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Posted by deerokus

So you can raise or lower the blinds, but not open them.  Typical Activision, holding features back for the annual sequel.

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Posted by advocatefish

If i still had my xbox i would buy Game Room games just so i could have more Game Room Quick Looks.  
If this is the last one, it was an awesome, boring, hilarious ride.

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Posted by advocatefish

Game Room Quick Looks need there own tab on the video page.

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Posted by zleilndka

Love Jeff's 8-bit voice.

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Posted by Crono

Best Blinds in a Video Game:  Venetian Blinds

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Posted by LordAndrew

Its nice to see the Quick Look returning to its roots with a ten minute Venetian Blinds Quick Look.

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Posted by Hunter_S


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Posted by Bribo

One gets the impression that Game Room was created with the sole purpose of fucking with Jeff's head.
That being the case - good job guys.

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Posted by thedoomshine

Looks like the Game Room Endurance Run is over. Hell of a ride, boys. Hell of a ride.

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Posted by SBYM

I can not fucking believe they're selling Venetian Blinds on here. That seems like the sort of thing I would do if I was in charge of Game Room, and yet, here it is. Amazing. AMAZING.

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Posted by KosmoK

I vote for "Venetian Blinds" as Game of the year 2010. A masterpiece.

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Posted by nmarchan

They actually spent ten minutes on Venetian Blinds.   
Amazing.  In every possible way.   
I like to think my subscription fee DIRECTLY paid for Venetian Blinds.

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Posted by milkman4591
@Dawglet: You mean venetian blinds right?
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Posted by Foggen

This is the greatest thing in the history of things.

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Posted by Seroth

"...it's beautiful." 
Vinny quote of the year.

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Posted by MrGtD

I fucking love that they actually released the blinds as a mascot.

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Posted by AgentofChaos

Its a real shame that this kind of property was ill-treated. There was a real possibility that this could have taken off and been popular. Does anybody remember when Dreamcast games were rumored to be involved in this project? 

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Posted by DeathbyYeti

"You gave them money for this."
That made my heart sink

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Posted by Aounslaught

... Fuck you, Game Room.

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Edited by csl316

The Codebreaker box art makes the game look significantly more epic.  Maybe if you read the backstory it's unbelievably tense and amazing.

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Posted by Nes


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Posted by Darknaut

Venetian Blinds: The standard by which all future video game blinds would be forever judged. Decades later, that standard is still unfathomably high. Will we ever surpass it?

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Posted by Dawglet
@milkman4591 said:
" @Dawglet: You mean venetian blinds right? "
Yes, I didn't watch the entire video before leaving that comment.
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Posted by Phished0ne
 there totally should've been an "opening the blinds" feature, they arent using the full potential of the venetian blinds IP.  I mean, JUST raising and lowering them? SHEESH!

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Posted by HerbieBug
exactly.  That blind demo is not true to life.  Get the hell out of here with your partial functionality. 
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Posted by Ronald

Venetian Blinds is truly the pinnacle of gaming. I can't wait to see what Treyarch does next year with their iteration on the franchise. I'm hearing there may be a zombie background mode.

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Posted by kerse

Venetian Blinds is my best of 2010 

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Posted by GetBentTheVideoGame
@AgentofChaos said:
" Its a real shame that this kind of property was ill-treated. There was a real possibility that this could have taken off and been popular. Does anybody remember when Dreamcast games were rumored to be involved in this project?  "
Agreed. It's really unfortunate that Venetian Blinds got tied up in all that legal red tape. It would definitely be regarded as an all time classic. I never actually heard about a version of Venetian Blinds for Dreamcast, let alone a series, but I'm sure it would've been incredible.
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Posted by MisterMouse

good game room quick look

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Posted by Landon

I like to think that Jeff asked Ryan to do this, but Ryan just gave him a big middle finger.

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Posted by LordXavierBritish

if you like Sunset Riders, then maybe you'll like Venetian Blinds.

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Posted by ArbitraryWater

The 10 minute Venetian Blinds segment ranks truly as one of the Game Room greats.

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Posted by dragonzord

Does this mean the Game Room Quick Look has finally 'stopped'?

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Posted by Sarumarine

This is my favorite Game Room Quick Look.
I wish I could express just how mind blowing Venetian Blinds is... in the way that you can pay three dollars for a demo. Without excessive cursing, I mean. Because... HOLY SHIT.
Also, Shelby sighting! It's the Whiskey Media boss man's first Quick Look! Well, more like guest appearance. Heh. I love it.

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Posted by csl316
@ArbitraryWater said:
" The 10 minute Venetian Blinds segment ranks truly as one of the Game Room greats. "
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Posted by Nizzleworth

Vinny's just a bird trying to get his nut.

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Posted by Pyccko

I knew it was coming, but closing the blinds at the end was still oddly touching. Doubly so if this actually does end up being the final Game Room release.

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Posted by m0nk3y80y
@ArbitraryWater:  Agreed.
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Posted by Evilsbane
@gakon5 said:
" Game Room would benefit from the Steam "let's charge people not a lot of money for games they don't really want but will buy at this price."  Like, you look at football on the Atari 2600.  There are four games (Football, RealSports Football, Super Football, and Super Challenge Football), and maybe two of them are halfway decent, at least with two players.  But you can't sell those for $3 each.  Sell all four for $3-5 as an "Atari Football Pack". "
SHHHH Stop making so much sense!
Calling it, Venetian Blinds GOTY.
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Posted by Dynamitekyle

They call me Tugboat Tucker.

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Posted by Scaremonger

I picture some programmer sitting alone in a dark room working on this venetian blinds port.  As he types out the final key strokes of the code he has the incredible realization that what he has just accomplished captures the essence of Game Room like nothing else will ever be able to.  Realizing that he will never again taste such perfection, he sends off the final code for approval and promptly shoots himself in the head, his soul at ease knowing that he has fulfilled his purpose in this world and fully realized his destiny.  Bravo.

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Posted by paisan13

Happy times to wake up Christmas morning and find out that accompanying the coffee this fine cold snowy morning is a new episode of the lovely Game Room with all ours friend Jeff Gerstmann.
Happy holidays to all you guys! ^_^

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Posted by TheHT

Only on GiantBomb...

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Posted by TobyD81

Wow...I'm seriously having a hard time gathering my feelings about Venetian Blinds. I'd like to hear some of the discussion that lead up to that release.

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Posted by zudthespud

10 minutes of Venetian Blinds? Is this heaven?

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Posted by Olivaw
@Landon said:
" I like to think that Jeff asked Ryan to do this, but Ryan just gave him a big middle finger. "
I don't think there's any doubt that this exact scenario occurred.
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Posted by Twinblade34

couldn't stop laughing at the venetian blinds part.. was really funny

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Posted by Jost1

Game Room is so fucking broken you'd think it was intentional

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Posted by FightMeNerd

That ending was magical

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Posted by chem
@zudthespud said:
" 10 minutes of Venetian Blinds? Is this heaven? "
This is what happens when Ryan isn't looking. Damnit, Ryan, you know Jeff needs to be controlled.