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Posted by Empirepaintball

I'm fully addicted to Game Dev Story.
Posted by Claude

I do like free games. I'll download it and check it out.

Posted by ZeForgotten

Hero Core was a ton of fun.  
I still hate the name "Metroidvania", what retarded blowfish came up with such a pathetic name for a concept?  

Posted by sterbacblu

Argh...I'm both happy and sad to see this post.  Happy because I agree Hero Core was amazing...never thought I'd see a game like Air Fortress again.  Sad because the reason why this wasn't on my Top 10 list from last year is because I kept typing in Herocore.  I could blame it on the search engine, but my logic didn't kick in either it seems...

Posted by kalmis
Glad to hear that there is someone else who have played this gem.  
@csl316: Added Shoot 1Up to my XBLA indie games to be played list.
Posted by csl316

Shoot 1up was pretty bad ass


Posted by StarFoxA

Sad that there's no Mac version... 
Digital: A Love Story deserves a special mention.

Posted by Captainlunchbox

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'm a sucker for Metroidvania anything.

Posted by gakon

Really cool to see Game Maker folks gaining notoriety.  I remember playing this guys older games (original Hero, Retrobattle) years ago.

Posted by Video_Game_King

How the hell could you forget the greatness that is Arise 4?

Posted by Rave

Ill have to check out that one seems intresting. I didnt play a ton of it but I did play about 3 games that lasted about a month or so each in Neptunes Pride not sure if that came out this year or not but it was a great indy game.

Posted by BeachThunder

Yes, Hero Core was awesome =D
Admittedly, I kind of forgot that I played and enjoyed it until I read your post D:

Posted by kalmis

2010 was a great indie game year. We saw lot's of excellent titles and some sort of commercial successes for some of these. Minecraft sold like crazy while still being in alpha stage. Super Meat Boy and Limbo both received lot of deserved publicity and sold pretty well I would assume.
We saw two Indie Humble Bundles this year that both were a great success. Also Steam has pushing their indie-bundles lot on the sales. Maybe they've done this always?
Game's wise there was the already mentioned Minecraft, Limbo and Super Meat Boy. As well as: Joe Danger, VVVVVV, Cave Story (Wiiware) no name few. Not to mention the crazy selling IOS games such as Angry Birds and Game Dev Story.  

One thing makes me sad to see is the absence of one particular game in majority of lists. Worst part of this is the fact that this game is completely free. Hero Core is the name. And it is a cave shooter with that is taking inspiration from Metroidvania and displaying this on the best retro graphics way. Only downside which might turn some people of is the presentation. This is only black/white. Even more HC than the excellent VVVVVV. Still has a catchy soundtrack and "modern" gameplay if you can call this genres games. I'd recommend anyone who has a soft spot for these deliberately retro games.  
Link to the GB page.  
Link to my review.  
Link to the developers site where it can be download for FREE