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Also, Shamblers? Oh boy.... 

Posted by Spiritof

Right near the end of the vid Vinny was talking about Hillbillies vs Mafia. Its already happened, and it's called the TV show 'Justified', and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

So Giantbomb Studios now have two  games in the works: Lincoln Force and Hillbillies Vs. The Mafia. Awsome! (As long as they both have a Rush Button.)

Posted by MeatSim

I am gonna get into the weapon selling business if the zombie apocalypse happens.

Posted by TwoOneFive

stardust was excellent and this looks great!!!!1

Posted by Twiggy199

"i thought you could buy another grenade slot, no wait you cant" Yes u can u were on it when you said it.......god dammit brad!

Posted by sparks50

A car alarm that blows itself up seems a bit self defeating.

Posted by JukeboxJoe

So, what does L1 do? OOOHHH GOD!!!

Posted by awesomeusername
@arg3n7um said:
" First!  Finally... been trying for months to get that. "
How the fuck did you get it if you wrote first? BULLSHIT!
Posted by iKANNIBAL
@Meatsim said:
" I am gonna get into the weapon selling business if the zombie apocalypse happens. "
And i shall gadly steal those weapons from you D:
Posted by AngriGhandi

Hillbillies vs. Mobsters should be the next Counter-Strike game.

Posted by weazelGmr

sweet shit, been tracking this title for a few weeks (since its annouc...). Dope overview lol

Posted by Hansolol

lol @ Brad not acknowledging Vinny's joke at 19:45

Posted by gamb1t

ill get it. when its like 7 bucks

Posted by Distrato

Definitely going to try and gameshare this with my buddy. 

Posted by Ayreon54

This game makes me wish I had a PS3. Funny how not a big blockbuster game but a psn title can make the difference :)

Posted by Neorub

Was that "oh snap" an idle thumbs reference? (6:48)
Posted by SunKing

Shadows look great. Always seems to be a thing the PS3 does better than the 360.

Posted by MagikGimp

Wow, those are some old protagonists for a change.

Posted by Gnorbooth

Instant Rush joke makes me a happy camper.  I 100% support outrageous amounts of Vinny love.

Posted by Robopengy

Thursday Night Throwdown has better looking explosions

Posted by dcgc

Nation Red
Alien Swarm
Left 4 Dead
Don't need this one.

Edited by gakushya

call of resident dead zombie nation chronicles XI-2 ex: refurbished ?