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Posted by Gamer_152

Amazing stuff. Sweet work sir.

Posted by YoctoYotta

Thanks to everyone for the super kind words!

Posted by MisterChief


Posted by tobygw

Thanks, now I have to gather up all the bricks that I just shat out on my floor.

Posted by ch3burashka

Holy fuck. 
If someone was able to harness the near-autistic dedication of gamers and concentrate it, we'd have already colonized all the planets. 
In the universe.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

That's goddamn awesome.

Posted by Mikemcn

You are a master of blocks, Greaf work!!

I cant wait to see it.

Posted by SSully

Wow, i am going to have to long on the server to see this myself. Outstanding.

Posted by BraveToaster

Good job!

Posted by RobotHamster

Fucking awesome man I'll need to come check it out!

Posted by Gizmo

You've outdone yourself this time, Yocto.

Posted by Absolute_Zero

Great seeing the finished product! Can't wait to start crafting myself ;).

Posted by GlenTennis

Sick crafting, bro. But seriously. That's badass.

Posted by therealnelsk

Fucking. Epic.

Posted by FunExplosions

Crazy how you even got the "G" to start thinning out toward the middle. Can't imagine anyone coming any closer.

Posted by Lemoncookie01

That's pretty fucking amazing. I give you a A+

Posted by eroticfishcake

FunExplosions just posted an image of the server here if you want to see the scale of it. 
Gotta say, you Minecraftians are so dedicated to this it almost scares me.

Posted by Meteora

That is fucking insane. I'll need to log in and check that out.

Posted by PoppaKyle

That's awesome man!
Posted by LordAndrew

That is sick! I should stop by and check it out some time. I'm sorry I haven't been giving the server as much attention as I would have liked lately.

Edited by YoctoYotta

I've spent one or two hours (give or take a few hundred) on GB member FunExplosion's Official Giant Bomb Minecraft server ( link to official server forum topic) over the last couple of months. There's a been a lot of really great construction going on by a lot of very nice people, and I wholeheartedly suggest taking a look and saying hi if you have a copy of the game. Anyhow, inspired by all the awesome 8-bit artwork on our server and others, as well as reoccurring conversations about how cool it would be to represent the GB logo somehow, I recently sat down, got cozy with Illustrator, and mapped out an 8-bit-ified version of the Giant Bomb logo. 

To do Giant Bomb justice, we need to make a GIANT logo, right? This involves flattening out a massive piece of land to use as the canvas since our logo is actually too large to stand upright and remain completely visible within the limits of Minecraft's 128-block tall world. 128 blocks contains everything from the bedrock to the upper limits of the sky; this logo's height reaches 120 blocks tall! We originally tried making a 3D logo, but decided the 2D version with the Giant Bomb name would end up looking cleaner. With the sphere and massive hole in the ground already done deals thanks to FunExplosion's administrative magic, we decided to encase these impressive remains underneath the home of the final 2D logo.

With the canvas all set (thanks to the gracious help and labor of Zachariahus and Mr. Sadistic), construction began on the 2D logo itself.

In the picture above, to the right of the logo here, there is a couple of lightstone blocks dead center, while the red smudge to the upper left of that lightstone is a Minecraft character (hey PowrTrio!).

Above, we see the main logo and the B in 'Bomb' has been completed. At this point, about 6 hours have been spent on the project. And finally . . .

Here's the completed logo, about 11 hours after the project was started, with a lunch break or two thrown in for good measure.
You can find this and much more on the latest site map or by visiting the server. You can find more information about both here.
UPDATE: Here's a bird's eye view.