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Posted by Zamir

Game Room has "I Think" has become the new "Endurance Run" the "Endurance" is how long the rest of guys are willing to sit down and play "Game Room" with Jeff and how much longer Jeff's Wallet will hold out.

Posted by Ratfoot

Please please let MS announce Game Room is dead next week, I can't stand to see Ryan in so much pain.

Posted by kerse

so depressing

Posted by SuicidalManiac

This is my favorite Game Room quick look so far.

Posted by vhold

Wow, I'm pretty sure this is the worst gameroom week yet, that's quite an accomplishment. 
I think in this case they should have challenged each other to two player hockey, loser buys lunch, for our amusement.

Posted by Skittlenizzle

This is so depressing...

Posted by Scooper

Wow I didn't know what I was missing. These old games are real games, man!

Posted by MisterMouse

I am still watching it! therefore it is a public service!

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I'm in tears every week, I love this stuff.

Posted by Evilsbane

Best Website ever.

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These Intellivision games are the worst. I mean, that hockey game was released in 1987. 1987. You know what else was released in 1987? Afterburner 2. Dragon Warrior 2. Punch-Out. The Last Ninja.
You know, games you could play today.

Posted by AgentMOO

Don't stop believing

Posted by Kowalczyk

I don't know I like more doing this with Jeff. Vinny and Brad seem to care a little about game room and get into it a little, but Ryan's pure hate for Game Room has me in stitches, I can't tell which one is more fun to watch.

Posted by danjbailey

I hope Game Room never dies because what would I do without these Quick Looks. 

Posted by President_Evil

Don't listen to Ryan, Jeff. I'm still here.  I haven't bought anything since River Raid, but I'm still here...

Posted by coaxmetal

Man, I really can't believe these late model intellivision and 2600 games... the NES came out in '85 (or '83 in japan)

Posted by Raven10
@jerame2999: @jerame2999 said:
" I enjoy the Game room  QLs. They remind me of MST3K. Probably some of my favorite parts of this site.  "
It's funny. I was just thinking the same thing when Ryan said that they were playing the worst games ever made. Have they played something as bad as Monster A Go Go was to watch though? I was in physical pain watching that movie. Literally physical pain. I had to put my hands over my ears and close my eyes to stop it from hurting. Haven't had that happen in Game Room yet. Though I think the Skiing noises were close.
Posted by Yzzerdd

Broken Man deserves his own character page.

Posted by El_Derrico

Maybe one day Jeff will walk into the office and all his family and friends will be sitting in a semi-circle waiting for him. Then Ryan will stand up and say "Jeff, this is an intervention. You've got to give up Game Room. None of us can take it anymore". Something tells me not even that will work. Jeff's in it till the bitter end.

Posted by coaxmetal

No man, Pack 12 is gonna be great! They got Namco and Capcom, and they even got Midway!

Posted by Cybexx

If this is the last Game Room release that is really sad.

Posted by DukesT3

12 minutes of hate. God I love it... 

Posted by deerhaunter

In 5 years, we will all look back at this documentation, and laugh.

Posted by AndrewB

Just think: if it wasn't for game room, these precious 15 to 30 minutes a week could be another endurance run, instead. Harhar!

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I just microwaved cold pizza for about twenty seconds to the perfect lukewarm-ness, and then see a Game Room Quick Look is up in which Ryan participated.
Nothing can go wrong here.

Posted by jagenheim

Skiing is EXACTLY like Horace goes Skiing for the ZX Spectrum. Except for the skiier-sprite. 

Posted by geirr

Let it be said, I effing love game room and I want these quick looks of it to go on!
Space Battles 
- you might also enjoy Yie Ar Kung-Fu

Posted by scarycrayons

Whenever I see that 'Upgrade to Play Anywhere!' button, I can't help but give a wry smile as if I've just heard a satire-imbued punchline. :D

Posted by Kinarion

I love how dark this series has gotten.  It's GB's Todd Margaret.

Posted by zymase

Ryan, you ARE doing a public service;  the Game Room quick looks are one of my favorite things about the site.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

Hey Jeff, 67 tokens available

Posted by Nes

3 Intellivision games! What can possibly go wrong?

Posted by jagenheim
@deerhaunter said:
" In 5 years, we will all look back at this documentation, and laugh. "
Only if Jeff didn't kill himself first. 
Posted by Rox360

We're all looking at this, Ryan. We're all loving this. Please keep doing this. At least until Game Room crashes in a sea of flames. But when it does, someone needs to be there to show the world. Someone needs to be there to shout "oh the humanity" while we all observe from afar.

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Jeff someone made this game. The last two minutes of this might be the best thing ever.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I kinda wanna go skiing

Posted by blurryleg

These are always entertaining, and worth a chuckle. I can only assume how much money you all have spent on Game Room games...

Posted by FugitiveJ

Downhill? As opposed to uphill skiing?

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The interplay between Jeff and Ryan is almost like a videogame comedy duo sometimes.  Game Room always brings out the best.

Posted by WiqidBritt
but we're loving that Ryan hates it so much
Posted by clientkiller

Don't let game room stop! 

Posted by jonnyboy

Let's see what's available on this weeks 'Ryan's Apathy Room' releases.
I love it.

Posted by efbiaye

GAMEROOM - the greatest endurance run ever :) 
Keep  'em coming Jeff :) we're watching every gameroom episode! Don't listen to Ryan ;)

Posted by sharma55
@JTMosh said:
" @Vinchenzo said:
" Got the quest for the 5th time! Suck my dick! "
Holy shit...how do I get as cool as you? "
By sucking his dick, I thought that was self explanatory.
Posted by KawadaSaN

Game Room forever! Never stop!

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Dont listen to Ryan. I enjoy those!! Also, I wish u would take a minute or two for everygame to first figure out how it works. I'm watching out of curiosity and fun factor :).

Posted by Burn1n9m4n

I hope they do release a pack 12. If only so that we can have more Shame Room Quick Looks.

Posted by FritzDude

Game room? More like Shame room.

Posted by Zaccheus

Never stop Game Room, never.

Posted by Kjellm87

There has been some rough times, but the Game room will live on