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Posted by RYNO9881

this looks awesome

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Costume Quest could very well be my game of the year this year. Stacking could be next year's!! It looks so good.
And yeah, this quick look is a favorite too.

Posted by MEATBALL

Game is looking great, not mind blowing, but a lot of fun with oodles of charm. So glad Double Fine are finding such freedom in the downloadable space.

Posted by LordAndrew

You don't need a ticket to ride this train!

Posted by Ghosthead84

Looks great.
Posted by FoolishChaos

Holy shit this looks awesome

Posted by acev

This game looks amazing!

Posted by TheMustacheHero

Looks awesome.

Posted by jakob187

Psyched to check this out.  Adventure game elements?  Good to see Tim getting back to his roots.

Posted by AlmostApollo

I'm so excited.

Posted by RedSox8933

This game looks really awesome.

Posted by aznfool07

This game looks amazing! I can't wait to try it out. 

Posted by Carneous

This game looks great, love the silent movie vibe too.

Posted by HungryMatango

This looks way more engaging than I initially thought.  It has a nice winter/holiday feel to it--to bad its not out before Christmas/New Years.  I'm looking forward to playing it all the same.

Posted by dezvous

Great art design. Game looks like a ton of fun.

Posted by sublime90

this game looks great. i really love what double fine has been doing lately

Posted by SuperZamrod
Well, Ryan gave Brutal Legend 3 stars.  I believe it was even the lowest rating on Meta-critic.  
Posted by Jumpify

Tim Schafer makes me smile perhaps even more than Vinny

Posted by KnifeySpoony

Fantastic, can't wait!

Posted by golguin

Fantastic art style and I'm digging the gameplay.

Posted by RE_Player1
@flawless2c How so?
Posted by Wandrecanada

This game is staaaaaacked

Posted by glitznglam_style

This looks amazing. It definitely appeals more to me than Costume Quest. It's amazing what they can do with downloadable games these days. Very impressive looking. The attention to detail is tops.
Posted by Scotto

Double Fine are a special developer, and the gaming world is better off for their existence, no matter what shortcomings their games may have. 
This game looks great. 
- Scott

Posted by buft

Surprisingly good quick look, wasn't overly psyched at all for this after the debut trailer but the gameplay looks really interesting.

Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud

Looks really charming.  Simple, but I'm definitely interested.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85
@Jimbo said:
" This looks wonderful.  It boggles my mind that they don't put these games out on Steam. "
I know I would buy all of them.
Posted by JoelTGM

that game looks awesome!  who comes up with this stuff!  very interesting and funny puzzle solving.

Posted by JayDee

damn how is this a downloada

Posted by Onigenko

Amazing, really digging the art style.

Posted by Darknaut

This looks really cool.

Posted by Gerhabio

Damn, the philosophical implications! Must buy!

Posted by KimParnage

This game looks surprisingly good..! But am i the only one who noticed that it's not about stealth at all..? at least the part they showed anyways..

Posted by Skrams

So I saw Stacking and squealed. Then I saw EX and squealed hoping it was Tim Schafer. I then squealed at hearing it was Tim Schafer. I need a change of pants.

Posted by Cornman89

Dude whaaaaat?

Posted by Tordah

This quick look totally sold me on this game. Awesome stuff.

Posted by HT101

I do need to pick up Costume Quest but this game does not make me excited to play it.  The concept doesn't really grab me and the game seems pretty bland in terms of actual gameplay.  I will see if it grabs a hold of me closer to release but for now I don't think it will.

Posted by BillWhiskey601

I'm excited about this one. It looks awesome.

Posted by Pepsiman

Oh Jesus, the ship is named Commodore Perry. The black lung cough ability already sold me on this game, but that might have (somehow) sold me even more. Good writing is good!

Posted by DiscoDuck8k

Want this!

Posted by TheCheese33
@xXHesekielXx: What, not enough guns in it for you?
Posted by wonderhare

Suddenly, Tim Schafer!

Posted by Portis

Popsicle Dicks!

Posted by GraveyardPolka

This is totally 'my cup of tea.'  I am so ridiculously excited for this game now.

Posted by Hichael

A stealth Katamari game?

Posted by Ontheocho

Holy hell, the Schafe was present in the Whiskey offices?  Please tell me he had a drink at the bar.
Posted by Deathpooky

Looks awesome.  Bought.

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OOH! A Double Fine QLEX! I hope Tim's present!
--downloads now

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crappy game!

Posted by Heartless_Enigma

Tim brought this quick look to a whole....notha....level.... =D