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 I love the smell of Game Room Quick Look in the morning.

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Posted by akacapone

So Close!

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Posted by Rothbart
@Godot: We were all waiting for you to say that!
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lol these still make me chuckle.

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A room filled to the brim with games. The eating animation in Food Fight is always disturbing. Game Room kill screen comin' up! Missing In Action comes across as rad in an awful sort of way; the best kind of rad. Nice work with the phone call there. I hate how so many of these old ass games have a billion things going on when you check the controls. Sweet lord, they really need to stop putting out paddle games for this. Or... release way more. Finally it just gets to some dudes hanging out talking about games and having a decent time. Now this is what I call a Quick Look.

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Posted by SquirrelGOD

God help us all. 

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@Rothbart said:
" @Godot: We were all waiting for you to say that! "
Damn straight you were! You can go tell Estragon to stop waiting now.
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Ahh crap saw that it had no comments but wasent logged in, aww well at least it another game room and I really like these

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Game room - The endurance run, Who will give up first? Jeff and Ryan or Game room?!

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In the screencap dude on the left looks a little like clive owen.
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Paul's in this one? A+ ! :)

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Yo dawg, check out my 20mil!

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Aaaawww yes...

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GAME ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love Paul Barnett and my weekly Game Room video!

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Space Harrier ringtones are awesome.  
If only it said 'GET READY' when you press the accept call button, then it would be wonderful.

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Jesus Christ! 41 minute Game Room Quick Look. 

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"So the game crashed in the emulator and registered as 20 million points on the leaderboard. I fucking love Game Room. What a piece of shit. What an incredible, half-assed, piece of garbage this is"
This is my favourite Giantbomb qoute of the year. I laughed so hard at this.

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"I don't hang out with drunk babies"? 
Bullshit. Cool Baby lives at the office.

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We need more Paul Barnett up in this site.

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Fast Food. That's the name of the Atari game.

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Food Fight crashes (in an emulation), and then registers someone with 20 million points. 
I think we should all be rejoicing that Krome Studios is dead.  Fuck those guys, they never made a single good thing in their 11 years of existence.  Someone's going to reply with "But their jobs!"  Yeah, well with what we've seen clearly they weren't cut out for video games.  Go be a baker or a lumberjack or something that can support your families, just do it well this time.

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Pffft, some old games are still awesome.  Like Time Pilot.  Still a banger.  Old & busted Intellivision games? Not so much.
If Game Room had Demon Attack and Joust and Sinistar and Pac-Man and Donkey Kong (ha!) and all the other classics, modern gamers would definitely be required to check it out.
But they aren't, so no.

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I had a gameboy advance cartridge with Time Pilot on it, it was a GREAT game for long car trips.

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Posted by HubrisRanger
I guess my response would be, did Krome's existence really hurt anyone? No. Did its closing hurt anyone, namely the employees and their families? Yes. Bad games aren't a crime, they're just bad games. "Rejoicing" in their closing it childish.
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No way - Paul Barnett is from my hometown! Sounds like he has spent some time around the Blackburn area with that accent
Paul Barnett putting Preston on the map

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Paul Barnett? Hell yes!
Let me put on my sunglasses and a backwards ballcap because things are about to get CRAZY.

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That last part where Ryan, Jeff and Paul were breaking down Game Room and talking about chip tunes and 8-bit styles is worth this video series. Even if Game Room is a terrible disappointment, I feel all the commentary has been well worth time spent on it.
The NES was my first video game console. Super Mario Bros. was my first game. Seeing all these old games has been great.

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Wait. Jeff wasn't playing volleyball. >_>

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@EuanDewar: GameRoom. There is but one game to be released. NOTHING STOPS THE GAMEROOM ER.
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Paul Barnett!  

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Posted by Vyper

loool...We salute you Jeff.
Jesus might have died for our sins but The Gerstman died so we can witness Gameroom looool

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Posted by BrianP

Jeff heard you liked replays of food fight, so he put a replay of food fight in your replay of food fight so you could watch a replay of food fight while you watch a replay of food fight

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Posted by TadThuggish
@HubrisRanger said:
" @TadThuggish  I guess my response would be, did Krome's existence really hurt anyone? No. Did its closing hurt anyone, namely the employees and their families? Yes. Bad games aren't a crime, they're just bad games. "Rejoicing" in their closing it childish. "
Integrity with your work is worthwhile.  If you exist for 11 years and all you've put out is absolute poop, you should reevaluate what you're doing and where your talents will better fit.  Clearly the people working at Krome had no business in video games, so maybe they have business somewhere else.
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Posted by ZmillA

I could listen to knowledgable dudes talk shop about gaming all day

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Hell yeah 
Hell yeah 
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Those chefs are monsters! Trying to stop you from eating ice cream and make you eat healthy fruit and vegetables.

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maybe I just like bad games... but I thought MIA looked kind of awesome... like not a classic or anything, but awesome in a "Bad Dudes" kind of way.

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I don't know why, but when Jeff said "Think of all the points, dude!" @10:00 I lost my shit.

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Food Fight  kill screen, comin' up!

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Awesome! Paul is the best!

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@ZmillA said:
" I could listen to knowledgable dudes talk shop about gaming all day "
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It is a weird situation and you can kinda see both sides of the coin... Kinda. Krome never forced anyone to use Game Room, and there are real people who have lost their jobs. So being happy it happened can be seen as not cool. 
On the other hand, you could say they have been ripping gamers off with shoddy products and have tricked people into buying work that has been put together with no care for the consumer.    
In the end it depends on what the actual story behind Game Room was. I assume that they intended to create a really cool service but maybe did not have the budget, demand and work force to pull it off. 

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Remember when Game Room mattered?

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Watermelon party!

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There are only two ways I can see this ending: 
Gameroom never ends. 
Gameroom implodes upon itself and becomes a haven for lousy rom hacks. Complete with glitched/satanic interface and backgrounds.