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Posted by sixghost

I'm thankful for this decent into madness

Posted by Hardtarget

omg yes!

Posted by Chocobodude3

Wow a good game room release  

Posted by Kjellm87

GAME ROOM, what fun awaits us today?

Posted by NuclearKnight

Aww yeah!
Posted by gbrading

Oh boy, what Thanksgiving delights does Game Room hold!
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Posted by watership

It's like whomever they had running gameroom was FIRED, and they put in this guy who said. "OKAY. FUCK IT.  GAMEROOM IS GOING TO BE AWESOME".    So far, new stuff is awesome.

Posted by KingPossum

Sometime through the halfway point of the Blades of Steel demo the cabinet changed.

Posted by MyNameIsJoe

Hell yeah!

Posted by is343

I couldn't be more thankful for these Game Room quick looks!

Posted by claudius
@AnZ17N said:
" I couldn't be more thankful for these Game Room quick looks! "
Posted by MjHealy


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Posted by Anwar
@PhilosopherRhymes said:
" @AnZ17N said:
" I couldn't be more thankful for these Game Room quick looks! "
quoting for the truth
Posted by nail1080

Game Room = GOTY?

Posted by ProfessorEss

Man I remember PItfall 2 being sooooooo fucking epic.

Posted by MrYevrah


Posted by Launch

Agent Zach Morgan is King of Trick Trap.

Posted by frythefly
@nail1080 said:
" Game Room = GOTY? "
Oh Please!
Posted by LordAndrew

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Posted by Zelnox

Wow, Blades of Steel arcade is hilarious.

Posted by SomeJerk

Not sure exactly when white sleek sitdown cabinets started popping up but I had an MV25UP from 1990 a while. Those cabinets, makers and model names: Jaleco Pony, Taito Egret, Sega Astro, SNK Candy - along with a ton of mainland-Asian manufactured models. Readily available even today, changing hands from collector to collector.
Hope Game Room (arcade) gets to live on for many more years, getting better titles.

Posted by MaFoLu

Agent Zach Morgan is first on the Trick Trap leaderboard, holy crap! 
This was a good week for Game Room, one of many... or the only one...

Posted by CaLe

Vectron.. such a cool name wasted on such a shitty game. Should be the name of Bizarre Creations next Geometry Wars offshoot.

Posted by KuribosShoe

I've subdued a lot of primitive cave rats from behind, if you know what I mean.

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Longest sustained Ryan laugh in the history of Game Room.  Thanksgiving indeed!
I hope when the Game Room QLs do finally cease to rage on, Jeff and Ryan trek out to actual laundrettes for Ms. Pac-Man and Pengo Quick Looks.
I'll See Pee You all later.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Blades of Steel???!!!  S... Sunset Riders!??

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I give you my thanks for this video. And for the other QL as well. It's like  a day of giving thanks! 
...to late? Too early? 
EDIT: On a more serious note; these games actually look good!

Posted by jozzy

Wow, these games are all pretty decent.

Posted by BlaineBlaine

Totally should have named his team C-U-P.

Posted by BlaineBlaine
@KingPossum said:
" Sometime through the halfway point of the Blades of Steel demo the cabinet changed. "
ha. Yeah, I just saw that. 
Apparently if you play a Candy cab in real life, it transforms... into a bigger cab.
Posted by RAGEosaurus

Game Room fame at last!  Number one Trick Trap player over here :)

Posted by Bones8677

Woah...back the fuck up. There was a Pitfall cartoon?!!!

Posted by RAGEosaurus
@MaFoLu: You better believe it my friend,  i finally picked a game to see if i could get in on one of these and hit the jackpot!
Posted by GuardianKnux

AgentZachMorgan was 1st place in trip trap! lol

Posted by Hawker

So being the best Trick Trap player in the world is what Zach gets up to in his spare time, interesting

Posted by VisariLoyalist

shoot it all over me

Posted by President_Barackbar

Game Room is getting better. I have no other words.

Posted by Eaxis

I have been watching since the beginning and I will keep watching until game room turns to dust.
Posted by noshitsherlock

I love the sound to Blades of Steel, you could make some funky beats using samples from that thing,  
Also, Agent Zach Morgan! number 1! 

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Let's all go down to the Vegeta-ria to get some sandwiches

Posted by WinterSnowblind

Really amazing to see the difference in tone compared to the last quick look.  The two sounded very depressed at the end of the video, now it looks like Game room is making a come back.  I really want to go play Pitfall 2 and I really hope GR can continue like this.

Posted by Yummylee

What was that first game again you say? BALLS...OF-DEEEEEAL

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This may be the best GameRoom release week ever.

Posted by BulletproofMonk

Nice to hear the guys somewhat excited about Game Room again. 

Posted by Portis

That laundry mat background is fucking hilarious.