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Posted by Animasta

am I the only one surprised that fucking pacman is getting all this praise? props to namco, might have to get this (and I hate buying points)

Posted by Brackynews

Billy Mitchell played the first CE and DID NOT WIN. He WAS NOT HAPPY.

Posted by SlackerMonkey

I can't stop grinding my teeth!!!

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@OREOphosphate: Yes 
Also, anyone else hear Vinny? 
"I'm here" 
Posted by Nadafinga

Anyone know where I can get the soundtrack for this game? That main menu music is divine.

Posted by EuanDewar

Wow just....Wow.
Posted by zityz

Those ghosts are trying to catch you eatin dirty.

Posted by KillyDarko

Looks good, but I'd have to play the game in mute mode, that music is painfully dreadful (to me, anyway).

Posted by PLWolf

No Pac-Man Fever from the live broadcast? soooo disappointed.

Posted by Googly


Posted by Krystal_Sackful

Billy Mitchell is a good man. King of Kong was edited left and right to make him a villain.

Posted by DarkTravesty

this looks great.

Posted by Chokobo

Seriously, I didn't blink during that first game once.

Posted by JayCee

I really do love that this game exists.

Posted by jrlyon

"I want to take a bath in this game"
I lol. Well done Brad, well done.

Posted by Hershey07

Pump those fists!

Posted by Peacemaker

Wow, I'm definitely buying points when I get home.  This game looks amazing.  I loved the orgasm when they eat all the ghosts.  

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Music is pretty dope, and crazy pacman, weirdly feels mew.

Posted by guiseppe

I've watched this for less than a minute. I need that menu music!

Posted by dragonzord
@Laketown said:
" am I the only one surprised that fucking pacman is getting all this praise? props to namco, might have to get this (and I hate buying points) "
I'm not that surprised. I think this theory could work on just about any popular arcade games. People liked Infinity Gene, Pacman CE, etc. I'd love to see like Yar's Revenge CE, but sadly we're getting some anime garbage
Posted by CyleMoore

Damn Jeff is good.

Posted by Soapy86

I can't decide if I find Brad's Pac-Gasms to be disturbing or elating.

Posted by DriveupLife

not buying this. cuz... its just pacman

Posted by Danji

It's so beautiful ;__;

Posted by applecause

Had no idea it look and played like that awesome!

Posted by shrinerr
@Soapy86: can't they be both? :)
Posted by MjHealy

What a minute! I watched this live yesterday. I'm must say, I'm pretty tempted.

Posted by RagingLion

I have never heard Brad "Woooo!!" like he did at 3:00 before.  Think he's a bit excited about this game.

Posted by ch3burashka

Would it be better or worse if every ghost made the MGS Alert sound when he awoke? I'm still debating that... 
Psychedelic jokes aside, I really wonder what this game would be like when combined with drugs of the non-prescription variety.

Posted by wecantgetaway

Dear god...

Posted by MeatSim

What do ghost taste like? That's what I wanna know.

Posted by Spiritof

Fuck me....

Posted by Hypermonkey262

Just watching the video was stressing. I so need this.

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This is pretty much the same as the Atari 2600 version. 
Okay, I'm a liar. This is awesome.

Posted by OneManX

I want this game based on soundtrack alone.

Posted by Th3_James

That looks fucking awesome

Posted by Death_Burnout
@Soapy86 said:
" I can't decide if I find Brad's Pac-Gasms to be disturbing or elating. "
Posted by IronScimitar

I just blew my load when Ryan ate that first ghost train.

Posted by Aelric


Posted by benderunit22

Brad came a little every time they ate a ghost train

Posted by audiosnag

Brad freaking out alone makes this video worth existing.
This game looks freakin sweeeeet.

Posted by Natalia

I can't keep up. It's over 9000.

Posted by teekomeeko

I think I saw this was coming to PSN next week. Instant purchase for me.

Posted by JackSukeru

I thought this was a XBLM exlusive but it's coming out on PSN next week? Sweet!

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Pac Man kill screen coming up!

Posted by Rox360

... damn.

Posted by Sergotron

I feel like I need a cigarette after a ten minute match. It's kind of similar to that after sex feeling.

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Back in my day Pacman wasn't seizure inducing like this.  
I don't like the music. Too techno-y.