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Posted by ReefTrigger

Hawx 2 (technically H.A.W.X. 2) is a game that I would normally never play, and yet I found myself playing it this morning, and I must say I found it somewhat entertaining, though it is not something I would spend money on.  I do not buy many games (for the pc, my iTouch is another story), and I am usually content with TF2 and one or two racing games per year.  However last morning I received a free copy of Hawx 2 with my purchase of a $20 flash drive.  "Last morning" was Black Friday, and yes, It was a special deal for the first 25 to buy anything, so don't ask me where you can get this deal for yourself, because you can't.   Anyways, if I can get something for free (legally) I give it a try, so I dutifully punched in my code to the Ubi.com at 9:30 that morning.  And waited.  And waited.  And played TF2.  And waited some more.  Finally at around 3:00 the website finally accepted my order and I could begin to download the game.  To make a long story short, it was the next morning before I could actually play anything.  I'm going to try to prevent this from becoming a rant about Ubisoft's website and DRM, but lets just say that it is not ideal. 
So I finally boot up Hawx.  There is definitely something fun about flying around as a jet and just blowing the crap out of other jets, but it seems like there is something different.  I generally suck at flight games, so my tactics in Hawx went something like this: Fly at yellow arrow (shows you where your target is), then wait for missile lock and shoot 2 missiles.  Repeat for next target.  The mission I stopped on is probably only the third in the campaign.  In this one you have to escort a flotilla of US forces to attack an offshore oil rig/factory/place, and the only direction they give you is "Clear a Path".  So each mission would go like this:  Start out, speed over to catch up with the convoy (the game checkpointed me WAY behind, so the convoy would already be damaged by the time I got there) and try to shoot stuff.  Shoot down like 5 helicopters, and destroy their entire air force.  Shoot painfully slow moving AGMs (Air to Ground Missiles?) at some ships/oil rig looking things.  Hear like 20 "Dude shoot more stuff down b/c the convoy is getting destroyed" messages.  Crash into water or enemy ship while trying to figure out where the convoy actually is.   This is probably my fault, but I think that it would be much easier if I could actually figure out what I am supposed to be killing.
Basically, at any one time there are about 15 potential targets on the screen, all of which are marked by the same exact target selection box.  There was no map that I could find that would tell me what was attacking the convoy, or allow me to lock on to those things.  to make matters worse, the entire area is saturated with enemies, and it is difficult to tell which direction "home" is and which direction the entire map full of enemy forces is. 
So whats my point?  I suck at Flight games.  But I will try again and post a new entry if I manage to beat it. 
(incidentally I did have a lot of fun with the AC-130 mission, so it does have promise)