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Posted by jrlyon

"I want to take a bath in this game"
I lol. Well done Brad, well done.

Posted by JayCee

I really do love that this game exists.

Posted by Chokobo

Seriously, I didn't blink during that first game once.

Posted by DarkTravesty

this looks great.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

Billy Mitchell is a good man. King of Kong was edited left and right to make him a villain.

Posted by Googly


Posted by PLWolf

No Pac-Man Fever from the live broadcast? soooo disappointed.

Posted by KillyDarko

Looks good, but I'd have to play the game in mute mode, that music is painfully dreadful (to me, anyway).

Posted by zityz

Those ghosts are trying to catch you eatin dirty.

Posted by EuanDewar

Wow just....Wow.
Posted by Nadafinga

Anyone know where I can get the soundtrack for this game? That main menu music is divine.

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@OREOphosphate: Yes 
Also, anyone else hear Vinny? 
"I'm here" 
Posted by SlackerMonkey

I can't stop grinding my teeth!!!

Posted by Brackynews

Billy Mitchell played the first CE and DID NOT WIN. He WAS NOT HAPPY.

Posted by Animasta

am I the only one surprised that fucking pacman is getting all this praise? props to namco, might have to get this (and I hate buying points)

Posted by Henrikhoe

Damn, after watching this game i went on the marketplace and bought it, cant wait to get home to try it out (:

Posted by MintBerryCrunch

oooooo colors

Posted by K9
Posted by BombaLuigi


Posted by Kjellm87

Kinda remind me of Space Invaders extreme

Posted by madroxcide

I can't wait to play this game a lot of people i know think i'm insane for being this excited for a pacman game. 

Posted by Scooper

When Ryan said "and a little dude you might know as" I thought he was going to say Intern-et Steve because I saw him playing this on the 360 last night haha.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

I was up til 4:30 am playing this game last night instead of sleeping. Put up some pretty good scores on some of the levels, though, so I think it was worth heading into work late today. :)
All in all, this game is amazingly fun. I was surprised at how many graphical options and game modes there are, and I like how it informs you of your leaderboard position constantly throughout the menus.

Posted by sixpin
@Andorski said:
" This video should be age gated.  Apparently there are three guys having orgasms. "
Made me think of this: 
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Looks cool. I can't believe how many crazy background-sprite-music options there are.

Posted by stawnkald

Man, I spent my free 800 spacebucks on the Shank sale when I could have had this? Sheeeeeeeeeeeit.

Posted by Simio

"I´m here" hahaha

Posted by CaLe

57 people on my friends list and only 1 other has this game besides me. WTF is wrong with them?? This game is amazing.

Posted by Andorski

This video should be age gated.  Apparently there are three guys having orgasms.

Posted by Hero_Swe
@JustinSane311 said:
"I've got Pac-Man Fever!!! "

It's driving me crazy!
Posted by msane

This game rules. It's got a ton of modes and lots of different graphic options to try out. I bought it with the 800pt rebate for the October sale. I played for 45 minutes and unlocked 3 achievements but I feel like I barely scratched the surface. Really love the ghost mechanic they added.

Posted by The_Hiro_Abides
@OREOphosphate: At the end of the video they said it would come out on PSN next week.
Posted by kalmis

I love it when they succeed in a reboot. Same with the space invaders games

Posted by sixstringguy

bradgasm. Looks fantastic.

Posted by RecSpec

I hated Pac-Man games before this one. Never played the first CE.
I dropped about 4 hours into this easily.

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Looks good. Might buy it with the 800p I get back from that points back promotion I got last month. The feeling from eating those ghosts remind me of Chu Chu Rocket when you get mouse mania and speed up or mouse monopoly and just get hundreds of mice in seconds.

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DO ITTTT!!!!!!! 
@OREOphosphate:  yes, PSN next week!

Posted by Scribbly

I've never seen Brad so absurdly happy. This game looks frickin awesome, try it even if you're not a pac-man fan, I was surprised how much i enjoyed the first one.
Posted by HT101

Looks awesome.  May need to buy this game.

Posted by Meltbrain
@Arkanti said:
" That menu music is awesome. "
It's slightly reminiscent of Deadmau5.
Posted by WJist

Man, this game rocks in so many ways.

Posted by Meltbrain

Totally getting this.

Posted by jonnyboy

Remember kids: Winners don't use drugs, they use hotsauce.

Posted by NorthSarge

"dicks" in unison. ps this game feels like a seizure.

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this soundtrack fuckin rules

Posted by Arkanti

That menu music is awesome.

Posted by Rek503

This looks great! I haven't even played it for a second, and I want to build a ghost train... and then eat it.

Posted by takua108

You can S-Rank this game in, like, half an hour, if you're into that sort of thing. I got four achievements on my first game alone, and the rest didn't take too much effort. 
This game is pretty rad, and well worth picking up.

Posted by Delta_Ass

Running trains never looked so good!

Posted by Afroman269

Wow, this game is giving me chills!! *runs to xbox to download.