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This looks a lot like Nation Red, even the title is similar.

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Not all us Hillbillys come from the south,  Many have their roots in the appalachians  and some were proud unionists! Well, anti slavery anyways, since owning slaves was something the rich flat land owners did....
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I think Alien Swarm spoiled me. This looks just like a version of that with inferior controls and a price.

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@Tordah: Yea but Nation Red is in an Arena.
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Hah at these comments. Too bad Vinny is the most popular staff member. He dominates every poll on the subject , and rightfully so :) Because he's a bro.

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I've played this two years ago... Zombie Apocalypse.

Posted by BUCK3TM4N

wow its alien swarm with zombies and its not free

Posted by buft
@Splits:  @Splits said:

" I went out of my way to sign up just to tell you that Vinny (I think that's Vinny) is seriously the most annoying person in the planet. I cant' STAND listening to him on quicklooks, which sucks because I really like your quicklooks over any other website. He just does NOTHING but make idiotic remarks that are not well thought out, and add annoying commentary similar to an annoying younger brother. "

 next time, dont do that! keep hiding in your moms basement, there's a reason she keeps you locked in there.
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Oh @Vinny in the first 3 minutes you did everything that makes me love you <3

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I would enjoy this more on steam.

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Vinnie is ON FIRE with the humor in this!

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Man, I'm so sick of these zombie games and now there is a TV SHOW! Andraste's tits, what has happened to this world?

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Whot're you BOYIN'?

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I DO remember someone Calling It last year.

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Been waiting a long time for this game to come out. Can't wait to pick it up and play with a friend.

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@Splits said:

"He just does NOTHING but make idiotic remarks that are not well thought out, and add annoying commentary similar to an annoying younger brother."

And that's why I, for one, love Vinny!
 @swoxx said:

" Oh @Vinny in the first 3 minutes you did everything that makes me love you <3 "

  Hell yeah *High Fives*
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this game looks fun for some co-op, only problem is my consoles are swimming in isometric shooters.

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This game also has a Platinum Trophy. \m/

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Great.  Zombies. 
(this comes from someone who has loved zombies all along.  four years ago I would be all over this, and now it's fucking fatiguing.)

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I'm assuming those ammo counters in the bottom corners of the screen mean that this game lets you manually reload, which would make this yet another quick look where GB never reloads after a fight. It's slightly less annoying because this is a top down shooter instead of a FPS, but it still blows my mind professional game journalists can constantly overlook something as simple as reloading in a shooting game.

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Looks really cool! I'm not keeping my hopes high, but I hope they'll port it to the PC at some point....

Posted by Tarsier

enough bs about zombies getting old. its not the concept thats getting old its the shitty games people keep regurgitating. there are great zombie games and there will continue to be great zombie games. they are few and far between just like every concept.

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I don't understand all this apparent zombie fatigue. Zombies never get old!
More zombie games please.

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This reminds me a hell of lot of Hunter: The Reckoning - Wayward 

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@Splits: Do yourself a favor and un-register from the site! Vinny4lyfe!!!!!!
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When i dust off my ps3 to play Gran Turismo i might take a look at this game

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@EgoCheck616 said:
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Jack McReady and Scarlet Blake are some awesome video game character names.

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Bored the crap outta me

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@animateria said:
" @EgoCheck616 said:
You're a pretty bad troll. 
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Alien Breed for PS3?

Posted by paulunga

Brad:You can actually... *scrolls over "Max Inventory" upgrade* no, you can't. I thought you could buy another grenade slot.

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Oh man, Vinny, you must've had some coffee cuz you seem on.  You're always such a sunny spot when you make your rare QL appearances.

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Rush reference from the start = This video is already good. 
Also, Vinny, hillbilies are not just in the south... nor are rednecks. You are from New York and should know this. Just head north of the city.

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left 4 dead had the melee down pat. Every zombie shooter without inherent barriers should have some last ditch move, ability of tool that allows you to shove or stun zombies for a second. It's a good anti swarm technique that prevents the player from feeling cheated.

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If they had released this at $10 I would have given it some thought.  At $15, there's not nearly enough "new and interesting" going on here.

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To quote JFK: "Zombies"
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Vinny died before Brad ?? What is this world coming to !?!?

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Damn, Vinny can make any game fun.

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looks good enough, I'll definitely be getting this one.

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hey look everyone its someone complaining on the internet!!  
Vinny is actually the one i enjoy having on quicklooks.  That is what I love about Giantbomb that it is a goofy video game website with some great guys working there. That is what gives Giantbomb their own flavor. If you want dull commentary go over to Gamespot. 

Posted by Ronald

Every game should have a Rush button in it. Instant Tom Sawyer on demand.

Posted by Kratch

Is Vinny getting funnier with every quick look or is it just me?

Posted by McGhee
Vinny is one of the funniest off-the cuff people in the world.  
So go away, troll.
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Vinny: "I didn't do it!!!" 
Yeah, you did Vinny...yeah you did...