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Posted by Levio
@President_Barackbar said:
" Man, that last part when Jeff is talking about the hypothetical Pack 12 reminded me of "Of Mice and Men": Pack 12 is a magical place where the arcade games run free, and there's gonna be classic games as far as the eye can see! And all you have to do is BELIEVE! *cry* "
Posted by Dross

I jumped.

Posted by Sarumarine

Where is my Ryan Cam? Why can't I watch Ryan visibly frustrated and on edge? When am I going to get my Lemon Lens where Jeff tries to argue about continuing Game Room coverage with Ryan?
All in all... Game Room still makes for great entertainment.

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This is very depressing to watch. I'd rather have Jeff subscribe to World of Warcraft and play that as an endurance run. It'd be cheaper and he'd have a lot more fun, that's for sure. $474.00 for like a couple hours of fun--worst bargain ever. This should definitely be placed in the endurance run section, because it definitely looks like something you all are struggling to keep up with.
Jeff: Today in the World of Warcraft Endurance Run,  I collect 50 bear pelts!
Vinny: *Face palm*

Posted by steevl

Holy crap, I remember playing Space Battle at a neighbor's a long time ago. I actually really enjoyed it at the time, although I can't remember the specifics of gameplay anymore. Jeff realized at the end that there was a little more to it than that weird map screen, but I can understand the lack of desire to get to the action part after seeing some of these Game Room QLs.

Posted by CaptainMax

That was a great depressing ending.

Posted by claudius

Oh man, Space Battle. I remember when I was a kid, my family didn't have the money for a SNES or a N64 or anything like that, so I had to settle with my parents' old Intellivision from their college days. Space Battle was one of my favorite games for it.

Posted by dragonzord
@Kajaah117 said:
" @MisterChief said:
" @Kajaah117 said:
" Current Tally!
158 games = $474.00 "
Money well spent. "
That's what Jeff keeps telling himself... "
This is the same man who has a Star Trek Online lifetime subscription
Posted by Rmack
@iSAW said:
"  *Spoiler* The station finally comes in clear when you pass the finish line. "
Posted by Winsord

I'm still watching.... T_T

Posted by 234r2we232

Posted by Zidd

the game room endurance run painfully rages onward

Posted by Seijur0

was definitely expecting a Two Crude Dudes reference from Jeff when Ryan said "two busted dudes" at the beginning.

Posted by Scribbly

Jeff Gerstmann : Buying Game Room stuff so you don't have to!
Truly a hero of our time.

Posted by Wes899

There has to be a sick remix of Space Battle sound effects somewhere 

Posted by GetBentTheVideoGame

I love Game Room so much.

Posted by Sergotron

Could this be the end of Game Room?!

Posted by hagridore

Best & worst of Game Room has to be in the end 'o the year awards.

Posted by McQuinn

jeff does this just to piss ryan off now

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Posted by ch3burashka

"Busted Dudes" - Coming Soon. Starring Chris Tucker and Chris Tucker (as Chris Tucker).

Posted by nmarchan

I've said this before, it would be REALLY nice if they spent some money to show people some of the rare/import stuff that comes out on the Wii Virtual Console or PSN instead of this game room terribleness.  Like, here is something interesting that's old but you haven't been able to play it in America before, check it out.  Instead, we get the slow terrible death of Game Room., where the videos are only watchable because it's kind of funny how deeply everyone hates GR now.   
On the other hand, they've done so many games now, it would kind of be a shame to not have the complete set on video.     

Posted by Mars_Cleric

these game room quick looks keep getting more and more depressing 
and I love it
Posted by SBYM

Fuck you, Game Room. Just...

Posted by strangeling

I am not looking at this, Ryan. 
The Intellivision game I remember most fondly is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.  But they probably didn't get the license to use it for game room.

Posted by Shakey1245

Thank god it's dead.  Another week or two and they'd have probably started putting out Odyssey games.

Posted by ScorpionRespons

The funniest part of Game Room quick looks is that they are undoubtedly better than Game Room.

Posted by demazin

"No-one is looking at this."
I am Ryan!! I am!!

Posted by zameer

Keep on trucking

Posted by Hailinel

Someone just take Game Room out back and put a bullet in it.

Posted by Chadster

A fitting end to what might very well be the last Game Room pack...

Posted by KyouG

I love Game Room QLs.
Your combined despair tastes like honey and maple syrup on my waffles.

Posted by Tonic7

"Jeff, someone made this game." 
- Ryan Davis, in complete disgust. That honestly had me laughing for about 5 minutes.

Posted by Crono

"Hit a button."  Best advice ever, Ryan.

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Posted by Mexican_Brownie

These quicklooks are great =3

Posted by stawnkald

I love the Game Room QLs but I'm starting to think they need to add a warning telling depressed people that watching these videos will make you want to fucking kill yourself.

Posted by iamnick

Think I remember playing space battle on the Atari, and for some reason remember it being fun.  But what do I know.. I used to like the atari version of E.T

Posted by DougQuaid

"Swing your arms out to the side and keep them there, Ryan Davis.  Because it's time for Game Room!" 
God damn it, yes!

Posted by Nunchuckles

Game Room: The Ultimate Endurance Run

Posted by ColonelT

Surely this is Game Room's darkest...and finest...hour.

Posted by El_Derrico

I for one love watching the Game Room QLs for the same reason I slow down to see a car crash.

Posted by JeffGoldblum
@Guyzea said:
" What if it snowed in Game Room? "
No one would notice.
Posted by litrock

This quick look made me genuinely sad.  I've enjoyed watching these. The end ... man, it hurts. Worse than Persona 4. At least then I had some resolution. This is like your favorite cult TV show getting cancelled before it finishes its first season.

Posted by Larannis

As terribad as these games are I love the quick looks they make me laugh.
Posted by JJWeatherman

I <3 Game Room  
If only for these videos.

Posted by nintendoeats

God dammit, I want to go to bed. Stupid Alpha Protocol, stupid Quick Looks.

Posted by MyNameIsJoe

Yeah, the return of Ryan Davis! Game room will never die!

Posted by Zamir

i just love the disdain Ryan has for game room

Posted by Civraz

such a depressing tone, but what fun to watch!