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@zicdab: i was just thinking that
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Another kick-ass drum solo. 
I am in love with Ryan.

Posted by shades846

this video is broken if you try to skip ahead or anything it comes up with a bad stream

Posted by Gearhead
@President_Barackbar said:
" Did I just witness a Food Fight kill screen? "
Posted by aacx97

I love when Jeff name drops porn stars

Posted by cravins90

GAAAH What no Sunset Riders again?????

Posted by Nux

So much Game Room!
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I want to make a television show called "Touched by a Chef"
Also, MIA looks like a poor man's Thunder Fox. As much as I love Thunder Fox, that's still saying something.

Posted by takua108

Best ending to a video ever.

Posted by TheKbob


 Jeff never actually plays volleyball.  He set it to Computer vs. Computer and then "plays it off" like he's awesome or at least competent. 
Boo Jeff! XD   
Keep up the great Game Room work... if it still exists. 

Posted by SleepyDoughnut
@hnhn56:  You're still bad at advertising.
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Dink? Dink?!

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Paul Barnett FTW

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"What an incredible half-assed piece of garbage this is" - Editor Ryan Davis - Giant Bomb.com
Put it on the back of the box!    

Posted by danimal_furry

Hey Jeff and Ryan. Thanks for explaining why you dislike Game Room. I figured you were just beeing droll mouthpieces, but you laid it out pretty well. Either way, if Game Room ends, it was a good ride to watch some bad gameplay. A true endurance run. I don't have a 360, so I never was able to try out these games. The horrible translation of controls sounded exagerated until you guys actually went into detail with an actual game industry person on this episode. Now it is so much more clear.
Posted by patrick
@SockLobster said:
" @patrick:  Ryan hates Game Room "
No, when I mean love, I mean love.
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@Rothbart said:
" @Godot: We were all waiting for you to say that! "
I see what you did thar.
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@President_Barackbar said:

"Did I just witness a Food Fight kill screen?"

@ThePhantomnaut said:


Actually I don't think it's a kill screen. I think what happened is that due to memory limitation of the hardware back when the game came out the data the game stores for the instant replay in memory looped back to the starting address due to too much data being written and causing it to send corrupt data and throw an error. This is my guess why the dude was trying to use up all the food and take as long as he possibly could to get to the ice cream cone. By taking so long and doing so much stuff he is causing the game to write a bunch of data to some RAM [real or emulated] that has a set amount of allotted space so that he can cause it to start writing data back to the starting address and corrupt the replay data by having something that is not what is expected in the first address. [probably some header or initilization data]
This makes sense as it references RAM and ROM as being ok and the NVRAM (where highscores would be stored),  which is probably some kind of debug screen for the programmers who made this game. Since it is showing that they are ok it also implies that it's a problem with corrupt information and not the actual hardware. (again real or emulated) 
It's likely the 20,000,000 points being set in the high score register is some kind of flag/indicator that the programmers used in debugging the Instant Replay to indicate that something is wrong. 
I imagine it would be fairly time consuming for the developers behind game room to change the design of the Instant Replay feature in Food Fight to accomodate a much much larger amount of memory so that this would not be any kind of real problem. (Hint: it's much more complex than just changing some paramater to implement that change.) So spending the resources to do such a thing would be incredabily wasteful given the relatively small probability this would become an issue. Also seeing as it's pretty obvious what the result is of someone exploiting this, if they seriously cared about the leaderboards it would be much easier and way less time consuming or resource draining to take away someone's position on the leaderboard who exploited this bug than going into changing something like that in the game. If they don't than well I guess dude who's exploiting limitations of the game will still be at the top probably.
Posted by Olivaw
@TheKbob said:


 Jeff never actually plays volleyball.  He set it to Computer vs. Computer and then "plays it off" like he's awesome or at least competent. 
Boo Jeff! XD   
Keep up the great Game Room work... if it still exists. 

Yeah, this  was the best.
Nicely done, Jeff.
Posted by Portis

I think I might finally try out Game Room and buy Food Fight. It looks fun.

Posted by Romination

Hey! I like Snuggies! 
They're waaarm... 
I'm also pretty certain there's nothing ironic about what Ryan describes about Sunset Riders.

Posted by MadaRenrut

so when are they bring dreamcast into the gameroom arcade..... (sarcastic)

Posted by LeetBalla
@MadaRenrut: Sega is releasing a Dreamcast collection for $30 in March. No details on what games will be included yet, but it is meant to be like Sonic's Genesis collection. 
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Gameroom Quicklooks series reached its ultimate and inevitable conclusion about 20 minutes in:  Jeff, alone, quietly mumbling to himself about obscure intellivision controls.  :D

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Ok, Food Fight is pretty awesome looking.  First Atari game that I have seen in a long time that I would actually play.

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@SBYM said:
" A room filled to the brim with games. The eating animation in Food Fight is always disturbing. Game Room kill screen comin' up! Missing In Action comes across as rad in an awful sort of way; the best kind of rad. Nice work with the phone call there. I hate how so many of these old ass games have a billion things going on when you check the controls. Sweet lord, they really need to stop putting out paddle games for this. Or... release way more. Finally it just gets to some dudes hanging out talking about games and having a decent time. Now this is what I call a Quick Look. "
Ya that is where it's at.
Posted by TheHT

Well now, this weeks Game Room got all profound at the end there.

Posted by Skrams

I was thinking "answering a phone on a QL? A bit weird." 

Posted by durden77

Jeff, you are the man.

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@GetBentTheVideoGame said:
" Dink? Dink?! "
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Cant go wrong with some Paul Barnett

Posted by PenguinDust

Man, some of that was painful to watch.  Not Jeff and Ryan's fault, but wow crap games indeed.

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 @Olivaw said:

" @TheKbob said:

"SO WAIT GUYS... Jeff never actually plays volleyball.  He set it to Computer vs. Computer and then "plays it off" like he's awesome or at least competent.
Yeah, this  was the best.  Nicely done, Jeff. "
haha i noticed that too, i wonder if he did it to be funny, to seem like a great player, or just he really didn't want to play but thought Ryan would yell at him for not actually playing?
And THEY TOOK OUT THE DINK BUTTON for the gamepad :(  
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whats wrong with the sound  ?
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Bought Food Fight. Those chefs get ruthless!

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It's probably bad that when Paul said he was getting a call from his "GM" I translated that as being from his Guild-Master.

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Jeff. So manipulative. So lying. I did not think you had that in you.

Posted by Kajaah117

Woops. I almost forgot to do it this week. 
Current Tally! 
172 games = $516.00

Posted by Monopolized

we need more of jeff talking by himself

Posted by TheDeadComedian
@Tankhammer said:
" It's probably bad that when Paul said he was getting a call from his "GM" I translated that as being from his Guild-Master. "
I think we may be brothers or soul-mates 
One or the other
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Missing in Action is so fucked up.
But you know what? I bought it anyway. It's the kind of fucked up I thoroughly enjoy playing.

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Sick ass ringtone Jeff!

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I love accents.

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Everything sounds better when it ends with: "As you die".

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Super pro line up of garbage.

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Genuinely conversation there at the end, even if they didn't reach consensus on any of the topics they talked about.

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Their guest is the luckiest bastard. Cabal was one of my, if not my absolute favorite arcade cabinet game.