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I actually think the medal box is actually kinda nifty. 
edit: Its games like Pitfall 2 that really make these Quick Looks shine, but maybe thats because I like watching people play a game that they are good at.

Posted by LordAndrew
@scarycrayons said:
" @SuperfluousMoniker said:
" I don't understand how Jeff could memorize Pitfall 2 yet hate Megaman 9.
Pitfall 2 is about the exploration of hundreds of non-linear screens with infinite lives.
Mega Man 9 is about getting game overs across 12 linear screens until you get the pixel-memory down and can move onto the next stage, where you repeat the linearity and crazy difficulty once again.
They're kinda different.  One is fun and relaxing.  The other is brutal and punishing.
Personally, between the two options, I'd happily take the 'fun' choice! "
Plus, there's this whole video game website thing that Jeff's been doing for the past fourteen years. With all the games constantly coming out that he has to focus on, he doesn't have the time to dedicate to a mastering a single game. If Pitfall II came out today, I doubt he would have dedication to memorize all of it like he did back then.
Posted by LordAndrew

Catching up on my QL backlog today. Cool update, and games that don't suck! Yes!
Pitfall II looks simply amazing. That's an Atari 2600 game? Fucking incredible.

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Game Room is BACK! (too soon?) 
Blades of Steel and Pitfall II are pretty awesome - but after playing Trick Trap a few times, I'd say it ranks up there with those two. It's a great Commando type game, with some cool level design. Nice surprise - hope people give it a chance past the first level. 
Here's what is apparently inside 12: 
Trick Trap 1771 (pretty cool Commando type game with a medieval meets future twist) 
Blades of Steel (yes!!!)
Detana Twinbee
Food Fight
MIA: Missing in Action
 (aka Rush'n Attack 2)
Sunset Riders (4-Player Beat'em up Cowboys)
Twinbee (Big shooter in Japan)

Atari 2600
Pitfall II
Off The Wall


Posted by scarycrayons
Oh man, Twinbee + Rewind Button will be the best!
I love those old shoot-em-up games (or whatever the heck people want to call them these days), but was never too good at them.  Not dying as much and experimenting with the 'best place on the screen to be' during hectic sections will finally let me practice and enjoy them fully!
Here's hoping Gradius (especially 2+3) end up in Game Room eventually, too!

I was surprised Jeff understood what an offside meant in hockey

Posted by steevl

Pitfall II was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. The music definitely sounds a little off in the video, though.

Posted by mr_shoeless

Actually some decent games this week. I used to own Blades of Steel for the NES, had a lot of fun playing it. I actually didn't even know that there was an arcade version. I might get it but the vertical orientation of the screen was a bit disorienting (ha ha) for me.

Posted by mr_shoeless
@PassiveKaerenai: I caught that too! Man, MST3K will never die... :-)
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Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Revamping the look of Gameroom won't actually change anything if the games are still crap. At least Trick Trap had good music. Gameroom allows one to rewind in Pitfall II? Braid's influence is even retroactive... The cave part of Pitfall II pretty much defines "platformer". 
Jeff should write a Pitfall cartoon page on screened.com

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@mr_shoeless said:
" @PassiveKaerenai: I caught that too! Man, MST3K will never die... :-) "
Keep circulating those tapes!
Posted by ViciousAnchovy

The evil-sounding music at the beginning of the QL reminds me of the music that plays in the cutscene in TMNT IV when the Technodrome is rising out of the ground.

Posted by CosmicQueso

"Hey Pretty Face! Shoot it!"

Posted by RabidPeanutButter
@KingPossum:  Yeah, I noticed that too.  I like the Japanese style cabinets.  Rumor has it two Twinbee games are in this pack as well.
Posted by MachoFantastico

Played Pitfall 2 last year at a mates house, awesome game that can still entertain the hell out of you. 

Posted by Johnny5

Holy shit...gameroom ..release is..good

Posted by Judus

Loving the Massive! F! bomb! at 1:36 :D am still grinning.

Posted by Winternet

That's probably the most exciting patch of games for the last 3 months or so.

Posted by Volgin13
@Connelo: yes I did!
Posted by KillyDarko

Trick Trap has an awesome soundtrack! :D

Posted by YukoAsho
@Fearbeard:  Well, I think the problem comes from there probably being a "perfect game" of Pitfall II.
Posted by buzz_clik

Am I a bad human being for not really liking Pitfall 2? I've only ever played the C64 version, and despite a lot of time with it as a kid, it always seemed like a chore.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

The music in Trick Trap is pretty awesome.

Posted by wwfundertaker

Blades of Steel was amazing.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Watch out for snakes!

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@CharlesAlanRatliff said:

The music in Trick Trap is pretty awesome.

It was pretty awesome, it's even more awesome when it's not poorly emulated:

Posted by cbarnes86

I came here because of Bombastica. Ah Game Room... you could've been so good but you were soooo bad

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