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Posted by Hilfemaster

It's the greatest christmas gift of all, gameroom!

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 Venetian Blinds kill screen coming up!
 Also: Venetian Blinds HD. Activision, GO!

Posted by Landmine

Shelby Bonnie cameo!

Posted by beef_melody

Devastators has some badass bullet drop.

Posted by Konig

I really wish I could gift Venetian Blinds to my friends (and enemies).

Posted by Will

Hahaha nice quick look as usual, that blinds game though is fucking ridiculous! Why in the hell would they be selling that on Game Room, fucking werid cunts!

Posted by PenguinDust

"You're just a bird trying to get his nut"  >!?<

Posted by RXSideEffect

 Venetian Blinds Endurance Run?  

Posted by jrlyon
@Jeffmoocow said:
" 42 minutes?  fuck yeah! "
Well 36min of game room and 6min of Venetian blinds...
Posted by NekuCTR

Man, the time spender medal on Venetian Blinds is gonna be a killer!

Posted by onarum

I lost it when they started commentating on the basketball game.

Posted by Korolev

Venetian Blinds 2: Tale of the Three Unused Blinds

Posted by PXAbstraction

That is the best venetian blind engine I've ever seen. Epic should acquire the developer.

Posted by MagikGimp

Sunset Riders... When they announced it back like 7 years ago I just downloaded MAME and the rom and I've been running on the backs of buffalo for weeks.

Posted by DudeSupreme

de de de de de de de de de de de

Posted by Jeust

No Ryan :(

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Oh god, I almost choked when Jeff decided to rewind his Venetian Blinds play.

Posted by chriskelly123

jeffs avatar is so happy to be playing venetian blinds - 33:48   :) ahahaha

Posted by chriskelly123

*tear comes to eye*

Posted by Wacomole
@Sarumarine said:
" This is my favorite Game Room Quick Look.  I wish I could express just how mind blowing Venetian Blinds is... in the way that you can pay three dollars for a demo. Without excessive cursing, I mean. Because... HOLY SHIT. 
In reference to paying money for demos...
I refer the honourable gentleman to Linger in Shadows on the PSN.
Posted by KillyDarko

Venetian Blinds for GOTY, every year! :P

Posted by JP_Russell

I think this might be the first time we've ever heard Shelby Bonnie's voice on the site.  Weird.

Posted by Zamir
@KillyDarko:  nah, Code Breaker
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Another Rush N Attack clone I've never heard of.  Konami must have made a dozen games using that engine.
I seem to remember Devastators being a little better, maybe that's from the GI Joe game.

Surround was the shit, the arcade version was a little nicer.
Main Event is awesome, it was the go-to wrasslin' game until the WWF game came out.  The thing was it was a one-button game, all the moves were contextual - which made it odd to figure out.
Venetian Blinds on Game Room is both awesome and fucking baffling.  In some cosmic way it belongs here.  The mascot is a must buy for every Game Room connoisseur.
Game Room dropping a huge load of games for the end of 2010.
Sunset Riders will never come out too.
Head honcho making a Game Room appearance, even he knows where to best spend his face time.

Posted by EternalHaV0C

I love these Game Room Quick Looks.

Posted by DoctorWelch

Who could have guessed that the greatest quicklook of the year would come so close to the end of the year.

Posted by cravins90


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This was surreal. :P

Posted by Brenderous
@EternalHaV0C said:
" I love these Game Room Quick Looks. "
I love these game room quick looks.
Posted by Zamir
@cravins90:  who needs it when you got " Venetian Blinds "
Posted by MachoFantastico

Venetian Blinds is revolutionary.  
I love Game Room for these quick looks alone, they will be missed if it is indeed the end. 

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@louiedog said:

" They say suicides increase this time of year. The people in charge of these game packs are just doing their part to help those people along. "

Posted by Palaeomerus

Maybe Vinny and Jeff should do a quicklook for some old ATI/NVidia graphics demos sometime. For the lulz.

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It wouldn't be Christmas without... Game Room Quick Looks. 
Venetian Blinds... $3 is a small price to pay for such a triumph.
Posted by John1912

Lol, I love that the bullets fall to the ground after about 10 ft.  With a good wind i could piss farther then that.

Posted by JoelTGM

im speechless.  

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Venetian Blinds is the best $3 ever spent. It goes up AND down. Hard to believe this was accomplished on the 2600. 

Posted by core1065

I think venetian blinds sums up the game room experience very well.
I laughed my ass off during that segment.

Posted by Thumbrunner

*Standing Ovation*

Posted by Box3ru13

No fucking clue what to make of venetian blinds.... but I still watched. WTF does that say about me? 

Posted by Cybexx

Now I just have stupid ideas floating around in my head about making an Venetian Blinds game. I mean you really can't improve much on the core gameplay but I'm sure I could figure out some kind of homage. I'm going to go to sleep now and either have a great idea or forget all about it.

Posted by Taklulas
@reputatsioon said:
" @louiedog said:

" They say suicides increase this time of year. The people in charge of these game packs are just doing their part to help those people along. "

Posted by BenderUnit22

Wow, I hadn't understood why Vinny would think how the blinds up a 3rd of the way would look like a butt. Then it hit me, he and Jeff are of course color blind so they don't know it's all green out there.

Posted by freakin

Not for nothing, but those are some GREAT graphics on those Venetian Blinds.  It's like the Gears of War or Donkey Kong Country of it's time.  Makes all other games on the Atari look like a joke.  As a card holding graphics whore, it's easily the best game on the Atari.

Posted by Anupsis

How could they spend that much time on venetian blinds?

Posted by Wes899

I'm actually going to buy surround.

Posted by TatsurouXIII
@Thumbrunner said:
" *Standing Ovation* "
Posted by Majkiboy
@OracleXIII said:
" @Thumbrunner said:
" *Standing Ovation* "
Posted by Citizengamer

Ah, Venetian Blinds ... the game of kings. Only on Giant Bomb.

Posted by Spiritof

Venetian Blinds + Fireplacing = A New Age in Simulation Gaming