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Edited by Blair

This is how I'll always remember Ryan.

Posted by NeonBlackJack

I love gameroom. Onomatopoeia.

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy


Posted by G24S

"Fucking Pooyan!"

Posted by SpikeDelight

I wonder if the 60's room comes at 420 points on purpose.  
Also this is my first post as a paid Giant Bomb supporter! :D

Posted by Daftasabat

"Here's some meat for that arse"   GB soundbite archive now!

Posted by BenderUnit22

"Dude, Ryan!"
"Yes, Jeff?"
"Game Room"

Posted by CaptainTightPants

Not only did Twinbee honestly look awesome, but the music was outstanding.

Posted by LordAndrew

Thwocker has significantly less thwocking than I expected.

Posted by TooWalrus

The japanese twin bee sequel looks kinda rad, I may buy that game.

Posted by WinterSnowblind
@GravityProof said:
" Aint it kind of raw that they're selling incomplete games? "
I thought it was kind of cool that they're bringing in prototype games like this that people might be interested in.  But charging full price for them is a bit harsh.
Posted by vinsanityv22

Nice to see more actual arcade games - rock on Konami! But jesus - the "music" in Thwocker is frickin' torture.

Posted by Yummylee

Those pooyans are totally humping that rope.

Posted by Crescendo1897


Posted by GravityProof

Aint it kind of raw that they're selling incomplete games?

Posted by darkjester74

Goddamned spammers are everywhere.

Posted by MeatSim

Another week another Game Room Quick Look.

Posted by ColonelT

At this rate Game Pack 13 will feature straight up uncompiled code from half finished Intellivision games. At three dollars a pop.

Posted by PenguinDust

Say what you will, Game Room is always educational.  I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind charging for an incomplete game, though.  The other games look pretty good. 

Posted by Baggykins


Posted by Jonnyflash80

Detana! Twinbee looks sick!

Edited by Recall

How the fuck can people be so fucking blind. Is it hard to look at the whole screen?

Posted by wrathofconn

Quick Look! I am in you!

Edited by OneManFreakShow

... You get the Groovy 60s theme by getting 420 medals.
Man Game Room, you suck.

Posted by McGhee


Posted by MisterMouse

game room!

Posted by Korolev

twinbee looked pretty damn good actually.

Posted by bybeach

I kind of liked that early japanese game. It had both good grafix and like Jeff/Ryan mentioned, decent sound.
Posted by Lepruk86

I actually used to love the snes version of Twinbee (I think it was the snes one I played??)... Used to have a lot of fun with my uncle on it xD.

Posted by Sauson
Posted by Ronald

More TwinBee is more fun!

Posted by tourgen


Posted by NinjaChocobo

Thwocker might have scarred me for life...

Posted by Marokai

Jeff seemed super depressed and subdued in this for some reason.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Game Room will never surrender!

Edited by Patman99

Game Room is back, baby, Game Room IS BACK!!!!

Posted by Wrighteous86

Meet the Thwockers.

Posted by fox01313

Really surprised with Game room being wonky on the lack of music for some of the recent games, as they were there when i was playing until a certain point with the demo but really not liking them charging full price for the prototype/unsold games.

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

Shooting the bells in TwinBee reminds me of something but i'm not sure if i ever played that game...I only had a sega megadrive when i was a kid, unless i played this on an arcade in some foreign country. Who knows!
Posted by Poki3

Oh yeah, Pooyan. Remember playing this on the NES a lot. Man. (and yes, it deffinetly had music, especially between stages. The lack of music is a big bummer on the otherwise vastly improved quality of the games offered.)

Posted by buzz_clik

Where's the music in Pooyan? Boo!

Edited by cordialsnail

Hate when they charge for emulated games that aren't even emulated correctly as with Pooyan.  Detana Twinbee looks great though, that's the version I recognize, I don't even think I played the original Twinbee.  A slight step up for Game Room, that's not saying a whole lot though

Posted by Mickey

Sunset Riders definantly coming up, appears in this video at 17:31

Posted by Echo

Fuck yeah, Pooyan!!

Posted by thwak

Thwocker was me when I was little.

Edited by Beforet

The sound made in thwocker when you hover over a wrong note sounds like what my computer sounds like when the sound drivers fail while blue screening.

Posted by JackSukeru

Obligatory Pooyan music post: 

Posted by hoechst

by the way! 
last weeks game room game "amidar" had no music because it was the arcade version. they must have labeled it wrong or something.

Posted by LiquidSwords
@MysteriousBob said:

" @Kajaah117 said:

" Current Tally!  
168 games = $504.00! 
Congratulations, Jeff. You have just reached the half-a-grand milestone.


I imagine that someone has paid that much for Game Room that doesn't even tie it in with their job. "
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