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Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Another very entertaining Game Room video. Compiling a list of particularly relevant games is a really interesting problem. Generally, I'd say to inform the development of modern full price games you only need a few timeless oldies and should focus on more recent developments for your background. I definitely don't think you should ignore old school gaming entirely, even for modern purposes, though!

Posted by HarlequinRiot

This was one of the best Game Room quicklooks. Super funny throughout. I really liked Jeff muttering to himself trying to figure out volleyball. 

Posted by Rapid

Tell me about those Numbers 921 and this "Brick"!

Posted by Fascism

I remember when I was 5 and learning to write, I learned how to write "S" so my mom rented me M.I.A for the NES. That game was pretty hard when you're 5.

Posted by Wandrecanada

Paul makes game room worth $3.

Posted by CornBREDX
Awesome as always. Of course, and with Paul it then becomes philosophical which is always great haha
@adoggz:   you know, quoting spam bots can get you banned. Might want to be careful about that.
Posted by Ronald

MIA does look kind of fun in a bad way. And points, man!

Posted by Quacktastic

That smug face the kid makes after his head goes crazy and he eats the ice cream is perfect.

Posted by NoelVeiga

I liked that final argument about kids these days who weren't around to play this crap having rose coloured glasses about how "pure" games were back then and how they've "sold out" to the "casuals" and all that stuff. It's very valid and it informas a lot of this retro-neon movement that we old timers are often more conflicted about. 
I, for one think the evolution of gaming is pretty much linear and I wouldn't give a single step back (Wii and Kinect included, perhaps I would back off from games as a service and full online connectivity, but that's the exception and my opinion is kind of wobbly on that anyway). Kids that didn't spend hours on end playing Army Moves are very misguided in their disagreement with that.

Posted by ch3burashka

Their talk reminded me that Jeff probably still have those 50 coins. 
He could have saved 150 dollars.

Posted by Fearbeard

Sunset Riders is a myth

Posted by buft
Another week and still no sunset Riders, Game room certainly does love to disappoint. 
Posted by AllanIceman
Paul Barnett is the man.
Posted by dagas
@PerfidiousSinn said:
" Remember when Game Room mattered? "
No, actually I don't.
Posted by Chris2KLee

Nice job as always. Knowing Jeff has burned almost $500 dollars on this mess makes me feel a little better about some of my recent poor purchases.

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Food Fight was fucking awesome, I played that game every time I went to the arcade until it was no longer anywhere to play.  It did some crazy things and had fun music at a time when music in games was still fairly uncommon.
Another example of old ass tactics to game a high score. I love seeing the old tricks still working decades later.  I want my game to crash and give me a stupid impossible score.
MIA was junk, Rush N Attack was a much better game.
Intellivision, so bad.
I never got into Warlords, it just felt too fast and limited in what you had.  I liked Ramparts more.
I like how this turned into a retrospective of the games industry at the end, while playing Time Pilot ironically.  I'm guessing they held back Sunset Riders so there weren't two Konami side-scrollers out in the same week, since X-Men is out this week

Posted by DarkbeatDK

I don't think there is anything wrong with game room as a whole, it's just the actual games themselves. 
Having a sort of arcade like this is quite intriguing, but you really need to bring late 80's and 90's arcade games in there to make it appealing.

Posted by CosmicQueso

"I love Game Room.  What a piece of sh*t."
Pure gold.

Posted by patrick
@DarkbeatDK said:
" I don't think there is anything wrong with game room as a whole, it's just the actual games themselves.  Having a sort of arcade like this is quite intriguing, but you really need to bring late 80's and 90's arcade games in there to make it appealing. "
I think it more of a mix. When they bag on Game Room, half the time it's about the poor selection of games, the other half is the jank of the system itself. I personally don't see why Ryan loves Game Room so much.
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Game Room could have been much more if they'd bothered to promote it after the initial launch.  There's a healthy enough nostalgia market out there.  But no, just dump it on Xbox Live and abandon it.
It was not a foregone conclusion that it would turn into a joke, is what I'm saying.
(Also, Scramble - hell yes)

Posted by freakin

Hey guys, Food Fight kill screen coming up.

Posted by Kjellm87


Posted by PosseOfOne

"no, no i got touched by a chef"
huh, that sounds a bit wrong

Posted by JackSukeru


Posted by SockLobster
@patrick:  Ryan hates Game Room
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sad, Game Room could have been something really special, but with only four companies in on it, and with Konami happy to save their bigger hits for XBLA it was kind of destined to fail. Even just including Capcom and Sega on the list would have made all of the broken avatars and other weird bustedness of Game Room worth it. 
also, <>
Posted by John1912

I love that there is a faux arcade with all these old games.  Its also great to see them redone with full cabinets, but christ....I actually feel bad that children get to see these games.  It would be nice if there were some games that you would actually want to play for more then 2 mins.

Posted by vr00m

so yodawg.jpg
instant replay in your instant replay

Posted by adoggz
@CornBREDX: thats not a spambot, its a giantbomb user who was assailed by a careless 40 minute gameroom quicklook.
Posted by 234r2we232

  Touched by a chef: The Jeff Gerstman Story.
And Paul is an EA stooge? Gross. 



" <> "

Thanks for that? :/
Posted by Osaladin
@PerfidiousSinn said:
" Remember when Game Room mattered? "
Where was I when this happened?
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Christmas has come early! Game Room QL and Paul Barnett! <>
The guy who scored 20,000,000 Points at Food Fight because it crashed (or he cheated) must adore Game Room.
Posted by TwoLines

He won that peace flag by stabbing guys.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Site running slow for anyone else?

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Obligatory Paul's son mention included.

Posted by Terry_Bogard
Posted by ZeekDaGeek
@MordeaniisChaos:  Yes, videos keep cutting out half way through and I have to refresh and junk like that.
Posted by ThatFrood
@Terry_Bogard said:
Posted by Astrophyle

Nice discussion on the significance of playing the old games.  Personally, I think playing some of the real classics is a benefit for someone learning about the industry and what its history is.  Most the 20+ year old games are really not fun anymore in comparison to current titles, but there are many gems that hold up fairly well today, like Pac-Man (& Ms.), Battlezone, Mario Bros., etc.  Those games were very simple in most cases, but the game designs are still phenomenal and addicting even today.

Posted by BigStupidFace
@MordeaniisChaos said:
" Site running slow for anyone else? "
Yup yup, very slow here (but streaming is fine)
Posted by Shademonger

Digging Jeff's Space Harrier ring tone. Used to play that game like mad on the 32X and the arcade in Shenmue.

Posted by eloj

Wonder if he was actually trying to overrun the replay buffer in Food Fight to 'glitch' a high score.

Posted by Undeadpool

Paul Barnett, you magnificent bastard, I READ YOUR BOOOOOOOK!

Posted by Jayzz

Lmao.. what an awesome crash.

Posted by Zicdab

Is it just me or does Paul Barnett sound like a combination of Gary Whitta and Dave Snider?

Posted by smitty86

Having a game crash in Game Room may be one of the most symbolic things for Game Room...well that and the broken people

Posted by Mars_Cleric

775 million points in food fight 
Posted by PlasmaMachine

I love that Food Fight's post-cone eating face is the superlative smug face.

Posted by President_Barackbar

Did I just witness a Food Fight kill screen?