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Posted by Wingdman

I have no idea what is happening but this game looks amazing.

Posted by creiij

This looks really really boring =)

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

This game looks fantastic. I can't wait to play it.

Posted by CyleMoore

That was cool Tim seems like an awesome guy.

Posted by captain_max707

This QL makes me wish 2 things. 
1: It comes out for PC 
2: My Xbox worked

Posted by Nictel

Too bad it turns into a bad turn-based-strategy game like 5 minutes later.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Looks fantastic, can't wait to play myself. 

Posted by HelliSkelli
@drag: Agreed, I like that they are stepping back from making big releases to make some very interesting and fun looking DLC.  It will bring more attention to their company and make up for loses made with Brutal Legend.  That game just did not sell well at all.  I am still holding out hope for a Psychonauts 2 though...
Posted by SonicFire

Wow, this game looks incredibly chaming
Posted by ch3burashka

Mmmm.... popsicle dicks...

Posted by Redbullet685

This game looks really cool.

Posted by sissylion

The film strip effect on the sides of cutscenes is really annoying. 

Posted by falling_fast

game looks awesome

Posted by Midguy

This game looks horrible.

Posted by brechtos

Loving it
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Excellent :) I wannit.
I like that the bear can't see color :)

Posted by Tesla

Best QLEX ever.

Posted by Mrnitropb

Am I the only one who is majorly creeped out by this?

Posted by SBYM

I had no interest in this game until this QL.

Posted by ADarkMatter

Wow, that game looks so great, it somewhat reminds me of older schafer games like the secret of monkey island or grim fandango, i'll definitely buy this
Posted by Spiritof

If Tim Schafer isn't the world's #1 boss, he's got to be somewhere in the Top 10.
'Stacking' looks phenomenal.

Posted by iMiles

The art style is gorgeous.  
Oh, and tim schafer LOVES GiantBomb.

Posted by Popogeejo

I don't have an 360 or PS3 but I'd love to play this. Why can't these come out on Steam or some such, darn it?!

Posted by DevWil


Posted by theberserker

where's the guns?

Posted by SolongWrex

Looks like making smaller downloadable titles is working out pretty well for Double Fine. Costume Quest and Stacking both have really neat ideas that deserve to get published, but the concepts probably wouldn't work for the length of a full-price game.

Posted by hagridore

Wow. I want this so now!!

Posted by gerp

This looks so good can't wait to play it

Posted by SpikeDelight

This game looks brilliant. Leave it to Tim Schafer to keep making us think about the boundaries of gameplay, setting and story conventions in the medium!

Posted by Jayzz

Brad was right, great QL!

Posted by guilherme

i'll buy this game

Posted by NoTomToLose

This looks completely amazing! I'm super excited now!!

Posted by Sir_Lizardman

Wow this game looks very good.  
Also bought brutal legends brand new today for $9.00
Cant wait to play both

Posted by vinsanityv22

Amazing Quick Look:) Schafer is so much more entertaining when he's not on-camera (when he went on Jimmy Fallon to promote Brutal Legend, it was PAINFUL. Unfortunately). 
Stacking looks interesting as hell, despite it not being the first game like this that I've played. I mean, I finished both Space Station Silicon Valley and Geist, and after watching this, I went and purchased Messiah from GOG.com just to see how that weird-ass game handles this mechanic. But man, Double Fine is firing on all cylinders with this one, visually. It's stunning. 
Costume Quest was amazing, adorable, and super funny. I'm officially onboard anything Double Fine will bring to the PSN/XBLA now. I can't wait to try Stacking for myself:) 
Great QL, Giant Bomb crew.

Posted by LordXavierBritish

Nothing about this game is not awesome. 
There are still two more of these aren't there?

Posted by Jimi

There is nothing more satisfying than farting to Chopin. 
Lost it at this, hilarious QL.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Didn't quite know what to think when I first saw the game but now I realise that I must play it.

Posted by HadesTimes

I wasn't too hot on this game at first. But the art style is INCREDIBLE and I love all the crazy character abilities.  This game is going to RAWK!

Posted by GetBentTheVideoGame
@Emperor_Jimmu said:
" Wow This game looks exceedingly left wing. Fantastic!  "
I'm sure someone will release a pro-child labour game, don't worry.
Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

Wow This game looks exceedingly left wing. Fantastic! 

Posted by Ghostiet
@TheH1ppo said:
" @Ronald: Ha, yeah. Except for the fact that there were several videos before Brutal Legend ever released that talked about the RTS parts of the game. I guess there's still time for them to make videos about FPS segments in Stacking, and then for people to complain that they didn't know it was in there. "
Still, it's pretty obvious the marketing "forgot" about the RTS bits. Seriously, releasing an MP demo instead of a single player one could really make this game sell.
Posted by SatelliteOfLove

The name is "Lyudmila Allendorf" :P

Posted by eric_s07

This is ridiculous

Posted by anon463728

What a refreshing concept! I'm really looking forward to this game. Downloadable titles seem to be a perfect fit for Double Fine.

Posted by Marmaladebrat

Y\es, this looks to be a really good adventure puzzle game. Nice work. Cannot Wait!
Posted by Awesine

This looks amazing. I wish I could play it right now. 

Posted by LordAndrew
@Romination said:
" Anyone remember Geist on the Gamecube? I feel like this is what that should have been. "
I actually did think of Geist while watching this Quick Look!
Edited by JohnnyMaverik
Tim Shafer doesn't put his games on the pc any more, stays silent over the issue for about 2 years despite constant requests for info as to whether any of the post Psychonaughts games would eventually find their way onto the pc, and if not why, then gives a hasty explanation where he tried to blame the publisher, which for costume quest and this were THQ, by far the most pc friendly big publisher, and told us to all stop whining... we call BS on his excuse and Tim Shafer a lie. 
Oh and before somebody brings up piracy, look at Psychoaughts, look at how big of a commercial flop it was on release, reflect on the fact that it has now made a profit thanks to sales on the PC, then stfu.
Posted by mrburger

Tim Schafer is not a lie.  Tim Schafer invented Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and happiness.  You fops who are compelled to hate on someone as funny, important, and well-meaning as Tim Schafer are missing the point of Tim Schafer, and the point of video games, and the point of your existence.  Repent.

Posted by Romination

Anyone remember Geist on the Gamecube? I feel like this is what that should have been.