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Posted by advocatefish

I heart the shit out of game room.

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Posted by jrlyon

Game room QuickLooks are my favorite

Posted by bigcess

I would encourage these to stop, but they are so damn funny.

Posted by Ronald

Space Battle could be something if Jeff knew hw to play it. But the lack of ranked play makes it so no one will care.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Don't listen to Ryan. I'M looking at this! D:

Posted by Cazamalos

the worse games always make the funnier QLs

Posted by Mordebir


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This was one of the funniest Gamerooms I've seen.  Ryan sounds as demoralized as he did at the end of last season's TANG.  And I was rolling on the references to 80's radio.   "Get the Led out", ha-ha.  I remember stuff like that.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Would have been cool to see you get a little deeper into figuring out Space Battle. Then again part of the charm of this series is the strong sense of desperation and spite going on during a lot of the segments xD
I continue to enjoy these videos, especially since you get a broad sense of what was out at the beginning of videogaming. There is little I hate more than those pure nostalgic takes on past gaming eras that would have you believe there was nothing but glorious entertainment to be had.
More power to you guys!

Posted by dyslekt


Posted by Ghostiet

This was hilarious.

Posted by IBurningStar

I love depressed they both sound at the very end.

Posted by onarum

I loved Jeff's cry of hope at the end.
"There will be a pack 12 and it will have only classic arcade games from new publishers it's gonna............ sigh.................."

Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

Ryan's anger gives me so much amusement

Posted by CookieMonster
" Game Room is worthless - just because its on the 360 GiantBomb does not mean you have to cover it. "
Way to miss the point. They do these because the community gets a kick out of watching ryan slag off how shit it is and how jeff is slowly becoming more and more depressed and losing money. They don't cover it just because 'its on the 360'.
Posted by sparks50
@FugitiveJ said:

" Downhill? As opposed to uphill skiing? "

Downhill is the fastest of the the alpine skiing disiplines. Others are Slalom, Giant slalom, super G slalom etc.
Posted by Taka

Even if Game Room is worthless junk that should never exist in the way it does right now, its still really funny and entertaining listening to jeff and ryan do this
hope they keep it going until someone at Microsoft is putting a bullet in the head of this wounded and retarded animal called "Game Room"

Posted by wwfundertaker

Game room is depressing but akes my day.

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† †

Posted by sergeantz
Are you watching these on mute?  Coverage and endorsement are two different things
Posted by MeatSim

I am still watching this!

Posted by CosmicQueso

An AMAZING quick look... well done gentlemen!

Posted by Hairydutchman

GameRoom QL needs to continue!!

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One other amusing thing. Anyone notice how the timer in that hockey game counts down in realtime?
The developer(s) actually expected people to play 60 full minutes of that game!

Posted by MadaRenrut

i disagree Ryan I NEED TO KNOW.  I depend on this to determine if I am going to buy any of these.

Posted by beef_melody

I love the fruity crowd whistling on Intellivision games.

Posted by Goblinoid

Yes. People NEED TO KNOW.
You are showing us history.
History must no be forgotten.

Posted by charlie_victor_bravo

You have outlasted Game Room. Winner is you!

Posted by CyleMoore

I love watching these.

Posted by KillaMaStA

The people need to know!

Posted by shadowthrone

Man, game room has completely broken Ryan and Jeff's spirits.  
Did anyone else think the Intellivision hockey player sprites kinda look like Ducks just waddling around? Strange...

Posted by drew327

Bringing Ryan into these videos was such a great thing.  The game room quick looks make me laugh so much, thank you.

Posted by Protome

And thus ends the Game Room Endurance Run.

Posted by Pudge

I hope there is a pack 12 and they start releasing 1 game a week to make it last even longer!

Posted by Klaimore

We all watch it Ryan we all care!

Posted by zef40

awesome QL hope you guys never stop making these

Posted by Beomoose

super advanced =/= Supa Gangsta

Posted by Rayeth

These games are the dying throes of a gaming "platform"

Posted by Tricky69

Jesus...I feel so sorry for Jeff I wanna send him $12 every week just to help out and make his Game Room experience more bearable.
Posted by zoltan2357

My dad borrowed an Intellivision from a friend back in the day and we played it for a couple of weeks. Space Battle is the only game I remember, probably because it was the only one worth playing. 

Posted by defenestr8ed

On the weekend, we do it like Bernie's

Posted by Pop

I watch every gameroom, I want to see what happens at the end when it dies... what's the last game they will release for it.

Posted by NathHaw
@Goblinoid said:
" You are showing us history.  History must no be forgotten. "
...or we're doomed to repeat it.  Heaven forbid!
Posted by Nux

What happened to you game room, you could of been cool.
Posted by cooljammer00

Did they seriously spend that time looking at what is essentially a map screen?

Posted by TobyD81

I just noticed the Scramble game in there...dude, that already came out as an XBLA release, why the hell should it be in Game Room?

Posted by Red

This made my day.

Posted by WaffleConed

i really enjoy Ryan's increasing antagonism with Game Room

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Who wouldn't watch the Game Room QL's. They are an endurance run in a time when endurance runs are in short supply. There is a high demand. 
Also, Game Room should be advertising for GB. They are basically the sole sponsor for Game Room.