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Posted by wrathofconn

I know that 'Nesting' would have been a much poorer name for this game, but everyone needs to stop calling them 'stacking dolls'.
On a related note, I want to buy this game.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

This game looks like something like that I would really like to play... yes. 

Posted by elservo

What a great idea.  The way they pulled it off is amazing, too. 

Posted by JackSukeru

At first I wasn't totally sold on the game. 
But then I was totally sold on the game.

Posted by Christoffer

Loved Costume Quest (+expansion) and will definitely get this. 
For the record, downloadable games have become my primary games now. Best format ever (for me)!!
Posted by countinhallways

Looks amazing. Will buy.

Posted by Einherjan

I love Double Fine, and Will.

Posted by Faramir82

This game looks amazing, can't wait to get my hands on it.

Posted by 1p

Woah, everything about this looks incredible!

Posted by RobotHamster
@TheDeadComedian said:
" @Mr_Skeleton said:
" Tim Schafer ! *squeal* "
This "
This double...
Posted by MacGeorge

Holy crap this game is great!

Posted by JJOR64


Posted by jellysnake

Looks great.

Posted by jonnyboy

I'mma be stacking like a motherfucker biatch!

Posted by whatisdelicious

The Canadian Connection 
Metaphorical Mustard 
Lot of great band names from Ryan this QL.

Posted by RedSox8933


Posted by AngryRedPlumber

Looks awesome!  Seems to have a surprising amount of depth to it!

Edited by audiosnag

must calm down...

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@Raymayne said:

"Game looks like ass "

So is your ill-substantiated comment.
Posted by teekomeeko

I had no idea what to expect from Stacking, and I am incredibly pumped after this QL. Instant purchase for sure.

Posted by Emphatic

It's so awesome you guys have Tim Schafer on this quick look!

Posted by BBQBram
@Raymayne said:
"Game looks like ass "

Is this guy ever positive about anything?
Posted by Crunchman

The very best Quick Look EX I've ever had the fortune to watch. Stacking must be what it's like to be spectral.

Posted by PhatSeeJay

YEAH TIM SCHAFER! Now this is a Christmas Present!

Posted by gbrading

Tim Schafer and Ryan Davis in the same room? It must have been impossible to tell them apart. Love it.
Posted by Chuck_

This game looks awesome. Day-one purchase for me. 

Posted by Schizoid

Wow, this game has an amazing art style!

Posted by Max21

this looks amazing, cant wait 4 its release

Posted by Jolt92

Why is everyone surprised Tim and Ryan are together in the same room? I think Tim can handle a negative review. 

And this game looks fantastic. I will buy it, for sure.

Posted by RuthLoose

Wow. So Double Fine took a lot of the "dicking around" concepts from Fable (hijinks in Stacking) and actually made a good game around them? Color me excited, Batman!

Posted by Ulong

Game looks awesome. Vaguely simaler to a non action version of space station silicon valley. (not really, but it still makes me want to play that game again)

Posted by 1trained_n00b

Pleasantly surprised. Looks really cool.  

Edited by StandStrong

I really like the original style in this game - looks really, really cool and best of all, fun. Can't wait to play it. Keep up the good work Double Fine

Posted by HatKing

They forgot to mention about one level later the game turns into a watered-down RTS. 
I'm joking.  I think this looks pretty interesting.  If it is a great as it looks I'll probably be downloading it asap.
Posted by TheDeadComedian
@Mr_Skeleton said:
" Tim Schafer ! *squeal* "
Posted by Gizmo

I'm loving the style of this game, probably going to be buying this.

Posted by Tuggah

Really upset this isn't speed stacking.

Posted by Undeadpool

My interest in this game just skyrocketed. Will definitely be purchasing.

Posted by Meltac


Posted by Icemael
@BionicMonster said:
" @FritzDude said:
" What's up with all the quick looks a day before christmas? Me like! "
Christmas is on the 25th dude. "
Christmas Day, sure but Christmas Eve is the one that matters.
Posted by MythDarK

Copyrighted in the future.

Posted by Klei

As much as I like Tim Schafer's stuff, I can't seem to be really interested in russian dolls.

Posted by Nytrik

So Popsicle dicks.

Posted by buhssuht


Posted by kiyseph

This looks like a pretty interesting and neat idea for game... bizarre, but that's what I would expect from a Double Fine game.

Posted by Sjosz

This has just become my most anticipate game of 2011. Seriously.

Posted by Daveyo520

Tim! Also I want this game!

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Tim Schafer ! *squeal*

Posted by Wes899

This game made me find my own Stacking Dolls. Will buy.

Posted by UsbCable

This looks way deeper than I though, interested I am.