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Posted by MikkaQ

This is one of those games that are more entertaining to watch rather than play. That doesn't bode well...

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I can't believe people think this game is pretentious? It's got a monkey baby thing it for for heaven's sake. It looks like it was just created to be super-relaxing.

Posted by yyZiggurat

I've seen ads for this.

Posted by benpicko

This looks awesome.

Posted by Roddykat

"It's like a Tribe Called Quest jam over here"  Thumbs up, good sir! Also, Box quote!

Posted by MadaRenrut

wow what a downer quicklook, brad and alex playing a game together...  i don't even need to say anything else.

Posted by sfighter21

I just bought the game on steam because of this quick look.... Oh god.  The curse that is Steam...

Posted by Tordah

I played the demo for the Steam Treasure Hunt and I enjoyed it.

Posted by drumpsycho89

MEH! this sucks!!

Posted by Uberjannie

What the hell is up with that damn spammer?

Posted by Korolev

Urgh. Demon Teletubbies. That is the first thought that came to my mind. 
Demon Teletubbies. Teledemons. Demontubbies. Tubbimons. Demobbies. 
Played the demo for the steam sale. Did not like it.

Posted by ProfessorEss

Funky Little Monchichi Jug Band Thing

Posted by UberExplodey

I'm all about that Tribe reference, bonus points for Alex

Posted by Ghostiet

It looks pretty, but playing it would be tedious, I think. Flow and Flower had the serenity factor, I felt happy and chilled out when and after playing, here? I'd be bemoaning those Goddamn corridors.

Posted by Grissefar

one hunded and fourteenth
damn one hundred and fifteenth

Posted by DeathbyYeti

did we always need to know what was going on in a game to enjoy it?

Posted by darkjester74

As Bender would say:
Interesting!....No, wait, the other thing....Tedious!

Posted by squidracerX
@example1013 said:
" @squidracerX said:
 maybe i should have bought it on console instead to play with the ladies (since you can't die). But on Steam single player got boring fast. "
Funny thing about playing with the ladies: the girl across the hall asked to borrow Modern Warfare for 360 yesterday.  
Yeah, not all ladies play easier or cuter games that's true! And you should probably marry that girl! (i love gamer girls). But I still think for the most part girls do flock towards easier/simple and cuter games. (Not girls on this site of course, but i bet the male female ratio of readers here is 90/10  showing that most girls are not hugely into the hobby still). So I think this would be great for a non-gamer girlfriend because of the "no death" thing. Ive tried to play lots of video games with girlfriends and girl friends since games are a huge part of my life, but the ones they seem to like are usually more "stereotypical" than Call of Duty. Like my ex loved anything Mario or Pokemon but that's it, I got a bunch of girls hooked on Peggle, one asked for Endless Ocean and a horse game last year for Xmas, my buddies wife tried Little Big Planet with me since she thought it was cute but she was bad at it; truth is most girls I know still think games in general are dumb, but they will try Wii Sports or whatever. 
Heck my facebook is lit up by girls complaining about "stupid black ops" (real quote) because their boyfriends/husbands are playing too much :) It will change soon though i think.
Posted by KillyDarko

Huge points for Alex for being a fan of Les Claypool! :)

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@Vinchenzo said:

" fuck this game. "

Such a great opinion, well thought out!
Posted by RiotBananas
@Whitey504b said:
" first  damn second "
@mewstu said:
" second  damn third "
Posted by knoxt

why, and when did it seem like a good idea to make alex a quick look person? wasn't he part of another site or something?  he's trying too hard to be funny or witty or something, it's off putting.
also orange and blue do go together

Posted by sublime90

i would to love to trip and play this

Posted by Raikoh

Thats great game on relax. I want it.

Posted by Recall

Brad not knowing what he is doing, isn't shocking at all

Posted by EgoCheck616
@Recall said:
" Brad not knowing what he is doing, isn't shocking at all "
Haters gonna hate.
Posted by Dalai

This is a game I'd probably pick up for like $2 on Steam. Looks alright.

Posted by Undeadpool

I've been waiting to see a Brad/Alex Quick Look for awhile now! I don't know why, I just always thought those two would be funny together. And I was correct.

Posted by Recall
You continue to live in your fantasy world of Brad being a capable gamer who isn't dumb founded by the simplest of things.
Posted by aacx97

*turns on*
Brad: "Hey Alex..."
*turns off*

Posted by sublime90

i seriously think im going to buy this game and trip balls

Posted by MeatSim

Jeff has good reasons for hating this game.

Posted by BeanoFritz

Please no more quick looks with Alex. He tries to hard and isnt funny at all. His voice is grating.

Posted by LiquidPrince
@BeanoFritz said:
" Please no more quick looks with Alex. He tries to hard and isnt funny at all. His voice is grating. "
Go away.
Posted by TheDeadComedian
@LiquidPrince said:
" @BeanoFritz said:
" Please no more quick looks with Alex. He tries to hard and isnt funny at all. His voice is grating. "
Go away. "
I second this
Posted by myslead
@BeanoFritz said:
" Please no more quick looks with Alex. He tries to hard and isnt funny at all. His voice is grating. "
I second this
Posted by SmAsH

Game was terrible, thank god they gave the steam treasure chest for demo.

Posted by dr_mantas

Alex is not the problem with this quick look. It's not even Brad flying over the bomb 20 times without realizing it's there.
On the other hand, maybe there are no problems with this quick look, bro.

Posted by WilliamHenry
@toots said:
" also orange and blue do go together "

They should as they're complimentary colors.
Posted by TruthTellah

I actually enjoy Alex in this one.  When he's being positive, he's fun.  He has the innocence of a child. <3