicallystoopid

God damn... I need a cigar after watching this... and I don't even smoke.

Posted by Dynas

This makes me want to play PacMan all over again.

Posted by Gammashoo

Oh the menu music. Bringing the house head out in me.

Posted by TaoistToast


Posted by StevieQ

Phuckkk this game looks off the chain! And not just because Brad has multiple orgasms whenever Jeff EATS THOSE GHOSTS.

Posted by Jambones

This is why I bought a arcade stick. Street Fighter, Shmeet Fighter.

Posted by TheRandomKo

i normally hate when people say this but.... 
This game should be the next endurance run...

Posted by ArchScabby


Posted by ZmillA
@gladspooky: I lol'd at "racist control scheme"
Posted by Jinto

My mind is trippin!

Posted by ddensel

"God, I want to take a bath in this game!"

Posted by IronScimitar

namco...please give Ridge Racer the DX treatment.

Posted by clarke0

Pills, electro menu music and neon colors everywhere. Best game.

Posted by Romination

That menu music... so amazing... Holy fucking shit. I'm having wet dreams and I'm AWAKE.

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"I like the shiny ones." 
 -Ryan Davis, 2010

Posted by IronScimitar


Posted by McGhee

Fun drinking game: 
Take a drink every time Brad does his dramatic orgasm groan.

Posted by Vkramac

I think this looks like it is way too easy.  I'm not feeling the train of ghosts thing.  No fear of death due to slo-mo/bomb.
I'll try the demo because I like PAC-MAN CE, but I'm definitely not sold on DX

Posted by shuref00t

Awesome soundtrack!

Posted by RobotHamster

This game looks like crazy fun, i really liked the first so I for $10 I think I'll get this.