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Posted by LordAndrew
@stinky said:
" that second one say Snow White and the Seven Eleven Boys? "
Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys. Phoenix Games wouldn't be able to afford the 7-Eleven license.
Posted by BraveToaster

Super Budget Publisher 

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that second one say Snow White and the Seven Eleven Boys?

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Street Warrior looks fun.

Posted by LordAndrew

Is there any connection between those two Snow White games, or did they just forget they already made a Snow White game?

Posted by Skald


Posted by JJWeatherman

But if he were to be promoted, we wouldn't get to enjoy these awful works of art any longer.

Posted by GlenTennis
@benjaebe said:

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

It's like a time machine to stuff in the very, very first era of cgi in games on the PS1. Damn. And they've got a Cacodemon in their logo!

Posted by Vonocourt

The Street Warrior on the left...his thighs...

Posted by benjaebe

I think their company logo might be their crowning achievement.

Phoenix Games logo, surrounded by "memorable" Phoenix characters
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Gotta love mid to late 90's CG art!

Posted by DerekDanahy

That is pretty god damn rich.

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 Sure, every company will put out some crappy box art sometimes. But you have to admire the consistency of design and dedication Phoenix Games puts into their cover art.