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Posted by artofwar420


Posted by beard_of_zeus

Goddamn, this game looks amazing. Must play now!

Posted by ghostNPC

This looks amazing.

Posted by RagingLion

This looks absolutely wonderful.  Please, please, please come to PC.

Posted by Moloney

Looks amazing.
Posted by Godot

You had me at the preview picture, Stacking.

Posted by TehJedicake

ok this is badass

Posted by zombie2011

looks really good, definitely a buy for me.

Posted by baron_calamity

Awesome. Can't wait to buy it. I don't want to be one of those guys but I wish it was coming out for the pc. I'm so done with this generation of consoles.

Posted by BigChief

This looks awesome. I am a total sucker for games that use an old timey style. Also, Tim Schafer should totally come on these more often. He's always great to listen to.

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Before seeing this was somewhat indifferent yet possibly excited, after seeing this, OMG day one buy unless I can get a job quick at Double Fine to play it before the public gets it.  
One of the bigger fans of using nutmeg year round so that's an extra plus to see it in here.

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

I can't wait for this game. It looks amazing.

Posted by eulogize_my_baked_goods

Damn, I've lusted after more Double Fine games coming to the PC for ages now but after seeing Stacking in action I think I'm finally going to have to bite the bullet and get a 360. Maybe a bit extreme given it's only a Live Arcade game but I really want to play it.

Posted by PrivateIronTFU

This game looks so awesome. And I have no idea why.

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Whereas this is a QL EX, unlike the one for Back to the Future, and I tend to not like QL EX's, even if Tim Schafer is there. I like the freedom of expression by the GB staff instead. But you know what, this game looks..wow!  And the concepts working here...wow! I hope the gameplay holds up, because I am sold.   I Definetly will watch this again. 

And I wish for the best Tim Schafer and DoubleFine. You try to do quality products and take pride. And that with a sense of humor. Despite the fact I was predjudiced going in, I'm rooting for this game. 
This game looks great! 
One criticism, this game should be on Pc also. Give those graphics cards something to enjoy.
Posted by G24S

City of lost matryoshka dolls.

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Posted by csl316
@Desmora said:
" Stack that shit. "
Posted by ___pocalypse

Looks awesome! I don't know if he needed to explain everything in SO MUCH detail, but I appreciated the enthusiasm haha.
Beautiful art direction as well! When I'm not broke I'm totally getting this.

Posted by MrXD

Awesome!  Tim Schafer and Ryan Davis together! =D

Posted by HairyMike87

popsicle dick

Posted by ryanwho

How many popsicle dicks.

Posted by MindChamber

Looks like the guys had a great time.   with each other. 
I dunno if they were having a blast with the game itself

Posted by MrAriscottle

popsicle dicks

Posted by BionicMonster
@FritzDude said:
" What's up with all the quick looks a day before christmas? Me like! "
Christmas is on the 25th dude.
Posted by Ali_D

I just finished Costume Quest, so I"m keen for some more downloadable Double Fine goodness.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Finally I have an idea what this is really gonna be like. The game looks fantastic from what little we saw here, I think. I really enjoy the tone and atmosphere and the open-ended puzzle solving looks very fun. Needless to say the Double Fine guys are awesome additions to this QL, the banter was very entertaining!

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Posted by Vager

This looks fun as hell. I really like that multiple solutions in one play though feature.

Posted by ZmillA

I want this, so insane

Posted by Kinarion

I had turned against the QLEX after a few lackluster episodes with overweening devs/PR and too little GB, but these last few (TRON, Bejeweled, and Stacking) have absolutely changed my mind. 
When the devs are proud, confident, and wry enough to hang with GB, the feature really is as fun as any QL and far more insightful.

Posted by mracoon

Great QL and it's got a lot more excited for the game.

Posted by ZmillA

so much talking... I know double fine is expensive but...

Posted by Oginam

I really want this game.

Posted by Jimbo

This looks wonderful.  It boggles my mind that they don't put these games out on Steam.

Posted by LoktarOgar

"I manged to escape"
But as always, I am intrigued by Double Fine's productions.

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"Metaphorical Mustard" 
"Popsicle dicks" 
I'm sold.

Posted by Yelix

Nice Commodore Perry reference there. Fun fact: I'm a distant ancestor of Commodore Matthew Perry. I'm not seeing any of that Japan money, though.

Posted by Revolver
@UberExplodey said:
" There's a Flatulate button! I'm buying this. "
Hell yes!
Posted by Dylabaloo

This game looks great, especially when he got into that pelican that craked me up.

Posted by ApolloBob

1up claims the exclusive first look - Giant Bomb gets the far superior Quick Look EX

Posted by Majestic_XII

I need this game NAOW!

Posted by Vorbis

It's looking really good and reminds me I still need to pickup Costume Quest.

Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan

This game looks like it hits all of the notes that make me OBSESS over a game. Multiple solutions, awesome art style and great personality. And, union riots! Sign me up!

Posted by Irishranger

Good on the Double Fine guys.  I haven't gotten around to costume quest and I don't know if I'll get around to this, but I like the fact that they are putting out good games in a short amount of time.  Not saying everyone should start doing it, but it's working for them.  Maybe we'll start seeing more of this type of thing as the gaming economy changes. 
It's okay...change is good.
Posted by EdsXwing

This is great that the Quicklooks and vids keep coming even though it's vacation time! Thanks GiantBomb!

Posted by Aetheldod

Tim Schafer!!!!! :D Double Fine rules , early cinema inspiration  whats not to like :)

Posted by Soap

That game looks great O.O I'm totally blown away, was not expecting that at all. 

Posted by UberExplodey

There's a Flatulate button! 

I'm buying this.

Posted by Smokay